“This focus in Ottawa’s training material has drawn criticism that the material only deals with a political agenda.”

Kathy Hogarth, Professor of Social Work at University of Waterloo, says an approach based in critical race theory is crucial in order “for things to be different moving forward.”

The woke professor, ubiquitous within Canadian academia, issues a nebulous statement regarding anti-Anglophone Critical Race Theory within academic institutions in Canada.

It really does look like things will be “different moving forward.” In an act of vengeance against an identifiable Canadian community, so-called “educators” are pushing for a form of social inversion.

The concept is basic in conception. To pay for the “crimes of Canadian history,” professors want Anglophone-Canadians to move to the back of the woke Canadian bus. The fact that those who created so-called systemic racism are no longer among the living makes not a spot of difference.

For woke professor cult members, present-day Anglophones will suffice. “We will inflict the greatest of pain upon the descendents of the founders of our nation. Innocent of charges, the distinction between historical and contemporary citizens will be blurred.”

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