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RCMP member sent on unpaid leave writes this powerful letter you must read:

Hi everyone,

Since most members make a goodbye email before they leave, I figured I should as well, despite the “special” circumstances around my departure. Anyways, my time here in the RCMP is up. For now. The low T wannabe tyrants in Ottawa have decided that I can no longer serve as a police officer because I refuse to tell them if I have submitted to their “vaccine” edict. I’ve served in the RCMP for 21 years and one of the first things I said to any person I ever arrested was “you don’t have to say anything to me.” Unfortunately, our government has told me that I have to tell them what’s in my body, and if the right drug is not inside me, I have to get it as condition of my continuing employment, human rights be damned. Why did I put vaccine in quotations above you ask? More on that later. Buckle up and tighten the straps on your government mandated shame muzzle, this goodbye email will likely ruffle some feathers.

My journey to this point of our dystopian, medical, apartheid state started like many of yours. Watching the television almost 2 years ago as reports started coming in of some strange virus out of Wuhan. I was a little concerned, but not much. You see, for the last 10 years of my life I had spent a lot of time as an amateur researcher of history and learned to my dismay that the official narrative of most events is usually a little suspect at best. Like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or the January 6th “insurrection” in D.C., the examples are sadly numerous.

I’ve also always been a very independent person. Following the herd has never appealed to me. When a belief is put forth to me I always evaluate it for myself and don’t simply accept it’s veracity based on the authority behind it. For example, during the last Federal Government census, I could not help but notice that the gender section had 3 boxes. Male, Female and other, which was a blank box. For real, the Federal Government of Canada allowed you to make up your own gender on the last official census. I found this to be a combination of amusing and insane. Feeling particularly bull headed and cheeky at the time, I naturally chose Minotaur as my gender. Yes, that’s right, on the Canadian government census my gender is that of a mythical giant man with the head of a bull.

So back to my Covid journey. I was skeptical of the pandemic from the start but decided to wait and see what evidence would surface of this dangerous pandemic. So I sat back and quietly observed. At that time, and still at the time I’m writing this, I was the admin NCO on the watch. I was in the unique position of seeing every file that came through PRIME in the 46 hour window I was at work each week. Naturally, this included all sudden death files. Pay attention now, have another sip of your latte if you have to. Since the pandemic began, until now, I was in a position to see every single sudden death file that came through our detachment area. What did I notice in this position? Nothing. No upwards trend whatsoever. Funny enough, I didn’t see people dropping dead in my neighbourhood either.

This was a very stark contrast to what I saw in media. A non-stop chorus on TV, radio, and internet, of case counts, hospitalizations and deaths. At no time in my life had I seen anything like it. A complete disconnect between my observed reality and that which was portrayed by my government and the government subsidized mainstream media. And they were reporting deaths in care homes. Care homes? When did the media ever report deaths in care homes unless it was some sort of instance of gross negligence? It’s called end of life care for a reason. People go to care homes at the end of their life. Death is the natural consequence, and this fact used to be understood as common sense.

When the statistics started showing that the vast majority of anyone dying from Covid, either had one or more co-morbidities, or was older than the average life expectancy, my skepticism of the pandemic narrative only grew. Then in the summer of 2020, I got Covid. For a few days I was really tired and shivered a lot. Then it was over. I survived the “deadly” disease like the vast majority of anyone else who caught it. To be honest, I’ve had worse Flus, and worse hangovers.

At the end of 2020 I became convinced we were all being force fed a giant load of absolute bullshit. Don’t believe me? Look at world population statistics. Here’s a sample. At the end of 2018, the world population was 7,631,091,040 and that year 57,625,149 people died. This showed an overall death rate of .76%. I know some of you are shocked by this, but yes, 57 million people died of all types of causes in 2018. When you reach the end of your life, you die. At the end of 2019, the world population was 7,713,468,100 and 58,394,378 died. Naturally, because we had more people reaching the end of their lives, more people died. The death rate that year was .76%. Now let’s see what 2020 brought us. The year of the pandemic. At the end of 2020, the world population was 7,794,798,739 and 59,230,795 died. The death rate was .76%. Yes. That’s right. In the year of the deadly pandemic the world’s population grew by 81,330,639 people and the death rate did not change by even a hundredth of a percent. The media never once pulled back the lens to show this, they continued to show the narrow focus of case counts and Covid deaths. Even going so far as to change causes of death so that someone who died “with” Covid in their system was counted as someone who died “of” Covid. The Western world shut down over a disease about as deadly as the common flu. And our rights were shut down along with it.
Despite this disease having a non existant effect on the overall death rate of the world’s population the call came out for a mass vaccination. Since I was already skeptical of the pandemic, I was naturally skeptical of the need for a “vaccine”. Oh look, vaccine is in quotations again. Why am I doing that?

Because it’s not a f^#king vaccine!!!

A vaccine is created when a virus from nature is made harmless in a lab and then cultivated there. The vaccine, created from the neutered virus, is then injected into a person. The body then reacts to the vaccine just like it would to the unaltered, dangerous virus. However, because the vaccine is a modified harmless version of the virus, it doesn’t cause disease and the body’s natural immunity is able to “learn” how to cope with the virus. This “learning” is lifelong and is why people develop an immunity to whatever they were inoculated against. People who have been vaccinated against Measles do not get Measles, and the same with mumps etc etc. None of the so called Covid “vaccines” meet this definition. If you were wondering why “vaccinated” people are still getting Covid, and spreading it, this is why. The fact that “vaccinated” people still get Covid and spread it should tell you that this madness will never end as long as you buy into the official narrative.

How these new Covid “vaccines” work is based on a brand new technology never used on a massive scale. Particularly in regards to the 2 “vaccines” most heavily promoted, Moderna and Pfizer. These drugs use artificial Mrna technology. Think of Mrna as the software of our bodies. The operating instructions. Pfizer and Moderna use artificial Mrna based on a computer algorithm. These instructions are encapsulated in something called a nano lipid. A nano lipid is a tiny envelope of fat. There are trillions of these nano lipids in the Pfizer and Moderna shots. Once injected they circulate through your body through your body’s lymphatic system. Upon the nano lipids dissolving, your body receives new instructions for its immune system. These instructions tell your immune system to make spike proteins which resemble the spike proteins of the Covid virus. This is the key distinction you need to be aware of. Your body is being instructed to make the very pathogen that your immune system builds a defense against. This is completely uncharted territory and nothing like this has ever been done on the human population on such a large scale. The drug companies themselves have admitted they don’t know the long term side effects. When a recent FOIA request was sent to the FDA in the US, requesting the safety data they had on the Pfizer vaccine, the FDA asked a judge for 75 years to comply with the request. Nothing sketchy there.

To make matters worse. Every single Western nation has passed legislation shielding these drug companies from civil liability, if their vaccines harm people. While this legislation was passed years ago, it still applies to the Covid “vaccines.” You heard right. If the Moderna Covid “vaccine” harms you, you cannot sue Moderna. Same with every other drug company that makes any vaccine, Covid “vaccine” or not. They all have civil liability immunity for the vaccines they manufacture. Vaccine injury compensation has been paid out in the US under a tax funded program called the vaccine injury compensation fund, not as a remedy through civil lawsuits. Established in 1986, this fund has paid out $4.4 billion in claims. In Canada, we had no such vaccine injury fund until June of 2021. Hand on chin emoji goes here.

Make no mistake here. This is a large scale drug trial and whoever was jabbed is taking part. Having educated myself about these new drugs I was very skeptical when they started promoting them. Additionally, nearly all the drug companies making Covid “vaccines” have a very checkered history in quality control and ethics. J and J has payed 9 billion in settlements throughout it’s lifetime and Pfizer has payed $4.6 billion. Not for their vaccines of course, for their other pharmaceuticals. Moderna was founded in 2010 and their Covid “vaccine” is the first product they have ever put on the market. Information has since come to light that the Moderna “vaccine” was finishing in development in December of 2019, immediately before the pandemic hit. It’s almost like they were anticipating something. Do I dare put my hand on my chin and gaze thoughtfully upwards a second time?

As I was already skeptical about the entire pandemic narrative, I decided a long time ago that I was not going to take any of these “vaccines”. So as I had decided to sit back and watch how the so called pandemic unfolded, I decided to observe the vaccination campaign. One of the first things I noticed is that people like me were completely ignored and never talked about. What do I mean by people by like me? I mean people who had Covid and recovered. Suddenly, natural immunity didn’t exist anymore. Everyone had to get the vaccine regardless of whether they had natural immunity or not. Wait….. what? No one would ever suggest someone who had measles or polio should get vaccinated against those diseases. Why was natural immunity suddenly not talked about anymore? But if you knew where and how to look, it was talked about, and studied. The largest study was in Israel where the researchers concluded that natural immunity conveyed 27 times more protection than vaccination. Not double, not triple, 27 times! Fast Forward to recent times where an attorney in the US submitted a FOIA request, to the CDC, requesting records of any patient, who had a previous Covid infection, who was subsequently re-infected and then transmitted the Covid to another person. The CDC could not produce a single record of this ever happening. Yet for some bizarre reason, neither the government nor the media will ever talk about natural immunity and Covid together.

And now we are able to see much of the results of this mass vaccination campaign. And despite what you’ve been told, it’s not good. Data from the UK is showing that vaccinated adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of the unvaccinated. American VAERS data shows these Covid “vaccines” have caused more deaths than all other vaccines combined in the last 30 years. In Europe, FIFA data has revealed a 500% increase in cardiac events and sudden deaths in soccer players. Very recently, the American Heart Association released a study which demonstrated that Mrna “vaccines” dramatically increase markers related to heart conditions. A recent German study showed that the higher a jurisdictions’ vaccination rate, the higher it’s mortality rate. On November 11th of this year, a Doctor Nagase came forward to report a record 13 still born births, in a 24 hour period, at BC Children’s hospital. They average 1 per month. During a very recent Ontario provincial parliament debate, MP Rick Nicholls confronted the health minister about a sharp rise in still births from vaccinated pregnant women in Ontario. All he got for his efforts was deflection. Despite this new evidence beginning to come light, there has been absolute silence in the media. Instead, they now want to vaccinate our children. Children are at a near zero risk from Covid. Vaccinating children with these experimental drugs, with unknown long term side effects, which are starting to show increasing adverse effects, is absolutely criminal.
Since I refuse to go along with this coerced “vaccination” campaign, I am being forced onto Leave without pay. Despite the fact that approximately 70% of the Federal workforce gets testing as an option, for some inexplicable reason, the RCMP, the CBSA and Federal Corrections have a mandatory vaccination order. I refuse to go along with this. This is nonsensical, illegal and unethical. I will continue to refuse and I have obtained legal representation, along with hundreds of other federal employees. We will get our day in court and we will win. Some may ask where our union stands on the issue. The answer is they didn’t. Our union leadership immediately bent the knee and offered no resistance whatsoever. Despite these setbacks, those who are fighting this know we have the truth on our side. The truth, at the moment, may be mere pebbles rolling down a slope. This will inevitably become an avalanche. So in reality, this isn’t a goodbye email, it’s a “see you in 2022” email.

Before I go, let me say this. Don’t be afraid. The government, and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media, have promoted a nonstop campaign of fear for almost 2 years now. Turn off your television and radios. Do your own research and question everything. Knowledge begins with asking questions. With each new variant they will try and frighten you, despite the fact that never in the history of virology has a virus ever mutated to become more deadly. Selective pressures always favour a more contagious, but less deadly mutation. The new “scariant” is Omicron. They don’t tell you that they skipped Mu and Xi in the Greek alphabet. Why? Because Mu or Xi just don’t sound scary. When you hear some brain dead parrot repeat the talking point “trust the science,” politely ask them to provide a definition of science. They never can because they don’t know. What they are really saying, but are too stupid to realize, is that they are saying “trust authority and don’t ask questions.” This, my friends, is the antithesis of science.

And get some sunshine. The latest German study, you know, actually science, showed an inverse relationship between vitamin d and Covid mortality rates. The study showed, given high enough vitamin d levels, a mortality rate of zero could be achieved. In addition, please don’t let them inject this “vaccine” into your children. Why on earth would you allow an experimental drug to be injected into your children, from pharmaceutical companies that have a history of civil litigation settlements, where these same companies have blanket legal immunity from the vaccines they create, for a disease that your children are completely safe from? It’s insanity. And the latest video where Trudeau explains he is excited to begin vaccinating children, looks completely psychotic and unhinged. Keep these lunatics away from your children. Your children are going to be just fine with their natural immunity.

I don’t know how many people will get to read this. I suspect that once certain ranks are aware of this email it will be pulled from the server. That right there speaks volumes in itself. Silencing the last message of a 21 year veteran who was forced to leave simply because he didn’t tell the government whether he had a drug in his body or not, doesn’t portray a leadership of transparency or good faith. On the contrary, it demonstrates both cowardice and a complete betrayal of any professed principles. Before I go, if any of you believe in courage and freedom. You aren’t alone. In fact, many members feel this way and they have created their own website: mounties4freedom.com. Another concerned group of freedom loving Canadians has created action4canada.com. Check them out when you have time.

Anyways, I have taken up too much of your time as it is. Always laugh at those who would spread fear, and see you in 2022.

Corporal Richard Mehner, your “vaccine” free Minotaur
P.S. Chief Supt. De La Gogondiere,
I taped a copy of this letter on your office door, Martin Luther style. If you don’t understand the historical reference I invite you to look it up.


(Courtesy of Easton Spectator.com)






  1. Excellent dissection taking on the Cult of Covid and the complicit, comatose, cowardly, controlled medical-media monopoly and political puppets who peddle the worshiping of the “gospel of authority.”

    ***Would encourage everyone to send this to the non-choir including their MLA/MPP, MP, “favourite” media talking heads etc. to call them out for being complicit in crimes against humanity.

    • I am replying to Roxanne because I cannot seem to get a comment box to open for me, so forgive me Roxanne. Corporal, Thank you for your stand on this. I have been sending numerous videos of Doctors, scientists’ and researchers’ studies that prove that this so-called vaccine is deadly for each and every person who got it. It is just going to take a little time for the vaccinated to get the full effects from the jab. But be assured, there is no way out from the effects of this jab. The people who do survive it for a longer time, will suffer very debilitating effects. My only hope is that each and every single person, including our Prime Minister, who have been pushing this jab on us, actually got a real shot of this and not some placebo, because then, it will all be self-solving within the next two years. Two years is the prediction of many scientists, for the life expectancy of the jabbed.

          • Inane is a word just like insane. Simply put, insane is the mind and inane is the policy. Cheers.

          • LMAO. Trying to belittle the writer by pointing out a spelling mistake, and finding out he used a real word correctly and you didn’t know it must be really embarrassing. What must be even worse is that YOU are the one who made a spelling mistake. There is only 1 t in the word between.

          • Glad to see you were paying attention. Proper grammar is the upmost priority in times such as these. We all need to have a bit of a sense of humour, an attitude of gratitude and most of all the skill to see through the bs. Well done.

          • It’s hard to tell what’s more frightening: people going all “Karen” on the thread regarding your spelling correction of “inane”, or the fact that they didn’t get the insane joke. It was a small chuckle, but I thought it was funny.

          • Spelling Nazis are weak little individuals who need an ego boost, no matter what. They are insane and their practice of attempting to belittle people is inane. It’s even funnier when they make themselves the pot to their own kettle complaint about a word they don’t know and try correct someone who is superior to them in spelling and vocabulary. Weak, insecure sheep who add zero to a conversation. I just block these idiots so I never have to see them ever again. Just unplug your computer Don and pick up a dictionary. You’re wasting bandwidth.

          • INANE:
            1.) Lacking sense or substance.
            2.) Without contents; empty; void of sense or intelligence; purposeless; pointless; characterless; useless.
            3.) Lacking sense or meaning (often implying, “to the point of boredom or annoyance”).

          • Nazi spelling or grammar czars try to cover up truth by dwelling on spelling mistakes. A smart person can read a post or blog and see past the spelling mistakes as if they are not there.

        • he is insane …but he is cracking … starting to act desperate …the nuremburg trials 2.0 were going after the PCR tests which have been completely faulty from the beginning (the inventor Kary Mullis who suddenly died) was screaming this from the rooftops …but now it seems they are going for pre-meditated murder ….if that is the case …this will shut these pharma companies right down …executions …nuremburg trials end in executions and return of ill-gotten gains and compensation…

          • this would be right and just. let’s hope right and just prevails. we need trials, but not in the courts. a public calling for a Nuremburg 2.0 trial should be happening NOW. judges are mostly in the back pockets of corporations and politicians and the like. we need a trial that will be fair and just based on facts. let’s hope this happens sooner than later. meanwhile the mass formed psychosis that has formed by propaganda and fear continues. it’s disheartening to watch it all, like being in sci fi opted movie in real time. like watch people mass hypnotized and controlled.

