An increasing number of medical professionals worldwide are calling for COVID-19 vaccination campaigns to be halted due to safety concerns. (hywards/Shutterstock)

by Jennifer Margulis & Joe Wang

The Epoch Times

December 15, 2022

Melanie Leffler, a mother of two in Sydney, Australia, had four COVID-19 vaccines. But on Nov. 19, 2022, after coming down with a sore throat and a runny nose, Leffler tested positive for COVID. She said goodnight to her family—her husband, Mick Hogan, and their two daughters, Clemmie (age four) and Lottie (9 months).

They would never speak to her again.

Died In Her Sleep

Although she didn’t seem particularly sick, the 39-year-old healthcare worker died in her sleep that night. Even though she was quadruple vaccinated, a Dec. 3 article about her death described it as a “Covid tragedy.”

Eighteen-year-old Australian Monica Eskandar couldn’t wait to take her end-of-the-year exams. Instead, Eskandar was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pains. The pain, according to reporting by, started just hours after she received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Doctors diagnosed Eskandar with COVID-related pericarditis. Pericarditis is a condition that involves inflammation of the tissues lining the heart.

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