Govt healthcare cost cutting… kill people. Canada is also voting on a bill to allow the govt 2 kill ur children w/out u even knowing.

Pure evil.





  1. Canada and many of her western world peers will continue to fall unless we stop this insanity. Not just Euthanasia, but all woke ideologies and we get back to the truth and logical understanding of Christian roots why these are the foundations of our traditions western world values.

    This is not fantasy or just some religious dogma, BUT ITS THE TRUTH! All of our decline began with our walking away from Christian foundation.

    Until we accept the hard reality of this and come back to our true values we will continue to fall.

    Satan is behind all of this socially progressive crap going back to its root in the 1960’s. He is the master deceiver and his demons are his foot soldiers.

    • Could not have said it any better…the governments and Central Banks which control governments are behind this one world government system.