          • You think HE’S Insane ???????? Cracking ????? acting desperate?????
            You need to read that letter again. I see a courages, & honourable man.
            “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and Controversy”
            Martin Luther King Jr.

          • Dorthy Melton… I believe she was referring to the current government and specifically JT. Of course we are both making assumptions about her post as we don’t have a name to the person she is referring to. Basically, I read it one way you read it another. So, to clear up matters I will ask Angela Hayden… who are you referring to in your posted reply “ he is insane …but he is cracking … starting to act desperate …“?

          • Angela, you have missed the boat! Because the word Nuremberg was used you think it has to do with Nazyism. It was actually a meeting of nations that that created a policy addressing a particular solution to an issue affecting the world population! It took place in Nuremberg, thus the name!

        • Thank you for your service there walk away it’s not worth it🙏 You have done what you where here to do and I 100% agree with these statements you guys rock🙏

        • Sometimes you just need to walk away to uphold integrity and honesty. Its a courageous act to walk away. We can pick our battles and decide as what’s really important in life.

          Questioning like this Corporal did is very important in life and it can save your life.

          Sometimes people over analyze. Take for instance in the Emergency Act inquiry and talking points there. If the freedom convoy protestors were a national security risk how come government workers were requested to come out and protest against them. No security risk and its fraud to say otherwise. We have gone past lies to outright fraud on the EA and vaccine mandates. The only ones embarrassing Cznada were the rude obnoxious anti convoy protestors with squeaky toys. Total embarrassment to immature government workers who couldn’t answer questions and the signs they held as well was testament to them embarrassing Canada. What public offices do these ones hold who were clearly immature. With respect to Bill Blair defrauding Canadians on the nazi or confederate sign being violent then how come RCMP or Ottawa police didn’t approach the 2 people and ask them respectfully to remove the mask if they were violent. Wait didn’t police beat up on people for not wearing masks or not social distancing. Simple easy questions to out the truth of the matter and fraud being committed in Ottawa by public servants who work for us. The nazi and Confederate sign holders were no doubt false flags hired to pin blame on the truckers. The fraud now being stated in the inquiry proves that these were paid disturbers and that’s why the police wouldn’t do the simple thing as ask them to remove the mask. What they are saying in the commission does not reflect what they should have done Iin February if they were telling the truth about a national security risk. The fact lawyer Brendan Miller has outed they know who was carrying the flag and has sworn testimony and it is causing a stir in the commission we know what the truth is. . Great job. Keep pushing the buttons with simple truths and common sense. As Bill Maher said on TV Trudeau was sounding a wee like Hitler Now that was the true person embarrassing Canada. Trudeau and his band of fraudsters lying. Hate speech can’t be tolerated even by a Prime Minister who clearly isn’t a real leader. The RCMP should be ashamed that they protect this coward.

        • Amen, we never granted the United Nations or any of their alphabet agencies any such powers.
          I had long felt that the UN, CIA and like agencies needed to be crushed and scattered to the winds long ago.

      • Thank-you for everything you do Corporal, I really appreciate it. It really horrifies me how the majority do not even question this shot. I refuse to call it a Vaccine because it is NOT. The government has created hysteria ! It is absolutely mad what is happening. I already know two young -39 -56 healthy people who have died from the killshot. The Genocide has started. I also query if our horrible PM got the shot, I would bet that he has not. Stay strong everybody, there are many that are aware.

        • He has not…its saline being injected into him and his family… Dr. Zelenko has treated all the governments with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin …. monoclonal antibodies …

          • Dr Zelenko 👍
            And Dr Peter Mcullough

            Covid protocol treatment

            Great 👍 success

            Can’t beleve msm says ivermectin is unsafe lol and doesn’t work in “studies”
            University of Alberta had a doctor or scientific 🧫 “expert” say they had no benefits from ivermectin against covid,
            Well, many drugs are to get used in a combination not just 1

          • Hydroxychloroquine!!I was taking that for my Rheumatoid Arthritis & it destroyed my retinas. I have all these blind spots & it would take forever & a lot of space to explain all the damage to my eyesight. As the Corporal pointed out there is no recourse for damages due to the govewa 1rnment protecting
            Pharmaceutical Co. The damage is permanent. No cure, no hope of correction or repair.

          • Page Kathryn, chloroquine retinopathy is a risk of long-term use of either chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine that is known to medical professionals. If your physician did not advise you of that risk, and did not advise you to get regular screenings for retinal toxicity from your ophthalmologist once you’d started taking hydroxychloroquine for your rheumatoid arthritis, then your physician did you a disservice. (When retinal toxicity is first detected, use of the drug is typically stopped immediately.) If that was the case, then perhaps legal representation might be in order; it would not restore your eyesight, but it might prevent other patients who are taking hydroxychloroquine on a long-term basis from suffering the same consequences that you have.

        • Great comment thanks 👍❤️

          Hey, check out PEAK PROSPERITY CHANNEL on youtube ..a few vids back a psychology expert explains how 30% of people are totally brainwashed,,no matter what you show even if true they don’t see it. Or they get angry and assume “conspiracy theorist “ a term created by the CIA,

          Ps, I have a covert op contact with CSIS
          this early November shit gets insane

          Get ready
          Emergency supplies, food, firewood, bug out bag,,

      • Hi Jeff, would enjoy reading any info you have regarding the two years’ expectancy for the vaxxed please. I haven’t run across this static, but am very curious to learn more!

          • Dr tenpenny too (sp?

            A great source with a mix of videos is on DOLLAR VIGILANTE TV 📺

            Del Bigtree, David icke, Ron Paul, peak Prosperity (dr Chris Martensen (shows real data,must watch him on youtube ), High Impact flix (my buddy Brian in Oklahoma, WHATSHERFACE , Spiro Skouras , James Corbett (Corbett report.com,THE CROWHOUSE,

            Mike Adams the HEALTH RANGER

        • Katie
          Listen to Dr. Michael Yeadon, retired Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer. He has a number of videos warning about the jab, and the consequences. Forget Google and Youtube. Go to Rumble or Bit Chute, etc.

        • We saw 2 to 3 years

          Jeff Berwick , Max igan, many call them shills, but they have very hard to find articles and literally are right 95 to 99% of the time

          Read my long comment below you can email me if ya like

      • Same I can’t comment either so I’m doing the same as you

        Firstly A COURT RULING PROVES FACT CHECKERS are “merely 3rd party opinions” Facebook loophole so they can’t get sued for disinformation.

        2) Trudope is absolutely bought and his wife’s jab..lol did you see that!
        That was fake! The person just darted the fake needle, nurses always squeeze the shoulder area to reduce pain and other complications (look it up)

        3) some top sources claim this is total hoAx. And there is NO VYRISS..
        A)Max igan (The CROWHOUSE B)Jeff Berwick (dollar Vigilante , he grew up in Edmonton), C) MIKE Adams (the Health Ranger), D) David icke , f) Ben Davidson (Suspicious Observers channel youtube ) Hebrew, total genius,
        G) josh sigurdson,

        4) some good sources but either misinformed or shills . They believe there is a covid James Corbett is Canadian,lives in Japan, and was the first researcher to send me so called proof the vyrisss was isolated and identified.
        A)James Corbett (Corbett report.com), B)Dr Ron Paul Liberty 🗽 report,
        C) rebel news (Ezra Levant (look up Ezra hush 🤫 money 💰 bribing former rebel staff. At least 3 complaints., D) Jimmy Dore youtube ,Rokfin..he shows great info, exposes lies, but says everyone will get covid lots (he repeats this from a cdc or some doctor or high up authority..he took 1 jab, and had a bad reaction. He did an interview with joe rogan.
        E) joe rogan..he had covid, used ivermectin etc, the media ran a smear campaign about horse dewormer paste.

        I’m leaving my email 📧 so hopefully this great man RCMP can contact me for any information. I’ve helped Derek Sloan, The Justice Center for freedoms in Calgary, I’ve sent hundreds of important emails with FACTS and good sources to prove truth, my email 📧 [email protected]

        photographer, videographer, pet rescue supporter, truth activist, anarchist , and also a Minotaur,,.lol 😆 actually I’m a Panther.

        I have a papertrail going back almost 2 years to 630 CHED, PREMIER KENNEY, HINSHAW, MAYOR DON IVESON, COUNCILLOR MICHAEL WALTERS, DANIELLE SMITH, DAN DICKS (press for truth), JAMES CORBETT, EZRA LEVANT, and dozens of other people, . I act as a social media liaison trying to stop misinformation and disinformation. I’m happy to reply to ANYONE READING MY COMMENT HERE. I have over 1700 hours of research checking over 300 news sources, I do watch about 30 msm sources to monitor the bullshit, lies, disinformation , flip flops, the puppets narrative, I have an eidetic memory which is a gift, and a curse…and I CHALLENGE ANY DOCTOR, LAWYER, JUDGE, MEDIA OUTLETS to an interview where we both record.
        I could easily talk for 4 hours non stop giving good info for further investigation. I am a well known investigator and even have contacts with the a Romanian mafia. No shit. I used to do a few driving jobs for Marcel. Also know an assassin Peter the Greek from 1995 ( I learned some scary stuff!), I should not give too much info here on that.

        My accuracy on all info I’ve researched and then make a conclusion is literally around 95%.

        This RCMP sure is a good cop, for telling people right away they can remain silent .
        Look up on youtube
        also..crown prosecutors know police are allowed to lie to try to get information to help prosecutors in courts,
        Many judges are bought,,,I could go on…

        I’m not spellchecking this lol 😂
        My cats on my lap pinning me down wanting attention
        I’m on Instagram crazyfunnycats66
        Youtube since 2014 Crazy Funny Cats (CFC66) I think 600 ish videos posted so far.

        I’m passionate about serving the world and especially helping animals .
        I was a City of Edmonton full time Lifeguard , have over 4000 hrs teaching swim lessons and RLSSC courses. I can provide many references and am well known in south Edmonton as the photographer that runs with his Bengal Cat on Leash everyday . My email again is [email protected]

        thanks 🙏🇨🇦 FREEDOM OF CHOICE

        • Thanks for all the info, looking forward to checking them out and educating myself more as well.
          I had Covid in December, worst 3 weeks of my life! Never experienced a flu that intense, but I survived at home on DayQuil, NyQuil and Ivermectin tabs. Yes, I still have some residual side effects from being sick like fatigue, insomnia and some brain fog, but I already suffered from those before I got sick. They are just a bit more pronounced right now but are getting better. I’m not prone to getting sick easily, but when I do, it’s usually a doozy which means I’ve been made to stop and rest cuz otherwise I’m always on the go. ADHD & some OCD don’t allow my brain to stop 🛑, so it’s a challenge to take time for myself. I have to make myself take sanity breaks or I end up being forced to by my own body lol.

        • You do know Ron that there was like 43 cases of covid 19 in China when they started the vaccine in Jan 2020 and pushed through the pcr test in one day . Appears odd. . 43 cases or so in a country of over a billion people and it’s going to be a Pandemic yet at the Wuhan military games in Oct 2019 Canadian military were being made sick. Thats nearly 3 months later they think its a pandemic and start a vaccine and use a pcr test not properly peer reviewed and tested. I would suggest that the military investigate Havana Syndrome direct energy weapons being used against the Military participants at those games making them sicker. The writeups surrounding this virus are very odd and questionable. Read them all. Even more interesting is Bill Gates is given a 100 million dollar contract tracing Contract. He then donates $600 million to Biontek Pfizer in Sept 2019. Event 201 is in Oct 2019 and these same players are involved in covid strategy. Coincidental or planned? You be the judge. I have a wealth of research too. I am a honest nobody citizen with questions. Crooked people and criminals dont like my questions or research. The fake Lancet study on hydroxichloroquine that was retracted was run by port star and a doctor connected to Gilead and remdesivir. The shady drug used for ebola killing lots in Africa and then used instead of HCQ killing along with ventilators to the tune of 97% death rate. What doctor in their right mind uses a treatment protocol with an over 80 percent death rate. Dr, Mengele type I guess. Well that was the protocol adopted for covid in USA and Canada. One with that death rate. HCQ is a therapeutic so treated as that. Not long term use. Why was it banned as a therapeutic and replaced with remdesivir an experimental drug that killed lots? These are all the questions needed to be asked. Using data to out things that make no sense. They pushed an experimental shot for a novel coronavirus that they said they knew nothing about that they made in a few months before trialing on humans and they expect you to believe it’s not an experimental jab and is safe and effective. What planet do you live on to trust safe and effective based on sheer common sense? Then look at the mounting deaths and injuries of vaccine recipients especially young and healthy. Factor in Pfizer and Moderna are now saying they will study myocarditis after the vaccine but the Canadian Public Health said in May 2021 or around then that myocarditis needed to be added as a warning to watch for. If that’s the case where are the studies from Canada Public Health after more than a year?Why is Pfizer and Moderna only deciding to study myocarditis risk now not 2 years ago and how could they all call it safe and effective with warnings attached to it. They still push it even onto children now in light of these studies being done. This is criminal negligence at its finest.

      • I tryly believe every politician only received a placebo, how is it that there is SO many severe adverse reactions and deaths to this vaccination yet have you heard of one politician around the world that had any side effects from the jab?? Nope and that in itself tells me they’re not receiving the real vaccination!!

        • One local Australian politician named Victor Dominello took the jab and had a Bells Palsy incident with his eye drooping on camera. Even after that incident, the idiot still encouraged people to jab up. There are other reports that CA Gov. Gavin Newsom had a Bells Palsy incident after his booster a few months ago, as he dropped out of sight for 2 weeks. He later resurfaced and said that he “needed time with his family”. There was another politician in some small Asian country who died after the injection but I can’t remember his name or where.

        • A politician in France said Macron the president of France and leaders of many countries never took the vaccines . Trudeaus vaccine on camera is a joke and the doctor who gave the vaccine should lose their license. We need people to file complaints against the doctor who gave Justin and Sophie the vaccines on camera that are clearly fake. This should focus on Trudeau being a liar and fraud who forced Canadians to get these vaccines or suffer consequences. By making the college of physician and surgeons watch the video of theirv fake vaccines being given it should expose Trudeaus fraud and help Canadians fired for refusal of tge vaccines. It’s very necessary to find the complaint.

      • I agree.
        This person Mam you are so freaking amazing!!!
        I never be jabbed for this evil doing.
        Those who are behind this to depopulated the world. I feel sorry for you as God will never forgive this deliberate act. You are all evil. I live in the United States Of America and will never live in fear.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts and no time of mine was wasted reading your letter.
        God bless you
        Stay safe and blessings always!!!

      • Same problem here Jeff…..I am curious about “Citizens Arrests” has anyone researched or knows anything about this?
        I am thinking that the only way to stop the corruption is to take the perps out of commission? anyone, anyone?

        • Sharon, the concept of a citizen’s arrest comes originally from English common law, and unless overridden by statute, is still valid in common-law jurisdictions. For Canada, the current federal statutes which govern citizen’s arrests can be found at https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/page-79.html?#h-126325 . (If that URL changes in the future, use the search facility on that site to search for the exact phrase “freshly pursued” to locate the “Arrest without Warrant and Release from Custody” section of the federal criminal code.) Your province or territory may have additional citizen’s arrest options — search the appropriate provincial/territorial criminal code for details.

          • we need honest police forces across Canada to join together and arrest these psychos. Trudeau is a traitor. The Chinese communist party connection is irrefutable . Trudeau is indeed a murderer with his vaccine mandates. His hate speech a criminal offence as well.

            The criminal code denotes that the consequences given for refusal of the vaccine that Trudeau brought in is criminal body assault and you dont need to physically hold someone down and inject them to be body assault. It is also criminal coercion and bullying and Trudeau terrorized citizens all for political advantage. We need criminal complaints filed against social media docs and politicians and tge media.

          • we need honest police forces across Canada to join together and arrest these psychos. Trudeau is a traitor. The Chinese communist party connection is irrefutable . Trudeau is indeed a murderer with his vaccine mandates. His hate speech a criminal offence as well.

            The criminal code denotes that the consequences given for refusal of the vaccine that Trudeau brought in is criminal body assault and you dont need to physically hold someone down and inject them to be body assault. It is also criminal coercion and bullying and Trudeau terrorized citizens all for political advantage. We need criminal complaints filed against social media docs and politicians and the media.

      • If 80 percent of the population has been vaccinated and are destined to die within 2 years, what about those left? Talk about dystopian. It’ll be like going back 300 years.

