“Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed says the federal government’s controversial firearms legislation is not trying to target hunters and farmers — but some guns commonly used by them may still be banned.”

CAP wouldn’t believe this Vancouver-based Liberal MP if he was the last politician in our dying Great White North.

“According to documents obtained by NEWS 1130, Noormohamed has sold at least 42 properties within Metro Vancouver within the last 17 years, holding 30 of them for less than two years.”

Turns out this Talib fellow is accused of some serious “house-flipping” in his riding of Vancouver Centre. He won the riding anyway. CAP know this area well. It is one of the few neighbourhoods which can qualify as majority white. How strange it is that on this basis, this fellow won a seat in Parliament for his boss-man, PM Justin Trudeau.

“An amendment to Bill C-21, which is currently being debated by members of Parliament, aims to create an evergreen definition for assault-style weapons and enshrine it in law, allowing the government to ban hundreds of models of firearms.”

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