        • Yup.
          Get strong to help carry bodies
          Billions gone by 2025 is their goal.
          I see nobody in my complex of 92 units that is AWAKE.
          And I put out 700 Druthers.net hard copy monthly to my area and complex in Scarborough but most have zero clue how truly bad this will be.
          We see deisle fuel is about to run out virtually
          What doesn’t run on deisle fuel?
          They are setting us up down the road to pick us off bit by bit.
          Soon coms may come down.
          Maybe power outs etc.
          Klausy warned us.
          Very soon we will see new TOILET PAPER battles in the stores and then real panic from those who have watched and listened to us for years and did NOTHING to help themselves.

          • Back in 2010, a friend warned me about this whole scenario. She was spot on with everything that has occurred so far. I have spent close to 7 hrs. daily throughout 2020 and 2021 finding and getting info. from many sources including doctors, nurses pathologists and coroners, etc. I’ve tried to warn every family member and friends. I guess I am that crazy person to all who refuse to believe. Many have had long term illnesses, including my daughter. 1 neighbour had her brother drop dead last Sept. 2021. Now both her husband and daughter both have myocarditis and the husband has blood clots. Both are on on meds for the rest of their lives. Both have been certified as vaccine injured. Their aunt as well, with respiratory problems as well as problems walking. She has been certified as vaccine injured and has been fighting the gov’t for over a year now for compensation. The week heading up to Halloween sister’s husband dropped dead as well as her cousins husband dropping dead. That’s 6 members in one family. They know it is from the shot. By the way I live in the same complex as you. I’ve been awake for a long time.

        • I do not think people vaccinated will all die within 2 years. You can live with blood clots and even aneurysms for years and then one day it strikes and kills. For some the enzyme in the MRNA did dissolve the RNA therefore they won’t suffer the same fate. Those people are lucky. Many people will die within 5 to10 years who have gotten myocarditis and other heart issues. Nick Neneroff the Canadian comedian died at age 32 and he suffered myocarditis from the vaccines. So it will be a slow death for many. Cancers for many as well . Very sad. MRNA was designed in the beginning for cancer therapy so it’s possible they erred huge and its backfired for some and actually has caused cancer. Cancer researchers are speaking out about this. Sad that 6 members of one family have died or been injured by the vaccines as L. Bell has commented here. Can you imagine being the parents of the healthy 13 yr old in Calgary Alberta who collapsed and died while at basketball tryouts at school. We can all breathe a sign of relief as our own kids or grandkids haven’t died from the vaccines as they attend basketball or volleyball tryouts. But that doesn’t mean we cover up the deaths of others kids and pretend they are not happening. Another 13 yr old died in June 2022 from Guelph Ontario who had received the booster in Jan 2022. Died in her sleep and healthy. This is happening everywhere and they pretend it’s the referees whistle blowing or other ridiculous explanations. Smart honest people know the truth. The criminally conflicted doctors paid by big pharma lie over and over again. It’s truly sad and pathetic.

          Thanks to this courageous RCMP for outing the truth. A really heartfelt letter that should make honest people think. Whether this is a depopulation agenda or not we are being run by psychopaths and criminals. Evil mentality like Hitler.

      • Sorry man but that sounds like a crack of baloney. Lol killing the human species serves zero purpose for these big Pharma‘s. That’s laughable.

      • Thanks for being HUMAN
        I’m a 66 year young boomer whose family came from war 80 years ago.
        We aslo went through WW2 as we are Dutch German .
        The family chose CHINADA for FREEDOM .
        We were told “FREEDOM can be lost in one generation which is what we see.
        My parents who were prisoners of the Germans since Gramps married a German were still starved out as two of my Uncles starved to death as babies .
        Of course many many horror stories from the family who came here.
        I will say you will 100% you will need to kill me in my doorway if forcing something on me .
        I’m willing to die but you will be coming with me.
        When do we ARESST these MFERING REPTILE BRAIN BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST WHORES shilling for Klausy and Billy??
        Where are the POLICE on this?

    • I have to do same…..Cant get comment box to open…..My heels just got in deeper to NOT taking this Vax after reading this Very Well done Letter has illustrated ……Thank For your Great Service and Standing up on this this Plandemic….Happy New Year


        Origine Covid-19 : des criminels de guerre pris en flagrant délit

        29 septembre 2021 Pierrick Tillet

        Peter Daszak (EHA) est vu en Chine participant à l’enquête de l’OMS sur les origines du COVID-19.

        Nouveau rebondissement dans l’affaire de l’origine humaine du virus du Covid-19. Après la publication-révélation des Defuse Project Documents, ces documents leakés révélant la collusion entre les autorités américaines et le laboratoire chinois de Wuhan dans la création d’un virus Sars-CoV, le journal britannique Daily Telegraph annonce que la commission officiellement chargée par le Lancet de découvrir l’origine dudit virus vient d’être débarquée.

        Et pour cause, ses membres entretenaient des liens très étroits avec un certain Peter Daszak. Ce dernier n’est autre que le président d’EcoHealth Alliance (EHA), cette ONG financée principalement par l’administration US, et qui réclamait des subventions à la Darpa (agence du département de la Défense des États-Unis en charge de la recherche et du développement des nouvelles technologies à usage militaire) pour « concevoir des coronavirus de chauve-souris destinés à être plus mortels, en insérant des caractéristiques génétiques similaires à celles trouvées dans le SRAS-CoV-2 ».

        Notez que le même Peter Daszak se faisait parallèlement le plus acharné pourfendeur de l’hypothèse d’une origine humaine du virus via le labo de Wuhan, soutenu par les tirs de barrage hystériques des autorités sanitaires et par les médias mainstream contre ceux qu’on qualifiait de complotistes à défaut de pouvoir les disqualifier par des arguments scientifiques.

        Une guerre chimique qui a déjà fait près de 4,8 millions de victimes civiles

        Mais peu à peu la vérité se fait jour, et elle est impitoyable pour les comploteurs et tous ceux (autorités politiques, sanitaires, médias) qui tentèrent de dissimuler leur forfait : derrière la pandémie de coronavirus, il y a la réalité d’une recherche effective de création d’un virus potentiellement mortel, financée par des subventions militaires. On rappellera une nouvelle fois que le Pr Luc Montagnier avait de son côté décelé des traces de VIH (virus à l’origine du sida) dans le séquençage du Sars-CoV-2, ce qui l’avait amené à conclure à une manipulation humaine.

        Le fait que la subvention de 14 millions de dollars réclamée par l’EHA ait été refusée par la Darpa (au prétexte de risques trop élevées) ne change rien à la nature malfaisante et criminelle de l’intention et surtout à la tragédie planétaire qu’entraîna son début d’application.

        Car l’hypothèse la plus sérieuse désormais devient clairement la fuite accidentelle d’un virus extrêmement dangereux, d’une arme créée par l’homme à des fins militaires agressives, en violation flagrante de la Convention sur l’interdiction des armes chimiques (CIAC). Effets collatéraux de cette guerre déjà meurtrière qui ne dit pas son nom : 4 781 695 victimes civiles (worldometers, 29 septembre 2021).



        A propos de Pierrick Tillet  3948 Articles

        Un voyageur à domicile en quête d’une nouvelle civilisation.


        La création du virus du Covid-19 est bien d’origine humaine !


        Pour en finir avec la supercherie pseudo-démocratique


        La parabole des cercles et des espaces de liberté

        2 janvier 2022

        Voeux 2022 : les voeux du Pr Didier Raoult

        1 janvier 2022

        Voeux 2022 : cours, vole, regarde le monde

        1 janvier 2022

        Voeux 2022 : une révolution, une vraie

        1 janvier 2022

        Barbara Stiegler : face à la pandémie, les autorités sont en panique

        31 décembre 2021

        Le Grand jeu : quand un pékin de Pékin comprend mieux ce qui se passe en Europe qu’un quidam de Panam

        29 décembre 2021



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    • Constitutional Conventions https://constitutionalconventions.ca/
      is a Sovereigns powered solution aiming to restore an accountable system, Restore Natural Law and create a monetary system debt free from the Private Banking cartel!
      Three key steps have been identified
      Constitution created by the Sovereigns, not a contract the politicians created to end the corruption!

      • Thank you for mentioning Natural Law. I have someone I met who has been studying it for six years going to share info. Interesting about creating a monetary system too. Cool!

      • Monetary how…is this a digital currency system…im not on board with a digital currency system and the debt relief is great but sounds a lot like what the narrative has planned…they want to digitize the central bank and link it to the vpasses and anytime u dont comply to anything they say..they freeze your accounts…and make physical currency illegal…hope you are not talking digital currency…other than that …great!!!! oh and hugs

      • How about the government just being kicked out of the control of money. Money is simply a system to facilitate exchange/trade among people. Get the government and an exchange system will arise or 2 or 3. When the government decide how much of what you produce you are allowed to keep. this is slavery.

    • (Sorry Roxanne..)
      Excellent letter Corporal!! Thank you for your service, your integrity and speaking up. This needs to be shared from coast to coast, we need our “glorious and free” country back!
      God Bless!

      • Hi Kathy. Nice comment Are you related to David Hermanson the surveyor. If so I would love to hear his position on this. Fred L

    • Sometimes you hear the truth and feel doomed, but when you say, “This isn’t a goodbye email, it’s a “see you in 2022” email.” You feel a sense that this can be won. We need your strength and courage, Thank you

    • Well said, Roxanne. This letter outlined all of my own concerns, and I salute this officer for standing up for himself. We shall hope that all the people abused by government health authorities and politicians receive restitution, although the mental and emotional side must suffer as much as the monetary side for the victims of government, and there’s not enough money to cover for that. It ultimately means that taxpayers will be paying damages to nurses, doctors, EMS, firefighters, and officers of the law, but I think we need to. Even though the fault was not ours, when citizens have bad government, they will pay in a myriad of ways. When corporations are the abusers, THEY should pay. This dirty business of firing people for not taking an injection is a total abomination.

    • I am also replying to Roxanne due to no comment box showing, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this, I’ve been saying so many of these things for the past 2 years as well, but you put specific facts and numbers out there. I will share this with my adult children. None of us are vaxxed either, and sometimes it feels like we’re barely going to be able to hang on. You inspired me to keep hanging on. I’ve lost friends amd family due to not being vaccinated, because they’re brainwashed. Thank you ❤

      • Have faith!!! 🤣
        There are millions and millions and millions of us out here, so you are NOT ALONE, ever.
        But ur msm will NEVER tell you that, so like he said, turn off ur TV, and radio and any other lying msm bullhorn device they shove at our senses, and observe the reality of our world for yourself!
        THIS is reality, not that!
        And remember, the more they can see themselves losing their grip, the more desperate, loud and aggressive their push. So as you see and hear the msm narrative approach this behaviour, understand that it is becoz we ARE winning.
        Covid is just a farce to keep you busy, distracted and scared, sucking your little thumb in a foetal position in the corner, while they rearrange your world around you into a “New World Order”… why else did they start this whole scamdemic in the first place? Like 9/11, there was always a long-term ulterior motive, so look closer, becoz they have been working on this for a very long time and they are very proud of it.
        Why… “corona” virus is their “crowning” achievement… 😉

        • I saw a document signed by Trudeau outlining every thing that is taking place, his time line is out a little because of the resistence but it is still on track. Trudeau had the Chinese troops training on Canadian soil in the winter for a reason being that Canadian troops would not incarcerate Canadian people for not conforming but Chinese troops will not hesitate. Trudeau has been building detention centers across Canada and they will be manned by Chinese troops. the documents that I speak of were taken down when I went back to screen shot them or print them off.

    • It is not illegal for the media to manufacture a lie and sell it to the public as truth, anywhere in the world.
      And it is not illegal for the media to take sacks of money from anyone as payment for telling you THEIR lies… it’s just immoral, but who seems to care about those these days?
      All heil the Almighty Dollar god!!!

    • Yeah, this is like if you were to be put to death by the state and you send your executioner a Christmas card. Will it help you?

    • Sorry Roxanne for commenting here but I couldn’t get comments to open either.
      I too worked as PBVS (Police Based Victim Services) out of RCMP detachment and was no longer able to work as of Nov. 15 for the same reason. Stand strong, as I am also.

    • Fantastic!!! Thank you Corporal for a semi “official” voice to tell us you are a free thinker who does not blindly follow an untrustworthy government and other “authority” figures who all claim to be following the science – when in fact they are following the money and just using this scamdemic to control people and to remove basic freedoms. What we really need is a coup to overthrow a traitorous and treasonous corrupt government – this is WHY they outlawed legal guns and want to censor the internet where the free thinkers swap ideas. I’ve been saying since the start there is more here than meets the eye and that they are telling us. There are too many unanswered questions – why have airports been open the whole time? Why can’t we sue the manufacturer if something goes wrong? Why were masks fine up till this clinical experiment started? Why are they not offering other courses of treatment such as vitamin C/D, invermectin, hydroxychloroquine? Why are they not testing for NATURAL IMMUNITY? Why does the test to travel cost more than a test to confirm you have something? Why is every sniffle, sore throat, etc now called covid? Why are people being starved out of EI, salaries, etc because they CHOOSE what they want to put in their bodies? In a divorce case, this would be called a form of ABUSE!!! Why does the government want to turn our country into a communist hellhole? Why does the government insist on pushing their agenda and narrative upon all of us including the smallest of children? Remember thalidomide was a good idea at one time as well? Why are they guilting, bullying and discriminating against those who are not comfortable getting their lethal injection at this time? Why did they bend over backwards to protect the rights of our national terrorist omar khadr and pay him millions but are so quick to trample over the rights and remove the freedoms of law abiding citizens? Everyone needs to know that the more they comply with the latest T4 program, contrary to the nuremburg codes…and they see how easily people roll over thinking the government is doing what is best for us and telling us the truth – the LONGER the SCAMDEMIC will go on. Wake the hell up before its too late.

    • Great idea Roxanne, I think I will send it to my mla
      Sorry this happened to you constable, let’s fight for our freedom. Thanks for speaking up

    • I’m joining the others replying to you because I cannot respond to the original post. I, and my entire family, are part of the unwashed “vaccine hesitant” population. I’ve actually been fighting the vaccine battle for about 40 years. But that’s a story for another day.
      My actual calling is to midwifery. I’ve been practicing for about 38 years, and have been privileged to be present for about 1200 births. It still amazes me that God called me to do this.
      Early on, when the plandemic began its journey, I hate to admit I was caught up in the fear being pushed by the media. But after a couple of weeks I realized I had to stop take a breath, and step back. I began to see too many inconsistencies as the original poster mentioned. I had to carefully consider not only what we as a family should do, but how I was going to handle it as far as my clients were concerned. I knew… no jabs for us.
      One of the things I ask of clients is that they make no medical decisions without at least speaking to me prior to doing so. That includes everything from a prescription for an antibiotic, to an herbal supplement…. a trip to the dentist, etc. My decision was made for me when a client was coerced (shamed) into getting the jab by her husband and his family. He called one evening to say she was bleeding badly (she was 26 weeks along), and asking what to do! “Go to the ER asap!” After hours of not hearing, he called to say that not only had she lost the baby, but had also ended up with a hysterectomy. When I asked him why he said it was because it was the only way they could stop the bleeding. I was astounded. She was an extremely healthy, young (25 year old) woman. It was the first of what they had hoped would be many babies. I started questioning him about what in the world could be the root cause… and he said they had no idea. I asked if she had done anything out of the ordinary recently? His answer was, “well, she did go get a covid shot. But surely that couldn’t be it”. After a stunned silence, I knew I couldn’t go on a rant…. this man was in the middle of a serious crisis, and grieving so much loss. I simply told him that I would send him some links to information, and that he could research it for himself.
      About 2 months later he called. He was SO ANGRY. Not at me, but at the lies, at his family, at the whole mess.
      Now, I no longer accept jabbed clients. The risk is much too high. I’ve had several clients get covid but they all did fine. Several used ivermectin, others just powered through with the supplement protocol. All had great births.
      Many of my own family members have had covid, and all have recovered.
      We are in the midst of “the great re-set”, and it’s frightening. I do not understand how so many have complied so easily. Once done, it cannot be undone.
      The ending to your post was perfect. See you in 2022! God bless you all.

      • Hi Gretchen, what a sad story and I can understand how angry that husband was. How lovely that you are so caring toward these families, and these unborn babies, and that God has given you such a gift of helps. Have you ever considered that this is what your spiritual gift could be, because when we are born again and in the family of God, God gives each of us a spiritual gift. Here is a wonderful sermon series on Spiritual Gifts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQHJ2pRnuOClyevTpdUxVNDfg81CZDfJz. God bless your endeavours, and just wondered if anyone had ever shared the gospel message with you about the Lord Jesus Christ and His great love for mankind. https://youtu.be/Wh1VU-_OF98

      • Thanks for sharing. Very sad your pregnant female gave in and got vaccinated and lost the baby and wont ever have another baby. Sad. Dr Roger Hodkinson is livid at doctors who faced a pregnant woman and told her to get vaccinated. I hope these criminals are held to account. They have covered up the harms especially to pregnant females and covered up stillbirth and miscarriage increases.

    • Didn’t see a comment box, so I apologize Roxanne for posting to your comment. Just checked his info for population and deaths and literally saw the numbers he posted and change for 2020 in a matter of minutes. AI at work.

    • Ridiculous argument; covid has killed almost 1 million people including my wife of 32 years!
      Fuvk your pathetic anti science agenda
      It’s worthless

      • I’m sorry to hear about your loss of your wife. I really wonder did she die from covid or did she have covid and died from something else. It seems that almost everyone who has died in the last 2 years the cause of death is said to be covid but in reality they died from something else but just happened to have covid.

    • Great letter, hit all the points. You had me at Minotaur…couldn’t stop laughing. THANK YOU (Corporal Richard Mehner) FOR YOUR SERVICE. What is great about a law enforcement officer with your length of service standing up and stepping out is reinforces to all of us not in that service that what has taken shape during this time really is unlawful, unjust, against our values, a gut punch and worse to our constitution and bill of rights etc. Not that we didn’t know that but your stance and statement along with others in your field reinforces to All Canadians that we really are fighting for our Freedom here. Also, the fact that you are able to inject levity during this tyrannical march toward stupidness from our media, elected reps, medical system helps immeasurably. All of what you are doing gives hope and provides perspective to the average Canadian, helping each of us to see and feel that True Justice has NOT left the building. I look forward to hearing more from you as I’m sure many others will as well. We all march toward freedom together!

    • This is an excellent letter. I like you was very skeptical from the beginning. Started looking up stats from 2017 forward, kept telling people this is all about control, look at tye stats. Did anybody? No doing research is hard, takes time. Like you I started finding Drs, Epidemiologists, immunologists, ect…… Then the talk of tye V, no f ing thank you. I fought Covid too, lost taste n smell, stuffy, coughing like crazy, but I have a chronic cough, no alarm here. Like you my job as a COMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKER, working with disabled adults was MANDATED. I had Covid, doesn’t matter, they are still mandating it. Living in BC under the PHO of Bonnie Bitch Henry as I call her. She should be in jail along with all the rest of the evil Government .
      Anyway, thank you for your letter, it all makes perfect sense and so many have woken and continue, it’s our GOVERNMENT that needs taken out as well as WEF,WHO. Thank you

      • Great comment Judy. We thank this Corporal for penning an amazing letter which includes the same sentiments as million of Canadians felt. There was lots of information to gather and why did our government leaders and public health refuse to do that same research? The governor General of Canada is getting thousands of calls a day to remove this corrupt government of liars. That shows you how Canadians really feel.

        The mask issue has pretty much died as you see maskless elites last year with even maskless TV doctors while mask mandates were in place last Nov 23rd in Toronto Ontario. Then the hypocrite doctors attack Kieran Moore the Ontario CMOH being maskless at the same event this year. Yet they ignore the naskless elites and even maskless doctors who are caught attacking citizens for not wearing masks and putting our children and hospitals at risk. We need to haul in the TV doctors and the elites into Court and tell the TV doctors to call the elites murderers and threats because they didnt wear masks . That would be a great event to watch. There was a Twitter conversation in 2019 before covid where one of the TV docs is with 2 other doctors and they say ivermectin is safe and like candy and can be given out at Halloween but somehow ivermectin is too dangerous to give to covid patients. See the lies and cover up and cowards never held to account.

        The research brings about lots of evidence to use in Court and MP Ted Falk is nailing it in Parliament. Kudos to him and to this courageous police officer who out the truth.

    • Amazing letter. Couldn’t have said this any better. The scam of the Pandemic exposed right here.
      Theresa Tam just exposed her criminal negligence on the street from a citizen asking her questions. Listen to what she said. Look at the data prior to vaccines especially in children and a honest RCMP agent or other police should see the truth. She says she doesn’t push the vaccines on children. Yes she did, They pushed it on our children 12 to 17 to travel on planes and trains and even 5 to 11 year olds were pushed to get these experimental shots to play sports. Trudeau stated that he listened to the experts and science and Theresa Tam was one of his experts. Never once did Theresa Tam or others at Public Health Agency of Canads tell the public that they didn’t recommend vaccine mandates to Trudeau while they were in place. Only in Court were they forced to expose it. Such cowards who are medical doctors and can be held accountable for breach of medical ethics and informed consent. They knew the vaccine mandates were political and said nothing as citizens were segregated and lost their jobs and children 12 to 17 denied travel or going to movies or playing sports across Canada.

    • The Police are blood guilty. They have forensic units to test masks and the covid test swabs for higher then allowable cancer causing agents and other health harms but did nothing. They could even test the vaccines to see what the lipid nanoparticle is as the Canadian Health Agency states the dangers of nanoparticles on the various parts of the body. The adverse events to the vaccines indicate its all true about harms. Graphene on masks were recalled in Canada. At the beginning of the Pandemic they were warned about masks and using nanoparticles that could cause harm and they obviously did not listen to that advice. The fact people were getting headaches and throat and lung irritation and couldn’t breathe indicates the harms of mask wearing but they still mandated it and yelled at our children if they took the mask off to breathe.

      So what did the police do. They refused to look at the data and adverse events of the vaccines including death and they mandated these vaccines anyways or lose your job. Totally a lawsuit needed.here for everything done. The Charter violations were endless.

      All people who refused these shots were courageous and they set the example of integrity. This RCMP agent is one we would consider trustworthy and would want to protect us and our families. All police should think seriously on what integrity and honesty entails and what part they play in upholding this honesty in their jobs. Canada is known as the place to come to money launder and commit lots of criminal acts. How sad the corruption level of Canada. If the police put as much heart and soul into cleaning up corruption as they did for enforcing masks and vaccines we would be alot cleaner in Canada.

    • For the brain dead RCMP who pushed the vaccine mandates instead of telling Trudeau they would arrest him if he tried to enforce the vaccine mandates well I think Canadians are embarrassed by the rcmp and the fraudsters in the government. CSIS director is a threat to national security and refusing to identify the nazi or confederate flag waver means that most definitely its a Trudeau plant as if it was a convoy protestor they would quickly out him and secondly they use national security to cover up corruption and criminals so this is clearly the case here. The UN Mercenaries masquerading as police at the Ottawa protest is a threat to Canadians. They were brutal and reminds everyone of north Korea or China. They could locate a private $25 donation through theft of givesend go but they couldn’t locate the license plate of the truck carrying the confederate flag. Is it true the license plate belongs to a liberal Pr firm? I think Warren Kinsella provided the truck with its license plate on Twitter to see it. So you can’t say you didn’t see it. That was at the first day of the protest. RCMP CSIS you insult Canadians. Your covering up criminals engaging in false flags and entrapment and fraud . You cover up espionage and Chinese communist party infiltration . You aid and abet the movement of drugs and guns.

      By the way why were US Marshall’s raiding the privy council in Ottawa in September? What were they looking for? Ate the liars in the Emergency Act Commission subject to any warrants.

      Pretending there is a shortage of baby medicine is cruel and a threat to Canadians including children so it might be a good idea to investigate this baby medicine shortage who caused it and why baby formula during the shortage in the USA a few months back that there is video of baby formula being dumped. Never once to Theresa Tam tge public health social media docs ever calm parents down and tell them not to worry as you can give a small dose of adult medicine like they did in the older days before children’s Tylenol days. I bet Maggie Trudeau gave Trudeau that. All they do is panic parents and people to control them. Why? The media joins in as well to terrorize.

      By the way RCMP reading. The tic tok videos of hospital workers dancing during the Pandemic means either 2 ways..,they lied that hospitals were overwhelmed which caused missed Healthcare visits surgeries diagnostic screenings and thus perhaps loss of lives or they were dancing while patients were dying. Both just as bad. May I suggest the rcmp opp and other police forces do their jobs to investigate the Pandemic scams. These are more important investigations then firing agents who refused the vaccines The latter indicates ignorance stupidity and lies.

  2. Thank you Corporal for your courage, thank you for your integrity and the stand you are expressing. Our rights and Our freedom are at risk and being eroded under the covid BS.

  3. Thank you Corporal Mehner. You give hope for the future and are an inspiration to those of us who recognize the tyranny and accept our responsibility to end this take over.

    • Thank you friend for your honesty, courage and love of country & service to Canadians. You have given me faith in mankind that there is hope in face of evil. I believe God is moving you into greater service..

    • Constitutional Conventions https://constitutionalconventions.ca/
      is a Sovereigns powered solution aiming to restore an accountable system, Restore Natural Law and create a monetary system debt free from the Private Banking cartel!
      Three key steps have been identified
      Constitution created by the Sovereigns, not a contract the politicians created to end the corruption!

  4. The entire narrative pertaining to “covid 19” has never been to promote health and safety; the endgame is depopulation and technocratic totalitarianism.
    Please research the “Georgia Guidestones” (erected in 1981 in the state of Georgia), and search the “horizons.gov.ca” link on the government of Canada’s website (hint: it references the “bio-digital convergence” of the human body).
    No individual, or group of people, may coerce any other individual(s) to have these experimental, MRNA, human genome editing (“gene therapy”) injections. The “mandates” violate natural law rights, The Canadian Charter Of Rights, and Nuremberg Code Law.

    • Other phantasmagoria on Horizons.gc.ca in the “resources” section I think. Everything from “Value chains” to “Queering the Future” to of course even more “pandemic” predictive programming. If it all reads like a shopping list of the UN’s SDGs and the WEF’s 4thIR/Great Reset goals, that’s because it’s exactly what it is. Chrystia Freeland as well as Mark Carney both sit on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum, and the author of “Exploring Biodigital Convergence” (Kristel Van der Elst) is of course also with the WEF in a Head of Strategic Foresight” capacity. We are under a Government of Occupation, and almost no Canadians are aware of it. Here’s the “Queering” link:https://horizons.gc.ca/en/2021/02/27/horizons-talks-queering-the-future/#:~:text=To%20%E2%80%9Cqueer%20the%20future%E2%80%9D%20is%20to%20scrutinize%2C%20adapt%2C,queer%20perspective%E2%80%94the%20mindsets%20shared%20by%20many%20LGBTQ2%20people. Cheers!

    • Bio-digital. Just yesterday I read about phizer’s new Digital Pill. Swallow it and it starts transmitting info though it didn’t go into any details of What info, besides If you took it.
      Love seeing people stand up for their Right to choose what they put in Their bodies, as it should be. Informed Consent, not coercion. With No Long Term Studies and the Very High Survival rate, of course they have to coerce and threaten your livelihood, your job, your ability to move about freely and so on. I didn’t think this was legal. Why? Why must Everyone take this experiment again, besides if they want to continue making a living?? What is the Real reason? And have any of you seen the videos showing, when warmed to human body temps, how worm-like things begin to form and move? What is that and what is their purpose or mission in the body? These videos are from more than 1 concerned dr or scientist. Then with all the super healthy athletes dropping After receiving the jab and young suddenly have clots and heart problems and dying, Who would Not be suspicious?! I suppose some will never open their eyes and question or connect any dots or Think for themselves..

    • I’ve heard from a number of sources that its a plan to decrease the population by 30%…perhaps we should start with politicians, who have done nothing except suck at the teat of taxpayers while providing no value whatsoever to the people?

  5. “One man with courage is a Majority” (A favorite quote from my Father)
    I would add that a hundred thousand Canadians with courage, is a freaking disaster for these wannabe tyrants!
    Thank you for taking a principled stand.
    Why would anyone take the jab to “Protect their job” You don’t get a written guarantee in return??

    • Good question, Paul. Hundreds of thousands took the jab to “protect their job” because nobody will be there to pay their mortgage, buy their food (unless they have a spouse who can support them), when they lose their income. And – if you lose your job because you refused the jab, you do not qualify for employment insurance because you will have been deemed non-compliant with your conditions of employment. So the choice is: take the jab or face zero income (until you find a new job – and where are you going to find a new job if employers demand that you get the jab as a condition of employment)? See, they had this all planned out.

      • Inmates in TX must take this experiment or they are No Longer Allowed their contact visits with their families/friends. Though I was told staff did Not have to. And, of course, most will or Did take it because all they really have are those contact visits for any loving human touch/contact and many really, really depend on that. So, what kind of choice is that?! I know, they are inmates.. but they are still people.

      • Unless these were conditions of employment when you started (which unless you just started they wouldn’t be) it is NOT a condition of employment but rather they are changing your conditions of employment. If they fire you for not taking it you could sue them for breach of contract as they changed their employment terms and you did not agree to those terms.

  6. Bravo corporal.
    Many of us knew this was all b.s. and some predicted this years ago.
    I was the head contractor
    Hired by the r.c.m.p.to organize the distribution of assets and delivery of such assets to the venues
    During the 2010 winter Olympics. Also organized the configuration of the
    Integrated security unit in Richmond. Also with the military..I met hundreds of police from all over the country and helped many to deploy when their duties were completed.
    It was probably the most important thing I did in my career for the Canadian people. I’m retired now and my company went out buisness just like hundreds of thousands.
    I’m no bootlicker as many police are soulless order follower and I have police friends that have quit because of tru-dopes globalist agenda.
    I was in Montreal during the war measure’s act when pierre Trudeau was dealing with the flq crisis.
    Just-in castro cheeted in the last election.
    Not even one politician has made mention of any adverse reactions or deaths to this graphene oxide infused gene therapy death shot.
    We cant vote out of this comply out of it or quackcine out of it.
    Mass peaceful non compliance without violence is the only way to break the chains of this
    Criminal government.
    By the way George floyd was a felon that died by overdose.
    This whole thing was planned long ago hence the name plandemic.
    God bless everyone.

  7. Thank you for your courage and intelligence.
    I respect you. I think this is the path to freedom. I have a feeling that you are about to impact and influence more people than you ever had the opportunity to as a RCMP. And thank you for your service. You sound like you were one of the good guys.

  8. Bravo it’s about time we take our country back!!! I to am getting fired after 31 years of service at the city of Vancouver.

    • Hats off to you for 31 years! That’s a long time of service. It’s sickening the way there is so little regard for people who have passionately poured their lives into making things better for others, while policies are so quickly adopted that replace good workers. What a world we live in! It’s the war between good and evil, but good always wins in the end.

  9. I have little use for the RCMP. I can protect myself from criminal scum. If my kid is lost or abducted, sure, the RCMP is my first call. Besides that they can go shake down 7-11 for a day old weiner or go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. I have nothing but respect for this brave (ex) officer. I sure wish that I had the opportunity to deal with him in my younger days. I am going to share the hell out of this because it is funny and on point. Also, I am sure that he has a team of great lawyers on his side. Judging by his obvious intelligence, I am sure that he could more than hold his own in court. Please sir. Run for public office. You have my vote. Best of luck to you, Happy New Year. This goes without saying….Stay safe. Nathan Gayton. Summerland, BC.

  10. Bravo Zulu to you Sir, excellent letter!! I hope more people start waking up and realize they’ve been lied to for the past 2 years!! I knew this was a load of crap since the summer of 2020. I recently left the military for the exact same reasons you stated in your letter. We both took an oath to protect our citizens… but I don’t know how to do that in uniform since the senior staff are going along with all this bullsh*t. It’s incredibly sad.

    (May I suggest you re-read and correct your errors, albeit, very few, but still there… “paid” vs “payed” is the only spelling error. The rest are just sentence structure and punctuation. I expect you’d like it to be as professional as possible…)

    • Sandi:
      Can’t believe you wanting to show your superior literary skills to a person that has presented a well researched and informational letter. You owe this man that served his country an apology.
      Your “paid vs payed” criticism just shows what a small person you are.
      I believe I have the right spelling of your personality. “IDIOT”

        • I would disagree, I noticed the “paid” too and a couple of missing words – it’s just an editing thing, that’s all. I think she was just trying to be helpful. When you have experience editing, you can’t help but see these things. A polished letter is the best way to go if it’s making the rounds, as this one should. I think you 2 guys are overreacting. Of course, that’s not the point of the letter, to find fault with it. It’s just because the real idiots out there try to find fault with anything those opposing them do.

      • Settle down Bob. I noticed ‘payed’ was incorrect. And a couple of their misplaced punctuation errors…. It’s called standards of excellence. Our ex RCMP member will appreciate it.

  11. Thank you for such beautiful letter!
    Fired after 21 years in aviation never sick or away! Worked through the pandemic everyday going into the office while the cowards stayed home. Now, they are forced to come back to work and now I get fired because I refused the jab!! What sh#t!!!

    We should all feel good about our decision to refuse and know that we are not alone!! We see through the BS and we will have our day! In the meantime keep standing up for our rights and our beliefs. All the best for 2022 many Blessings to all of you who are hurting out there! Be not afraid!! We have God and Truth on our side!!

  12. I’ve been researching this for 2 years, movies have become irrelevant, and come to the same conclusions..came across police on guard, out of bc then spread, and the International version, police for freedom and yours, still a little septical of false idols .. when CBC said there were protesters in front of hospitals, I thought WTF…then on odysee saw nurses speaking out and call me old fashioned but I know and trust them..was with action 4 Canada since coming to ottawa Dec 4 to stand at 50 oconner in support of our commonwealth brothers inAU..20 showed up but made connections..stood in front of CTV, an officer told us we could only block employees vehicles for 15 min. Nice of him, so we blocked for 14..before I bore you let me just say I never served but grew up on air bases ’till 21 will fall in and support any way I’m able, if not in jail ’cause tired of protests…the ones I met were as divided as the country..thank you sir and good luck.

  13. Oh yeah, Corry Hurran..anyone remember him, 6 years, I thought he was crazy…at first, but like you sir a Ranger would have greater access to info then I
    Hope everyone has a great new year, I wont..
    This may be a registerer to quarentine..but I’m so tired…and ready to leave

    • Never give up! We need you! And anyone else that believes in the good and doing the right thing! Find strength and power within yourself! You have it! We all have it! Find it! Please, help us fight for our children and our children’s children and the whole human race ❤️🙏🏻

  14. This is soon to backfire on those those that push this agenda. After some months, the diminished healthcare, effective policing, fire fighting and ambulance services will start to become obvious to everyone. Then they can’t blame COVID for this, and will have to ‘wear it’ in the fact they fired all these people over the jab. Hospitals are already asking for health care workers to come back, but expecting them to pay for their own testing… Has everybody gone insane?

  15. Hear, hear, Corporal! Very accurately & succinctly put. It’s time that people knew the truth, even though the mainstream media continues to spout the lies they’re being paid to repeat. My career of over 40 years of law enforcement has just come to an end, too.

    As to those who continue to support the agenda, “There are none so blind as they who will not see.” It’s all about power for politicians and bureaucrats (which they delight in seizing for themselves, our “rights” be damned, and massive, unprecedented profits for the drug companies and those they bribe.

    • Monica
      (I was not really replying to anyone, just providing a few details on Covid, etc.)

      I have been conducting research for four years now, well before the pandemic began. My interest was born out of curiosity after reading some articles on that evil man, George Soros. My curiosity really peaked once I saw a picture of Soros with PM Justin Trudeau and his current Deputy PM/Finance minister Freeland. I also read an excellent report, published by Israel, well before the pandemic started, where they discuss the UN NWO and how the elites plan to depopulate the world by reducing it’s occupants to 500 million (see the Georgia Guidestones, built in the 1980’s, for further evidence) and how they plan to do it, as follows: VACCINES (remember, this report was before the pandemic), chemtrails, transgenderism, irradiated foods, GMO foods (the globalists will definitely be controlling food production; apparently Bill Gates has already bought up about 1/3 of American farmland. I may have missed one or two other methods. I have the report but want to get this out so am speaking mostly from memory. The evils of this one-world government started to emerge and it took me down a terrible and depressing path describing the rich and powerful elites tampering with transhumanism (TH). The head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Shwaub (hope I spelled it correctly) who is heavily into TH himself, is responsible for the upcoming WHO’s “Great Reset” to be implemented after Covid. I have read a couple of recent reports which “bravely” suggest that the vaccines LIKELY contain a TH concoction. The more boosters people take the closer to TH your body becomes. It makes sense that when these corrupt elites are into TH that they would want the entire human race to be TH’s, as well. The whole scenario is so disturbing that people are now OPENLY pointing out that we are in the end times. Read the book of Revelation (the last book in the New Testament describing the end of our current world, also the Book of Daniel). As well, take a look at the videos on YouTube, etc., describing the many signs (one report stated there are seven) and that we are already in the first stage. Here are some of the signs: 1) turmoil in the world including fires, earthquakes, flooding etc.; 2) the creation of a one-world government (appears in the holy bible); 3) Pope Francis, who is destroying the Catholic Church from within (I am a practicing Catholic and see it happening), also additional data coming through YouTube, etc. videos by priests, archbishops, Jewish even Muslim entities; 4) Another sign relates to the Fatima, Portugal, three secrets which were revealed to three little children over 100 years ago. Two of the secrets were published but the third secret was only partially revealed because it was too disturbing to release in full. But it did describe a man clothed in white trying to escape, along with some of his associates, from Rome. The church tried to say that the third secret had already been fulfilled when pope John Paul II was shot in Rome while in his popemobile. I believe it occurred in the ‘80s. He survived the attempt!! So pope Francis is considered by many to be the anti-Christ and was intentionally selected as pope. He is very active in the UN NWO putting together a one-world religion where God/Christ is to be eliminated and replaced with what people are suggesting will be “the worshipping of lucifer”; 5) Then there are the Covid signs. In the bible it states that only those who take the “mark of the beast” on the right hand or, if not possible, on the forehead, will be allowed to “buy or sell” anywhere. This doesn’t apply to the actual vaccine itself but to the next step to occur, a chip implanted under the skin on the hand. It is already being carried out in Sweden. One of their reports (video) actually showed a group of people in line while a young teenage girl is getting the chip implant near her thumb. They will be telling you that the purpose of the chip is to allow you to combine all your medical, financial, etc., data to make life easier and more convenient, even doing your banking. I read that the true purpose is to obtain and store the data (everything about you on that chip), to allow the system to follow and track you (aided by 5G) in order to deny or allow you to function normally. It will be equivalent to the Chinese system which is apparently already in place. If you abide by the rules you will be given certain perks. If you disobey the rules you will not be allowed such things as travel, entering sports/museum facilities, reduced spending allowance (they will be controlling the finances) or anything you hold dear, to be taken away; 6) The planned one-world banking system has apparently been mentioned in the bible, but not necessarily in Revelations. There may be other signs too which may come to light later on. All the signs, except the Fatima apparitions which have not been fulfilled yet and which apply if (or when) we are in the end times. Most end-time signs are mentioned in the Book of revelation, or Book of Daniel. There is an excellent (video) report out there in which a priest describes the significant events which have occurred in the bible from the beginning of creation to the current/or end times?

      I recently saw a report in which the head of the EU stated that there is no further requirement, in this day and age, for the Nuremberg 2.0 code and that it should be abolished! How dare they!! I think these elites must all be “sweating bullets” over the possibility of a Nuremberg trial because, if all we are hearing is true, they will be facing the death penalty, or at least will never see the light of day. I hope that day comes soon!!

      To RCMP Corporal Richard Mehner: congratulations sir, you are a brave man who has done the right thing!!! I also refused to take the jab because I know too much…..due to my research. My entire career was in intelligence work. I pray that you will be rewarded one day soon with a new job opportunity which will give you much more peace and happiness than you have now. Always remember that you are not alone!!! We are with you and I, for one, will be praying for better opportunities to come your way!! 🙏🙏

      God bless you in your future endeavours!!

      • Klaus Schwab, quote , “you will own nothing and be happy”
        ….and then there is Oculus, you are nowhere but somewhere because they let you

  16. Thank you, I can say that I know a true R.C.M.P. officer who stands up for the people ! I am right by your side 👌 We stand together in 2022 . No New World Order. GOD BLESS YOU 🙏

  17. Influenza and the common cold have been rebranded as covid. A quick review of annual flu stats will prove as much. No, this officer didn’t get covid, he got the flu or a cold. Maybe it was a mild hangover. Some minotaurs can’t handle their liquor.
    I applaud this man’s willingness to out these lies but perpetuating the covid narrative isn’t helping.

    • You’ve got that right. And most informed people agreeing to this still keep talking about the deaths from Covid 19 and how cheap and effective remedies could have saved hundred of thousand of lives. If Covid 19 is just the flu renamed, why all the big fuss? Why didn’t this death reduction not get discussed in previous seasonal flu outbreaks? I am all for saving lives but it seems like we are validating a pandemic that never existed. Remember, the deaths from this fake epidemic occurred to a great extent to very old people with multiple comorbidity issues: those that were already near death. I am all for saving/prolonging lives but let’s not play the game.

  18. Thank you, for this well written letter. I cannot believe our government has taken it this far. Many countries have used antivirals, to decrease their death rate by 80 percent. Doctors in Canada will be fired, for using antivirals because they work, meaning less vaccinations needed.

  19. BRAVO SIR. You put into words every thought I have had from the beginning of this BS. I am in the U.S. and have the same type of retards running things here ad you have in Canada. I stand with you in your fight for the return of OUR freedom. God speed SIR.

  20. I am so sorry to hear of your plight! It is a disgusting abuse of a tyrannical government gone beserk! First, let me thank you for your 21 years of service. It takes a special kind of person to run towards trouble when the rest of us are running from it. I am sickened by what I read and agree that our freedoms have been taken for no good reason! This whole thing is a crock of chit and I pray you not only get your job back but that you get paid for all this wasted time! Your letter was very well written and much appreciated. Again, I cannot believe they are doing this to you!

  21. Thank you for your courage in exposing the truth about these tyrannical monsters and that these vaccines are NOT a vaccine it was not invented to protect you ! It is meant for mass genocide I hope that more people will have their eyes opened .

  22. Dear Minotaur, Thank you for your choices, and your thoughtful thoughts, carefully expressed. I hope it stirs some conscience in every superior and colleague going in a different direction. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t exercise your rights and serve whomever threatened you with an NOL and explain to them how to put the onus for all this illegal behaviour back onto the government. I hope you can take your legal research one step further. Since realizing my lifetime of irresponsibility in not wanting to learn more about politics, law, and law enforcement, I have attended so many zooms and have read so much information in 2021, about our rights and how to exercise them. It is now my understanding that those who appeal to the Charter of Rights will not win. Their cases will be over-ruled by any justice who chooses, or is coerced into, complying with the illegalities driving this PLANdemic. Plaintiffs must appeal to the Bill of Rights if they want to win their cases. http://stand4thee.ca has made it abundantly clear that we must invoke the Bill. The Charter was never ratified and is full of loopholes, which the elite, who are supposedly working for the people, in fact, use against us. Even our selected PM. T. recently said, on camera, that he would over-ride our rights. Early this year, so moved by some interviews, I spent a few hundred dollars on placards, t-shirts, and cards to hand out, for policeonguard.ca, to raise awareness. Then I learned these distinctions and history about the Charter and the Bill. I had a few more email exchanges with their representatives, and as nice as they were, I felt that no one had my back. They didn’t seem very sure if the laws would hold up, should I be fined or arrested, talking with people on their behalf. They thought maybe I would be protected via the protest laws. Great, except I wasn’t protesting. Perhaps they didn’t feel very confident advising me, because they are using the Charter(?). May the organizations you support, and others, that are rising up, legally and lawfully, that were created to serve the people, WIN in the courts and on the streets! Presently, we cannot trust the oaths taken by anyone in authority and health care.

    • Dear Jennifer, Unfortunately, we must be wary of controlled ops misdirecting us. I find it odd that stand4thee.ca, which refers to The Charter and Bill [of Rights] on their homepage did not have your back. I attended a rally on the Hill, in Ottawa, and a retired soldier told us that soldiers are exempt from the vaccine, which is not true. Would it discredit dissenters if they spouted a false narrative they heard from our self-appointed “leaders”? I leave you to draw your own conclusions. Respectfully, Martin

    • Hi Jennifer, you wrote:”What I don’t understand is why you didn’t exercise your rights and serve whomever threatened you with an NOL and explain to them how to put the onus for all this illegal behaviour back onto the government. I hope you can take your legal research one step further.”

      In the USA: see davidmartin.world/ , click-on “Attorney General Document ” and then download the 5 page document.

  23. Thank you Corporal Mehner for serving your country and fellowmen. Some day I hope you are well compensated for this act of unlawful tyranny which took away the livelihood which you worked so hard for. How this weak pathetic government can justify booting honest, hard working, tax paying, dependable employees out of their careers and work force because of a created pandemic of fear is beyond my comprehension! We are loosing the Canada that we knew, the TRUE NORTH STRONG and FREE! Lord help us all if people don’t wake up and pull their heads out of the sand!! I ask…”Canadians, How deep is your sand?”

    • We are losing the Canada that we thought we knew or better the Canada that we were brainwashed into believing that it was. Canada is not an entity, it is a piece of land owned by the crown of England and in which we live. When we start identifying with this non entity and our slave masters, we have surrendered our individual sovereignty.

  24. This globalist depop and enslavement agenda is brought to you by Gates, Soros, Billdabergs and the Rockafellers….among others. Our politicians are not pulling the strings. There either being paid or threatened. Humanity is at a crossroads. What side of history will you be on? My conscience is clear and more are awakening.

  25. Another important factor Corporal Mehner highlights, is the complicity of The Unions and this is across all sectors! Unions were once a great thing, now they have become just one more layer of “Captured Bureaucracy”. A parasite in the system which has little benefit to those who are supposed to be protected.
    This is specially obvious in the Police Forces where even the Sexual abuse incidents are swept under the rug.

    • The unions were never a great things. When you go to work for an organization and are forced to join a “union”, how is it different than having to be jabbed?
      But it is amazing to see the great number of comments in just a few days. It must mean people are catching on.

  26. It’s so sad that all Governments are complicit in this narrative and insist on killings its people for greed. More going on than greed, much like the movie “Don’t Look Up”. All lives matter regardless of race, gender, medical history, serial orientations… So how do we remove this tyrannical Govt and hire a leader who will listen to their people.

    God help us.

      • A “leader”? We have plenty of “leaders” and look what they have brought us. We can exercise our own leadership.

        • I agree with your comments. We need to foster a self empowerment and individual participation in those matters which concern us and our families.
          The “Nanny State” is much older than people realize. It started with Civilization and “Experts”
          Direct Democracy would be cumbersome and fraught with dangers, but a lot more honest than the current offering. I don’t know where to find a politician of any stripe who would voluntarily be ‘Accountable’!

  27. Excellent Letter. We need more and more speaking up like this. The fear from MSM is insane, bought off media is hurting every Canadian and that’s not being reported. I to learned long time ago question everything. Sheep will always follow the heard, but Lions will have the courage to speak up. Thanks for for service Corporal Richard Mehner.

  28. The doctor lives on chicken-pox,
    On measels and on mumps.
    He keeps a microbe in a box
    And cheers him when he jumps.
    (Oliver Wendel Holmes)

  29. I thank you for your service and the great letter you have written. Yes, we must do what is good for ourselves. Not being a sheep in the herd is where I stand as well. Thank you once again for all that you are doing in this matter. What Ottawa wants and gets might be just too much to ask.

  30. Yes i read and absorbed every word. So good to hear someone speaking the truth about this whole scam. LPN for 23 years. On unpaid leave since December 17,2021.

  31. I was so happy to read this email. The opinion expressed is identical to that of our little family. We talked about government conspiracies in the years before 2019. Now we are living it. This was a “plandemic” and is all about government control. I could go on and on, but I would just be repeating what the Corporal has already said.

  32. I am horrified as well by the propaganda that is so clearly just that. I am not vaccinated and refuse to be. My younger son and family refused to allow me to join them for Christmas unless I went for a covid test. I said no for I was not sick and asked him to test the whole family as well if I must test. They did not! This pandemic is dividing families and the world and I am frightened by this control over us.

    Thank you for this important letter! How can we change this situation???

    • Replying to Monika as I cannot find a way to post otherwise:

      Thank you for this letter and for your service … I would also like to know how we can change this situation… what can we do to have these people arrested and charged for this criminal activity … why are the police/ RCMP not stepping up and arresting these criminals … do they not have jurisdiction to do this … to uphold the law and protect the citizens of Canada… I don’t understand why our police force cannot place these politicians and PHO’s under arrest… please enlighten us on this…

    • I have heard this so many times, families being torn apart, mostly by people who are vaxxed and who won’t let those who are not into their houses. It’s so sad. I heard of one poor soul donating part of her liver to a relative in need and that same relative would not let her visit since she did not take the jab. What kind of evil is this? However, there is a video out there by Dr. Mattias Desmet who explains the brainwashing of people and how this all works. It would be worth the watch.

  33. The only thing you people need to qualify as a hero and expert is to be an anti-establishment person. It doesn’t matter if 99% of the experts in the field agree wholeheartedly with the decisions, you will always find the .1% who agree and they are right and everyone else is wrong!! And you never even question anything!!

    • Let us never forget that the majority can be wrong: examples such as burning witches at the stake, looking sideways as Jews were led to their slaughter, believing the earth is the centre of the universe in compliance to the main authority of the day, etc, etc.
      One thing I do know is that when Lawmakers choose to disregard the law, some as flagrantly as in the recent video of JT showing his total disregard for or God-given rights, it is a recipe for chaos. United and peaceful non-compliance is the best answer…for now.

      • The majority is always wrong. It is only a description of a group of people most of the time seeking refuge in the “crowd” instead of being their individual selves.

  34. Incredibly cogent and relatable. You are a bright light in the fog people need to navigate toward. An unselfish act of humanity. Looking forward to reading your return letter. Truth to power.

  35. Thank you so much for this absolutely incredible letter which sums up the evil we are up against
    You are courage and have truth on your side
    Their are many who are awake or who are waking up
    It is obvious now that the psychotic trust fund baby Trudeau signed a contract with big Pharma/ Pfizer that he will deliver all Canadian bodies to Pfizer to be injected with an experimental gene therapy drug
    This is evil beyond comprehension
    People read about Stalin or Hitler yet fail to understand the exact same thing is happening in Canada right now
    And 95% of our absolutely worthless MSM , politicians and “legal industry” seem to be bought and paid for and captured too

  36. You will never know how much i am grateful for this good bye letter.you will never know hiw much i appreciate for all you have said.i know it’s been said to you many times but i will say it again.thank you and i will never forget those who are making a sacrifice.

  37. You are a great man standing up for wjat you believe in which is the truth.i myself have done my homework in the last couple of years and I feel the same way some say I am against authority but this is not true I stand up for what is right and wrong just like you.it is unbelievable how many sheep that are still sleeping and just get the jab without doing any research I myself have to know why I should take this and if its good for me and what I see it is no good for anyone and I feel sorry for the people who just go along with things

  38. I salute you Corporal Mehner! You could not have said it better. I am sure we will see you in 2022 with much pleasure. Their narrative is crumbling and yes, you are right it will become and avalanche. All the very best to you in the new year.

  39. Corporal Richard Mehner:
    I am very worried about Canada; I live in the US and am glad I decided to find work here. I was also giving Covid talks in NM so know a bit about the Bioweapon and the endgame. Thanks for speaking out, the road will get a lot bumpier, good luck.

  40. Thanks for your heroic example of courage
    This letter was brilliant and an inspiration………
    This is now a spiritual war of good against evil
    Trudeau and his fascist dictatorship ( with a complicit “opposition” and a bought and paid for media ) means to forcibly inject us and our children with any medical experimental Pfizer or big Pharma orders him to
    This is now obviously apparent beyond doubt
    Under Trudeau you are no longer a citizen or a person
    You are property to be exploited by big Pharma experimentation
    You have become a pharmaceutical commodity
    This is absolute evil on a biblical scale

    • The Emperor is so naked in these circumstances, the skin is peeling off. He is a such a sock puppet, I’d rather have Ed the Sock for prime minister: At least you know who’s hand is up his a-word.

      What out corporal did not mention is Trudeau’s involvement in the research departments that helped make the toxic compound and that he funded it. Generally, you don’t fund something out of goodwill: There is bound to be kickbacks and return for the investments; namely the selling of these toxic compounds to governments all around. While my proof is lacking, I think the connection is not unreasonable: That obscenity is profiting from all the Canadians getting murdered by the jab. We have the largest conflict-of-interest scandal unfolding in front of us right now and no one seems to give a rat’s a-word about it.

  41. Regarding “They don’t tell you that they skipped Mu and Xi in the Greek alphabet. Why? Because Mu or Xi just don’t sound scary.”, this is partially incorrect. The Greek letter Mu was not skipped; it was assigned to variant B.1.621, which was first detected in Colombia in January 2021. The Greek letters that were skipped are Nu and Xi. The reasons that the WHO gave for skipping them were: to avoid Nu being misinterpreted as English “new” when spoken; and to avoid Xi being misinterpreted as a transliteration of a common Chinese surname when written.

      • Grant, yes, the surname of the current president of China is transliterated as Xi. What does that have to do with Corporal Mehner’s statement that “They don’t tell you that they skipped Mu [sic] and Xi in the Greek alphabet”? The WHO did in fact explain why Nu and Xi were skipped. As to his explanation of why they were skipped — because those letters “just don’t sound scary” — on what basis was that conclusion drawn? Does he believe that Omicron (which means “little O”) actually sounds scary?

  42. Think you nailed it in your file summary Cpl., damn good coverage of the facts and evidence of the case. Looking forward to 2022, expecting a very interesting year! Maintain the Right / Keep the Faith.
    Cpl. G Williamson, (Ret.)

  43. Thank you for your service and God bless you and your family. We need more courageous people like you in this world. Thank you for this beautiful letter and explaining in details about the damage this governments and this vaccine is doing to this world. We were essential service when we were needed and we worked without fear and regrets to serve our citizens. Now we find our selves without a jobs because we don’t want to summit to the government mandates, it’s upsetting to all of us. We need to be strong and believe that there are good days ahead of us. Thank you and God bless.

  44. I to got let go from a thirty year service from the school board of Ontario, your synopsis was elegantly put, thank you. John the m path!

  45. This RCMP corporal is a hero and an inspiration for us all
    A brilliant letter
    I thought I would throw this out there because I’m truly baffled………..
    Does anyone else wonder how what was formerly the “left” or “woke” or “progressive” are now basically whores and cheerleaders for big Pharma
    The most evil corporate monster in history
    There could not be a more symbolic establishment evil than big Pharma !
    The paradox and irony is mind boggling
    I truly can’t fully understand this disconnect with people?
    The new punk rock appears to be clear thinking conservatism
    Go figure !?

  46. Thank you for all you did for your Community & for your detailed letter easy for all to understand the chosen way of those not wanting to put an under researched (FDA unapproved) injection in their body…

    I wish you much continued success in your endeavours. Another employee will be blessed to have you & your dedication!

  47. An honour sir and thanks for your service
    I have just been let go from AB Justice after 15 yrs
    Mostly commies, snitches and lazy sacks of wet shit remain ti hold it down
    Have you noticed how this whole thing has served to separate the wheat from the chaff

    I look forward to standing the line beside you when the fight starts
    And it will
    This will not be decided in courts as our governments are lawless scum that have sold us out to globalists
    Courts are bought and paid for
    I have seen the letter signed by all three chiefs in Alberta Justice; dirtbags are not supposed to legislate from the bench
    It is our duty to kick them all into the shadows and strangle them

  48. We are grateful to this heroic corporal
    The psychotic trust fund baby Trudeau and Big Pharma Automaton-Biot Bonnie Henry are now the modern day equivalent of Dr Mengele and this is no exaggeration
    Forcing experimental drugs to be injected into unwilling people while threatening their livelihood and families and children
    Evil beyond description on par with Stalin and Hitler
    And it’s happening in Canada right now

    • Yeah, the Lord had done a great job up to now, didn’t he. What is it, around 500,000,000 people murdered in the last century alone through wars and genocides.

  49. Thank you. An excellent interpretation of the sad situation. I suggest you and your group mounties4freedom contact Mr Brian Peckford who was premier of Newfoundland and the only surviving member of premiers who wrote our charter or rights.

  50. I am so proud of you Corporal Richard. Way to go!!! What an outstanding letter and I shared it far and wide. I see that another hero of mine, Ted Kuntz, commented. I am grateful to you.

    Come to a rally in Kelowna so we can give you a big thanks and a hug.

    In love and truth, Hilary Kelowna

    Hello Hilary, When is the rally in Kelowna?
    Michael Easton
    Easton Spectator
    Any other future rallies across Canada, please email me [email protected]

  51. Weekly testing is not safe and you may be willingly inserting the virus.
    The PCR nasal swab test has graphene.

    The at-home tests have sodium azide in them. Sodium azide is toxic if it touches your skin or is ingested or inhaled. If you inhale the toxic gas vapor, you die.

  52. Thanks again to the brave courage of the freedom fighting corporal
    This just in from Trudeau and it’s a classic
    He just said in Quebec that anyone in the ROC who is refusing the vaccine is ( you guessed it ) a racist!
    This trust fund baby imbecile is truly a psychopath without any shadow of a doubt
    We are dealing with a Hitler/ Stalin personality type and we unfortunately have no MSM and an impossibly cowardly (controlled) “opposition” in our worthless parliament
    Our country is run by a corrupted joke

  53. Hi Michael. Our rally is every Saturday. We have been meeting every Sat. since early 2020. David Lindsay from Clear is our guy. Many areas of B.C. have rallies, Vancouver, Vernon, Penticton, etc. It is growing. Hugs, Hil

  54. Yeah! I have to tell you as a person whose lost their mother after second jab, that it’s a killer! Thanks to a Dr.Charles Hoffes info. I figured it out easily exactly how she died. 2 weeks later my Father got a huge visible tumour, it was ignored, excuses were made, tests and treatment delayed until it became cancerous and now excuses about Christmas, so surgery delayed yet further. I read we are at the Plandemic Stage of “killing off old men” Well it’s here, beware. Stand strong, there are many of us, good always wins, watch us roar in the glow of our triumphant win! Blessings to you sir and all the rest who have the balls to speak out ♥️

    • DJ: Please accept my condolences for the loss of your mother. May your father survive the impacts of a corrupted system but if he does not, know that his passing will be understood by a growing number. As a wise sticker says: Imagine still believing any of this is about stopping a virus.

    • DJ: Sorry to hear. It is indeed a tragedy and one that was totally preventable were it not for the intervention of those who put personal profits ahead of all our lives (which tells you just how messed up the priorities are in this nonsense).

      Dr. Charles Hoffe is indeed a brave man; even had to endure the burning down of his village (What was Lytton, BC) after coming out with the blood issues and the high % of people who had some form of problems develop as a result of taking these shots.

  55. Thank you so very much sir for writing this letter, by the reply you have been getting, I am sure you are realizing how important it has been to many of us for various reasons. You have put into words how many of us feel and have been feeling these last two years (or more). And by the replies here,I take comfort that I do not stand alone in this solitude I feel of being un-jabbed amongst a sea of family and friends that are jabbed… I take comfort in knowing I am not alone. God has opened a window for me.

  56. Thank you for your service sir and for having the courage and integrity to stand in your truth with your God given Sovereignty. The truth shall prevail. We are so grateful for you!

  57. Have been following Alex Jones Infowars.com & censored videos from doctors, nurses, others now safely archived at their other site banned.video for the past 25 years!!! Check out their 3 daily shows (Alex Jones. Owen Shroyer & Harrison Smith) for most current news censured from Soros paid media. You will find more Canadians news here than anywhere else. The sheep are finally waking up! Now they want to kill the innocent children as part of Bill Gates dépopulation agenda… Speak up & resist or live with guilt & knowledge you did nothing…as family & friends die premature deaths. God is watching
    & it is Him & not Dr. Mandela Fauci you should fear!

    • Thankyou for writing this. We are living in end times and not many people are awake to the fight between good and evil. The fight is on and off the planet.
      We now have to stand in our sovereignty and not comply. The vaccinations seperate the soul from your God consciousness. Truth is coming out, once and for all. Our planet is evolving and ascending as we are. We have to make a choice between the light or the dark. Not everyone will make it, as they will choose to stay in a low frequency. Have hope and stand fast.
      Just be ready for revelations,some of those who you thought were good are not x vice versa. Everything satanic is inverted. God bless you.

  58. Excellent letter …And thank you for your service ..I hope u run for office as well . I never thought I’d live to see this day !. It’s so frustrating to see ppl blinding following these orders ….even when they can clearly see none of these mandates are working including the “ clot shot “…just a little bit of research bares this out …you’d think ppl woukd clue into the fact that something is wrong when there are NO OPPOSING views on the news !! To the fellow above who is tired ….please don’t give up …be encouraged you are not alone!!
    I am tired too ….of being intimidated..ridiculed…blamed and shamed …seeing all the evil in this world …hearing all the lies day in and day out …trying to defend my choices to ppl who don’t want to hear …feeling alone …wondering when I’ll be fired …watching all this insanity …but then I remember …God is still in control no matter how it looks … this is no surprise to him …he told us beforehand what was going to happen and it’s happening before our eyes …may God help us ..But if help doesn’t come in this world we have something much better awaiting ….the stage is set for the final act in history …get prepared for Christ’s return because that’s all that matters in the end ..and try to take as many ppl with you as you can …

  59. This is an excellent letter, and i have put it up on social media i frequent and dispersed it to people that look to me for guidance during these troubling times. i am disgusted that people in our nation treat our fellow citizens like they are right now. i used to be a proud canadian, even flew my large canadian flag for years. It’s now come down. The people doing this and destroying our country should be tried for treason and i don’t know why our military and RCMP and L.E.O’s haven’t done just that! I’ve been saying the same thing since i saw this coming on December 19th 2019 and everyone said i was a conspiracy nut, and here we are, 2 years later

    • I taped a canadian (I don’t feel the urge to capitalize that word anymore; my country is gone) flag upside down to the corner post of my cubicle on my last day when I was “constructively dismissed” via “unpaid administrative leave” for refusing the clot shot and am very thankful that there are people like Corporal Richard Mehner standing up to these tyrants as well. We will prevail and Nuremberg 2.0 will happen.

  60. We need to find a way to arrest these polations and charge them with crimes against humanity and treason they need to be shutdown for the sake of Canada and it citizens no government should ever be able to do this to a country!

  61. Mr. Corporal Richard Mehner
    Thank you very much for sharing this very interesting information.
    Be sure you are saving lives. Never ever forget that.

    Have a wonderful and happy New Year 2022,

    Carlos from Montreal

  62. Richard,
    Thank you for taking a stand against this tyranny and deadly enforced “jabbing” of the world population, rest assured you are not alone, many other folks have the same sentiment that you do, and are refusing the jab and all the media hype. Unfortunately there are many sheep out there and we will have a hard time convincing them that they believed in a lie and put themselves at risk as well as their children.
    Stay strong, stay vocal, you are not alone.
    Retired RCMP member

  63. If all you say is true maybe your former compadres will do a thorough criminal investigation so we can see the perpetrators hang.

  64. Yes thank you for your forth right letter. Be we unjabbed or jabbed and now awake to this TAKE DOWN OF OUR SOCIETY and ATTACK on our HUMANITY, it is our DUTY to stand up for HUMANITY. How you ask? DO NOT COMPLY, STOP SHOPPING AT THE BIG BOX STORES PARTICULARLY COSTCO AND WALMART, TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS. GET OFF of FACEBOOK (try Librti.com-its Canadian). Please realize they are using our money to dismantle this society and destroy HUMANITY. Research carefully bitcoin, gold, silver, barter systems as an alternative to the banks.
    PLASTER POSTERS around everywhere with the truth on them.
    Here are a few truths people are either not aware about or just not talking about – Klaus Schwab Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum and Author of ” Covid-19 The Great Reset ”
    A good majority of you who were ‘jabbed’ can now be patented and are no longer eligible to access your human rights because you are no longer human. Your DNA has been altered by the experimental gene therapy – mRNA jab. Read the following legal opinion to verify this fact – http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/12-398_1b7d.pdf. In August 31/2021 a patent US 11,107,588 B2 has been issued can now track you due to the Graphene Oxide in the ‘jab’ and 5G.
    Become very familiar with UNDRIP Bill / Bill C-15. This is one of the ways “you will own nothing and be happy.” Take note, the word ‘Indigenous Person’ was never defined in the bill. So a person who has immigrated to Canada from another part of the world can declare themselves an ‘Indigenous Person’ and start laying claim to property here in Canada – Yes, so here is a back door to the NEW WORLD ORDER and the ‘whites’ are displaced by an “Indigenous Person”.
    Put HUMAN CHAINS around businesses they want to fine or close down. Go to Airports and tell people not to COMPLY with the illegal quarantine act and PCR test. Take the fine which will be given and fight it in court you will win because it is ILLEGAL – look up the quarantine act (illegal to do a PCR test) and bill S-201 (illegal to take your DNA). Hand out the Canadian BILL OF RIGHTS. No more just sitting around and researching. PEACEFUL RESPECTFUL NON COMPLICANCE ACTION is REQUIRED NOW!!.

    • Harold, what relevance does that 2013 decision of the US Supreme Court which you’d linked to have regarding patentability under Canadian law?

      Regarding US patent 11,107,588 B2 (which can be found at https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/68/80/73/6a17a66e9ec8c5/US11107588.pdf), it does not specifically require either graphine oxide or 5G for the described system in the patent to track someone’s movements. The system as described in the patent is far more generalized, requiring only [from claim 23 (a)] “a plurality of smart electronic devices configured to be carried around by said subjects” (e.g. personal smartphones) and [from claim 23 (b)] “at least one server comprising a memory and a plurality of modules” (e.g. a computer and software to collect and process location data that were collected from those smartphones). The system as described in the patent is so general that it could track the movements of not only those who have received mRNA injections, but also “In some embodiments [of the patent], treatment [of COVID-19] can be the use of Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin plus zinc” (see column 47 of the patent, on page 40 of the PDF). The specific treatments received by each tracked person are irrelevant to the system in the patent; it is a system for automating contact tracing, so that people who have been in space and time proximity to superspreader events can be notified quickly, so that (for example) prophylactic actions can be pursued promptly. The system as described could just as easily track the movements of smartphone-equipped people who have received Ivermectin as a treatment as it could the movements of smartphone-equipped people who have received mRNA injections as a treatment.

  65. Corporal Mehner, I salute you! The past two years have changed everything that we, as all people globally, have ever witnessed or read about in past history. I too, started investigating shortly after the onset of this ploy to send extreme waves of fear into the world. I began asking people to STOP watching the news as this was the catalyst along with the absolutely criminal use of the PCR test. Folks who are used to questioning anything that looks or smells like a rat, started thinking and connecting the dots. I’ve logged in excess of 2000 hours in past two years and am more of a warrior against all this criminal, evil tyranny than I have ever been in my life. I also joined Action4Canada awhile back and being surrounded by like minded, clear headed “HUMANS” (not incubating robots). has made me stronger. I encourage all to get involved with them. So, Corporal, I stand in solidarity with you.God bless you and God bless us all!

  66. Practically every word represents my own mental journey through these past 2 years. Same red flags, same conclusions.
    There are many many more of us. Keep sharing this. Thank you for your courage!

  67. Well first of all, there is no POLITICAL POWER left in Canada. So whatever the so called Government Actors are doing is null and void. Keep standing up for yourselves and fight the bullshit narrative being forced on us. Back in January of 2019 Justin Trudeau was arrested and placed on house arrest. Since then he has now been transferred to the Spa (Quantanamo Bay) and is drinking milkshakes. So whatever bill that has “passed” are null and void, and that includes the Gun Ban that has been brought out by an actor is null and void. Why are we still fighting this Gun Ban in Court. Because the Court system is Corrupt and they are just taking more money off the public and the Gun Ranges of Canada. This has got to stop and be thrown out of court. This just proves that even the judges are corrupt.

  68. Thank you for taking this stand, may God bless you in the adventure ahead! May many eyes be opened in 2022 and reveal the lies behind our leaders. “To whom much is given much is required”…God will deal with these people. Let us love our neighbors and stand together for our freedoms.

  69. Well said Sir I admire you and your buddies in no jab , God Bless and protect you all from the darts of the evil one , thank you Jesus Christ for truth seekers and all be safe Quit complying and watch this stop

  70. Thank you for your service and your excellent letter. My husband and I find ourselves also on your side, and I do hate to say “side”, but this is what it has come to. I do not recognize my country anymore, but I still have immense hope and live with optimism. I think you will find that your letter reaches very far and very wide, and we wish you all the best. We stand with you, and there are many of us.
    Bless you.
    Keep your fabulous sense of humour!

  71. Corporal Richard Mehner,
    You can use WordPress, set up an account and have people follow you here or on LinkedIn. There is alos an App called WebTalk. https://www.webtalk.co/ set one up and tell all your followers about it, so they can join. You can use WordPress as your writing edit place and use the links for all your other platforms.

  72. In 1998 I first discovered “Dr” Fauci when I was watching an interview with Bull Gates when he was trying to sell this as a good thing and he was praising Fauci’s amazing job of reducing the population of Africa and parts of Asia Bills own words. “Since 1980 the great Dr has done really an amazing job in reducing the population in Africa and accessible parts of Asia! Just really an outstanding job! and is making great progress in turning the world on a path towards a sustainable population!” In an interview in 2017 “Dr” Fauci declared, very matter of factly, “there will be a surprise pandemic during the Trump administration” knowing how evil they are, I immediately began preparing to leave the city, Which I was eventually able to do. I personally will never get their shot, and I highly commend you for taking a stand! If I hadn’t previously made up my mind, reading this would have. Side note: extreme weather systems are deliberately artificially generated by a global network of weather system generating technologies natural climate change would be unnoticeable without these weather experiments and operations. The Great reset is coming and these topics barely scratch the surface of what’s coming. We need people to WAKE UP!! And take a stand! I pray that there are millions more like you.

    • PLEASE post links or references for the Gates and Fauci quotes you mentioned. I searched (via DuckDuckGo) for the on from Gates to no avail. This is very important evidence in proving his eugenics and population-reduction goals for the skeptical.

  73. Excellent Departing Email : Below my email to Erin O’Toole 26 Dec 2021

    “To Honorable Erin O’Toole,
    Conservative Party Of Canada
    Official Opposition

    Captain Gary Kassbaum M.M.
    Fmr Division Master Great Lakes and Seaway CMMC
    26 December 2021
    Dear Erin and Team;

    Thank You for your email. I have supported the PC’s for the last 35 years. voted PC and am a recent member .
    The money profits from the Covid-19 vaccines will be very short lived once all is exposed. I urge you, especially when during question and answer period in Parliament that you ask our PM to disclose his personal and government investment in the BC company called Acuitas that makes the lipoprotein delivery system envelope for the nano-particles therein and subsequently a template for the non-stop creation of the spike protein

    You Sir ..are in the honorable position to defend the rights and freedoms of Canadians. At the very beginning we all heard that these gene-therapy vaccines were experimental and thus there was an element of risk attached. With regard to that ‘win’ – ‘lose’ situation; we have drastically lost. All the vaccinated are increasingly getting the Covid-19 by a huge percentage compared to the unvaccinated an soon this will be much worse than anyone could have expected. ( The statistics don’t lie and the media doesn’t relay this)

    Why hasn’t the Canadian Government listened to the OTHER CRITIQUE SIDE OF THE VACCINES OUTLINED BY THOUSANDS OF DOCTORS, VIROLOGISTS AND MEDICAL STAFF AND NURSES who oppose the ;jab’ and willing to lose their jobs?; Good G-D, is it because they have personal investments , seeing their bank accounts grow ? How can you trust the words ; ‘the science’ BS of/from the media and pharma companies who are owned by the very same overseeing corporations and foundations pushing this ‘experimental substances’ and those compromised doctors afraid for their jobs. ( with a personal vested interest by politicians promoting it – that’s called ‘Racketeering’ and is a felony under the Criminal Code Of Canada))

    I dare you; once you have seen the attached videos, to ask for a FULL STOP TO ALL THE VACCINES RELATED TO COVID-19 just as the CROATIA PRIME MINISTER did the other day.
    After finding out all the disaster outcomes of death, destruction of families and disabilities resulting after taking the so-called vaccines or gene-therapy toxic substances, he finally put a stop to it. Soon, I’m sure, other PM’s will follow as the whole picture clarifies.
    I have had a lifetime of wide personal experiences on land and at sea and empathized with the sad outcomes of others who have suffered touching me emotionally, however on the days before Christmas when I drove by some vaccination centers in Toronto Ontario and saw all those innocent happy children with smiles on their faces holding on to their parents hands, my eyes started to well-up. At the same time I felt angry and frustrated that I couldn’t call any agency or police to stop what I see as the carnage of our next generation of young Canadians.
    Based on all I know, and in consideration that I was an investigator for 21.5 years , TSB Senior Regional Investigator Great Lakes and Seaway and Arctic and captain on ships for over 10 years prior, sailing four(4) oceans, with a Lloyd’s Open Form Rescue Salvages and received plaques for Service To Canada from former PM’s Paul Martin and Stephen Harper and that I have investigated the whole Covid-19 debacle for two(2) years; I personally ask for your intercession.
    We are at the threshold of a national and N. American disaster. when with the next variant arrives, hospitals will be over-run together with social-economic upheaval, melt-down and good-bye to investment profits. It is entirely possible that we may not even need another variant to produce an impending disaster.
    I strongly again urge you to further educate yourself ( with the attached videos) regarding the downside and TAKE A STAND NOW WHEN PARLIAMENT RESUMES SITTING AND AT LEAST ASK FOR A FULL STOP TO THE VACCINATION PROGRAM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
    I BELIEVE YOU TO BE A TRUTHFUL MAN, WITH INTEGRITY AND HONESTY, not watching your bank account grow; just in case you innocently invested in the pharma vaccines and find it difficult to back-pedal.
    Please, save the lives of hundreds of thousands , if not millions of Canadians. WE CAN’T LET RISK BASED VACCINES DESTROY N.AMERICA. DO WHAT THE CROATIAN PM JUST DID AND PUT A STOP TO THE ‘SO-CALLED-VACCINATIONS !

    Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year, G-D Bless


    A parliamentary inquiry is long overdue. Dr.David Martin and his file of patent, public documents, US and Canada should be presented to parliament. I’m sure the revealing of his prima facia of evidence will cause an outrageous response.


    • And what do you think a “parliamentary” inquiry will do. Don’t forget parliament is what brings the current situation.

    • Hey 👋Gary 👨‍✈️
      Great knowledge youhave
      I left a few comments here you can see the 🐯 bengal cat

      My email address in case you want to get more info
      [email protected]
      Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

      I’ve spearheaded a group of the top researchers to fight the tyranny

      Ron F
      Lifeguard , investigator, photographer, animal activist, animal rescue supporter …

      Cheers 🍻

      • Hi Ron,
        I just posted comment to Gary (next to yours), but I don’t think you will see it unless I post it under your name: You might be interested the following document:
        What David Martin has put together regarding patents…
        click-on General Attorney, download 5 page document.

  74. It dismays me when I see family and friends, who I always considered to be very intelligent, just rolling over and accepting everything the media feeds them, to the point that they have stated they fully support the censorship of ANYONE (no matter their profession) who dares to disagree with Fauci.
    When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, I looked forward to the future, thinking that by the 21st century mankind will be as smart and wise as they could possibly be. Sadly, it is the reverse. I believe we are living in the dumbest of times. It’s hard not to lose hope and faith, but fortunately this letter and these comments do provide some renewed hope.

    • I feel the exact same way you describe
      Every morning when I woke it is almost impossible for me to believe the gullible naive stupidity and lack of the ability for critical thinking that is everywhere
      It is much like masses of people are in the blue pilled matrix
      But hopefully hopefully the tide is turning against the evil and good can win

  75. To the RCMP officer who revealed the truth about the plandemic. I also hope you know that Justin Trujoke bribed the Commissioner of the RCMP to never investigate his criminal acts. He knows he’s guilty as hell and has to.pay off the police and Government so.he can cowar in his cottage to.hide his corruption.

  76. Thank you for your service, leadership and continuous courage. I will certainly lookup the numbers you’ve mentioned and use those.

    I hope this year we see more of our men and protectors come to the frontline because We need you!

    Our children especially need you.

    If I may ask any parent here or anyone fighting for our children, I need your help please.

    Send me any tangible information you have that will keep my ex-husband from getting my child vaccinated when she turns 5.

    I’m already taking this to court and I know they will try and make an example of me as they have all the other parents before me.

    Help me fight for our children. Any info helps! Rayana Hillgardner at gmail com

    Thank you in advance.

    • Rayana, if your ex-husband is the type of person who will take the time to digest medical papers, 38 links to tangible information can be found at https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org/home/supporting-evidence/#children . If he is the type of person who prefers to read an executive summary of conclusions drawn from medical papers, he could read the first four bullet points of the Physicians’ Declaration at https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org/ , which explains why the signatory physicians believe that otherwise healthy children should not be given COVID-19 vaccinations. (Note that the signatories include Dr. Robert W. Malone, who is the architect of the mRNA vaccine platform.) Since I don’t know your ex-husband, though, I can’t say whether those medical papers or the Physicians’ Declaration would be enough to keep him from having your child receive a COVID-19 vaccination when she turns five.

    • Rayana, one more possibility: if your ex-husband is the type of person who prefers viewing videos to reading medical papers, Dr. Robert Malone (the architect of the mRNA vaccines) can be seen and heard in these videos on COVID-19 vaccinations for children:

      https://3speak.tv/watch?v=pandemichealth/lsdpodis (this is a short video in a prepared statement format — less than five minutes’ length);

      https://3speak.tv/watch?v=pandemichealth/siqyxujh (this is a long video in an interview format — almost two hours’ length).

  77. There are many who support you! At this very time, we must not become like them, we must hold onto peace and love, not hate or fear. But we all must say “No More”, we all must get out in the streets and say “No More”. We must make our government accountable for hurting our brothers and sisters and now they are going after our children they will for sure go down for that. I am sure in due time they will hang for their crimes but until that day we must stay strong. Peace, Love, and Light

  78. Thank you for your bravery and standing up for humanity. I hope it encourages more to stand up for what is right!! All the best to you in 2022. Again, thank you!!!!

  79. Loved the letter! Thank you for standing up! Very encouraging and brave! Keep up the fight everyone, we need to bring our tyrannical government down!

  80. Nuremberg 2.0 for the government , media and healthcare workers taking part in this gruesome charade.
    We need trials and life sentences/ executions for those that have terrorized us , “just followed orders” and stolen the last 2 years of our lives for Pharma profiteers of the Davos Group / Klaus Schwab et al.
    F this NWO.

  81. When things turn back in our favour and truth comes there will be many people chastised for their role they played in this. Dont simply say you where following orders. If the order is illegal or you feel its unsafe you have an obligation to refuse. The blame is not just the government but greed of many to buy your compliance. Shame on you. We all face our actions eventually.
    Shame on those who took the wrong side

  82. Thanks again for this wonderful letter
    We have to all work together
    I never in a million years thought the majority of our “legal profession” would be so easily corrupted and spineless and useless with very few exceptions
    They have become like the legal system in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia
    Fully entrenched and complicit in the evil
    Unbelievable that this is Canada
    You would think every lawyer would be all over this everywhere
    Something very very evil is afoot

  83. Thank you so much for your candid & detailed explanation, Officer Mehner! Wow! To read this coming from a person whose job is to uphold law, & who now is being punished for upholding law, and speaking out about the breaking of law by our gov’t, is applauded. As a former health professional with 50+ yrs work experience, I fully concur with you in your observations & analysis. This plandemic is not about citizens’ health but about political tyranny. I refused the “vaccine” too, and have been shunned from many directions. My worry is that there will not be enough of the “un-vacced” to care for the ill & dying resulting from this horrible chemical concoction. This is most concerning. Your taking the time to lay this out says you have integrity. The most valuable attribute a person can have.

  84. I support you and your God given right to refuse the “ vaccine “ I too was told to take it or I’ll lose my job . I told them
    This is Canada not a totalitarian state I got fired although I never really trusted the RCMP I support and trust you as a human being and a citizen of this beautiful country.

  85. What |Canada and the world needs is Radio and T.V not controlled so all can hear what is really going on what a bunch of sheep I too knew from the get go this was a farce to say the least not realizing how many fools would submit too this.

  86. Thank you for shedding light on what’s really happening at this present level but we all see what’s in store down the road. I do not believe our military will start doing what they are doing in Australia, I served 20 years and if I were still in I would not bend too the pressure our forefathers fought for our freedom never forget that people never. Too let this continue would be the biggest slap in the face those Soldiers have ever gotten they would have fought and died for nothing if this is not resolved ASAP.

  87. Another hero for humanity!! Thank you.

    I was brought up to be a proud Canadian.
    I was brought up to stand with and for my fellow Canadians, and was ready to go to war to protect our children.
    I believed we had a Queen that loved her subjects. (I was a Queen scout)

    With these dictators actions (JT and Queern etc……………….)
    I have lost all respect for our country and I am embarrassed that I was brainwashed growing up.
    I want to leave this embarrassment of, the best free country in the world, and would love to live anywhere safer than Canada and the UK.
    I know many young families that have moved out and left everything behind, to protect their children.

    I will not comply!!!

    May the force be with you all.

    Help wake the sleeping, one soul at a time. (share personally)

    Love for Minotaur

  88. This letter articulates everything I have thought from 2 weeks into the plandemic. I gave up my graduation year as an engineering student with a 4.0. My doctor told me I may as well take the “vaccine” because “they are not backing down. This will happen”. Well I am NOT BACKING DOWN EITHER! And this will not happen to me.

  89. Good to have you on board Corporal! Part of the ship, part of the crew. Let’s hope we can all weather this storm together! Stay strong everyone!

  90. Even though I was cohorst in getting the jab, so I may continue my passion of cruising ( you nay have seen me and my husband on the news)…I still believe all that is said here. I have done the research also, not to be conspiratist, but to be able to have an informed deision for myself. I am glad my son is a replica of myself and is standing his anti-vax ground for himself, his wife, and my grandchildren’s future freedom.

  91. Been telling people this before vaccine came out pharm scam weaken with vaccs say they have cure and bam shots pills for life and a very short life expectancy. Soon pensions are unnessary. Babies will be few none or born with physical diabilities but this cold lol will never stop having varients thst they will make up as they go. And only people who are immune are unvaccinated because they will still only catch the million year old cold or flu that their natural immune system will fight off unless your in your 80s 90s which you know is kind of common to have a harder time. But now even the little ones they are hurting and who do you think the parents will blame not the government not them selves because that would mean they would have to admit they made wrong choice egos cant handle that so they will blame the people trying to tell them the truth to help them and thats us people unvaccinated no matter how much proof or who tells them. Just look pilots them selves just told people basically good chance we could crash planes but wow no surprise they are still flying . When it does happen i dont think people shoukd be compensated you flew kniwing the risk was very high but didnt care because you know you had to go to a fucking beach. Good luck and thanks for the letter officer is much appreciated that you are your own man and have the balls to tell the truth your a good man and had enough common sense to look at the truth not just follow the border collie back to the pen with the rest of the sheep.

  92. Great words of wisdom and very nicely put. I have been sharing things since 3 months or so after the planned pandemic was enforced on to we the public. I will share this to everyone i know and all the groups that are out there trying to wake the brain washed innocent people out there. Thank you for those 2 great sites good to know we have some RCMP members on the right side and not all are compromised. I will pray that we will win this great battle of evil vs good in the near future i am sure we will with God on our side for he will never let evil prevail. Good luck in all that you do sir you are the kind of hero’s that we will need. God Bless you and all your comrades.

  93. Dirst of all thank you for speaking out now i hope parents will take a second look about giving there children these needles keep fighting for your rights

  94. God bless you for having the courage to speak out not for or against but for the freedom of people with ALL the information not just tid bits of it randomly thrown out in different places.
    I hope you have inspired and given courage to other Canadians to do the same. We are behind you and support you!
    Thank you for your service.

  95. Wow, thank you very much for your honest open words. Hopefully more people that are in positions like you will speak out. Maybe get some celebrities who people seem to worship for some reason to speak the truth. But probably not they’re off partying I don’t give a crap about the rest of people in the world. They have their own little world. It’s like you said turn off your TV and radio. I haven’t watched news in about 10 years. There’s no point they’re all a bunch of damn liars. I might also be out of a job in a few weeks for refusing the experimental drug. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I have a lot of health issues and trying to find a job somewhere else will be pretty much impossible. Maybe I’ll just join the thousands of homeless Calgarians. Maybe some People in power need to grow a pair and speak out. I sure hope something happens soon. Because I really do not want to live on the street.

    • Rebel News in Calgary has some “fight the mandates” programs for people losing their jobs. They have lawyers involved. Vaccine Choice Canada has some info about the legal implications and what rights people have.

  96. “Amateur historian who doesn’t like to follow the herd”. 😆😆😆

    The herd of, you know, actual historians, scientists, virologists, epidemiologists?

    Thank God this moronic imbecile is no longer a member of the RCMP. And no EI for him either. 😘😘😘

    • Your jab remorse is showing, along with a serious lack of class and common decency. Your ad hominem attack on this brave ex-RCMP officer risking it all to stand up for us just proves you have no argument. Those so called professionals you put your faith in are all on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies and money means more to them than people’s lives. The ones speaking the truths as contained in this brave man’s letter have nothing financial to gain by presenting the actual truth, compelled by their consciences. It is far easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled. One day you will see the light and have as deep remorse for posting your toxic thoughts here as you now demonstrably feel for submitting to the toxic jabs. I hope you find peace in your life.

      • 97% of professionals around the globe are corrupt? All of them? Really? Over a 500,000,000 people on the payroll? 🤔 wow, ok. Don’t let the facts confuse you Bob.

        Proud of my jab. I’ve got all three, AZ, Pfizer and Moderna. Modern medicine, it’s a beautiful thing. As for class, enjoy being a walking biohazard and putting everyone in your community at risk.

        #Selfish #Ignorant

        • It’s systemic. If you don’t toe the pharma line, you don’t work. It’s just that simple. It’s actually been that way since the Rockefellers destroyed real medicine over 100 years ago. The jabs don’t prevent transmission, and now we’re seeing they have a negative efficacy. There are currently over 90 cruise ships, all fully vaccinated crew and passengers, with huge Covid outbreaks. How do you explain that? You’re the walking biohzazard because your weakened immune system is susceptible to any cold or flu that comes along, and the fleeting symptom reduction you’ll get for two months or less from Covid will make you a super-spreader of it. You’ll find out.

        • You sound exactly like my brother Betty, it already sounds like you’ve been affected mentally by the jabs just as he is. Time will tell all Betty but unfortunately for you time isn’t your friend, and definitely not on your side. May God Bless and keep you safe for as long as your life should have been.

        • Betty, calling yourself selfish and ignorant, well okay. It’s most evident you have not done your homework. If you can, do yourself a favour and turn off your TV. Maybe put it out in your garage so you’re not tempted to get your fix. You may be surprised at your thinking capabilities afterwards. Cheers.

        • CANADA Research – A MUST READ — June 2021-Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’
          “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, in an interview with Alex Pierson last Thursday, in which he warned listeners that his message was “scary.”
          Celeste McGovern, Lifesite News, Mon, 31 May 2021
          https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vaccine-researcher-admits-big-mistake-says-spike-protein-is-dangerous-toxin/ Formatted for easier read : Reposted at https://www.sott.net/article/453563-Vaccine-researcher-admits-big-mistake-says-spike-protein-is-dangerous-toxin

    • Betty is displaying the typical behaviour of someone duped, but fighting against this embarrassment. Her lips (digits) are flapping but she has no “science” to back them up. Rather like our PM and all the other paid docs. Newsflash Betty – Doctors are being told if they don’t push the shots they will be fired. Hello? You there Betty? That means when you go into their office, because they like their cushy jobs, they will promote the jab. They like their jobs much better than they like you. These types of doctors, though scared of losing their jobs, are complicit in this crime. There really are only 2 outcomes here: Either this whole world crumbles down – and that will be including you and your family Betty – or this sham is discovered and all those involved will go to jail for a very long time. If the first option happens, you will know you were a fool. If the second, you will be unworthy of it.

    • Betty, enjoy the ill-health that will come with your jabs and boosters up to and including getting Covid bc you will still get it. Your cells are producing the Covid whereas the unjabbed will have a better resistance and a stronger immune system than you. Unfortunately, you don’t have the courage it takes to realize when you are being lied to and poisoned. To me having someone so blinded is the liability.God help you in the end.

  97. Very well spoken Constable. I will send this link to all my friends and associates. I have also saved the contents, so I can still print it to spread in the workplace, community, and via email and text messaging.
    I pray that God will bless you and keep you henceforth.

  98. Thank you for your letter.
    Collective risk does not justify the intrusion ,fear, financial blackmail, censorship, division of family, destruction of small business. For what: artificial intelligence (AI) spike protein nanomachine injected into humans to fight sarscov2…here in NS Canada 3 people in NS ICU 12/29 /2022(CBC radio)
    Segregation draws bad endings.

  99. “The sheep feared the wolf only be eaten by the shepherd”.
    Im in the same seat bud! I will never submit to the game they are playing. I have done over a thousand hours of research of some of the worlds highest scientific individuals and they go against the way this vaccine rollout has been done.
    Blessings and prayers to anyone who desires transparency, truth, honesty, equality, law, compassion, love, etc. The hatred and division in todays world is all self inflicted and damaging. But again I need to remember the sheep make decisions with their fear and emotions and thats a huge problem today. They wont even walk with their own family, because some of them want to think and act on their own behalf.

    • Hey Jeff, it sad to say. But I agree, soon the effects will show .slow at first and then pow. No one will beleive or make excuses it natural or they prob had that disease in them already, i know someone who drop dead w hours after major headache, bloodclot to brain. Blood pressure gone up after lifetime of low pressure. Cramps in legs. Shingles developed on around eye ,days after a booster. Plus all the ones I read online. Copy paste so more will find this.

  100. Awesome Letter, thanks for the clarity and well presented heartfelt power behind it. PLEASE share references to data of world population so that I can present it on my site too. Thank you

  101. When will the World get away from being the puppet of America.
    When one door closes, another better one opens… Believe and God will provide. Thank for this letter, it is an eye opener!

  102. THANKING YOU Corporal …awsome and well presented with such clarity You gave me strength looking forward to hearing from You in 2022..JP

  103. Time to come together… Thank you friend, please join the movement! we need experienced soldiers and police who know how to defend us from the Covid-cabale monsters.
    When the people fear the government, it is totalitarianism, but when the government fears the people … we have freedom!

  104. Congratulations Corporal, for speaking your mind and telling it like it is. Why does anyone think that the pushers of this are not being “violent” when pushing this,when that’s exactly what they are doing, being violent. DON’T Hold Back, you have a right to Defend yourself from any attack, I get the “peaceful” part, but they don’t seem to be hearing and or seeing that part. I think it’s time to step up and get your Militia’s in order and confront these criminals for what they are, criminals. No time to pussy foot around? I hope more speak up and out against the insanity of the Elitist class who look down on society and think they are above it.

  105. Thank you for your service and for your integrity. I, too, have lost my job. But I would rather be jobless and Catholic with a clean conscience than submit to a “vaccination” and know I have involved myself in the abortion industry.

  106. Corporal Richard Mehner.
    You have left out perhaps the most significant component in this Vaccination histeria scam.
    The collection of data !
    Every aspect of your life will be placed on the QR symbol that is part of your Proof of Vaccination Card
    That’s why they are also going after the total inoculation of everyone, even the very youngest children.
    This would ‘supposedly’ give the Governments’ a complete physical history of EVERY Citizen in EVERY COUNTRY !

  107. Betty, there are some global statistics that are quickly and easily verifiable in this letter. I would be interested to hear how you explain the lack of increased global deaths over 2020.

    There are other essential points in his letter that speak of natural immunity, the risk to certain demographics and not others, the absolute first-time such therapies have been rolled out to wide populations (never mind the entire WORLD, including children and pregnant women!!!!).

    Surely the label “moronic imbecile” doesn’t fit him, even if you don’t agree with him.

    It’s also important for you to listen carefully to YOUR OWN “trusted” professionals who have been clearly telling you (and all others who have accepted their jab) that you DO CARRY AND TRANSMIT EVEN AFTER VACCINATION. Seems you are being told you are a “biohazard” but by the very people you claim to believe.

    Anyway, harsh judgment and name-calling are absolutely unnecessary. Disagreement is good. Hostility shows the weakness of your argument.

    Stay well.

  108. Corporal Mehner
    Thank you for that honest, informative letter you have my full support
    You are a leader Please give us guidance
    Note all Te followers you have
    We need you
    So proud that you took the initiative , the torch
    Please carry on

  109. Dear Corporal Mehner,
    I can not possibly say anything more than everyone else has. I commend ALL who stood up to this tyranny and said NO, especially to those that it effected the most. What you did Sir is a brave thing; the right thing, and it speaks volumes specifically because of your profession. We all need to stand together because at this point, we’re all we’ve got! God bless and take care

    Denis Roberge

  110. Wonderfully written, Corporal. I have already read the other – Mounties for freedom. There are others also. After listening to the now-retired Calgary Police Officer’s presentation, the word ‘remnant’ came to mind, as in Biblical terms. There is a remnant of people who still believe in the truth and freedom. Last summer I saw a video doubting that Trudeau was truly vaxxed – it was in slow motion to show that medical procedures were not followed. Go figure!
    After 30+ active years in the RCAF/CF/RCAF, I still oppose the tyrants in Ottawa.

  111. As I was reading your letter and nodding my head, agreeing with every word as if I had written it myself, I knew that, despite the flow, urgency and accuracy, it wouldn’t change a single mind. Then I scrolled through over 200 comments hoping to see one–see ANYTHING–from the other side. Nothing. As a blogger and independent journalist, I know that less than 10% of people actually comment on anything and that people who are pissed off for whatever reason are more likely to comment, just like if a restaurant is good we’ll tell one person but if it’s bad, we’ll shout it out to at least 10. Not a single negative comment. So, either your letter isn’t reaching the other side, they can’t be bothered to scroll to the end in order to comment “jabs are 100% safe and effective, I heard it on TV” or every single person who has read this letter completely agrees with you and over 20,700 people have read it.

    Herein lies my question/comment: I live in British Columbia. They tell us that 90% of our population is vaccinated. I believed that because although I didn’t believe anything else they said once they told me I couldn’t have a medical waiver based on prior vaccine damage, that it was impossible to even have a vaccine reaction and my doctor told me she couldn’t “override the government,” to be honest I’m just so tired of having to research everything I’m told. I believed that 90% of our population had been jabbed. Now that it’s clear the drug companies fudged the data, that clinical trials were not done properly, that patient stratification was NOT considered, that our government will not release pertinent data, that schools cannot tell parents that there’s been a confirmed COVID case for “privacy reasons,” and seeing so many in agreement on this page and online, I am really beginning to wonder if the vaccination stats themselves are even true. If I live in an isolated part of BC and there’s only 10% of the population unvaccinated province-wide, I’ve got to say that that 10% is vocal and visibleAF and all living in close proximity to me. That just can’t be right.

    Bet most of us missed that one, didn’t we? Since there’s no way to find out it’ll continue to be conjecture but based on everything else we’ve uncovered, I wouldn’t put it past the government.

    • I’ve thought about this too. We can’t trust any of the stats (Mark Twain -“lies, damned lies, and statistics”). Of course, they will embellish because higher numbers make them look more successful. They like to say things like “95% of people can’t be wrong….go get your shot now. Everybody is doing it. It’s the ‘most popular’ choice”….I’ll bet it’s more like 50%. I saw a few disparaging remarks on here and one positive outcome for change – one fellow said he was cancelling his booster. So, that’s great.

  112. I have and I encourage EVERYONE to copy and paste this article and flood social media with it. They can’t keep talking it down if everyone saves it somewhere else.

    When 4 different doctors can’t even diagnose a simple sinus infection and cause of get fluid in my lungs; causing chronic bronchitis and chronic sinusitis; or my having to fight for 6.5 years to finally get a PROPER diagnosis of diverticulosis instead of “or its JUST IBS” why the hell would I take an experimental shot that can possibly kill me. I will not get the shot for my health and safety and if that makes me selfish so be it, but I lived in epicenters of covid running rampant and NEVER once got it. Obviously I’m doing something right

  113. I was very happy to peruse every comment. (Betty is either a typical brainwashed moron I’m surrounded on almost all sides by… or a paid off troll) The one thing I did notice was that no one touched upon is how integrated this plandemic is to begin with, a massive de-population scheme. This goes hand in hand with installing a totalitarian world wide regime that Mussolini would be having wet dreams about. This is what it’s all about. Most people these days are historically and mathematically ‘challenged’ to the degree of an unfortunate mentally challenged tot born with an IQ less than 50. They don’t know the difference between a million and a billion or a trillion let alone a quadrillion. (including derivatives the worlds’ states are in debt about 4 to 5 quadrillion petro dollars. That is a stack of brand new crisp 100 dollars bills from ground zero on earth that reaches almost halfway to the sun….93 million miles away! (I did the math and my math is correct. BTW one trillion seconds is 32 thousand years. One quadrillion is 3 million,200 thousand years!)……….. We are on the verge of a depression that will make the dirty 30s look like one weekend of a pleasant Sunday School picnic. When everything collapses the worlds criminal psychopathic government and financial elite will blame it all on covid instead of their thievery and greed and gross mismanagement of our ‘wealth’. The ‘coup de gras’ started in earnest in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 in the US and other states around the globe followed. In 1971 Nixon effectively took the entire globe off the tried and true, for thousands of years,…………the Gold Standard. It’s been hell ever since. But nobody much noticed……like the frog in the boiling beaker scenario. ………..Back to Covid…..the ‘flu’ death rate in Canada and world wide in 2021 is no different from any year that stats have been kept for over 100 years….about .0003 percent. Same for 2020. “We” have been harvested and treated like cattle or chickens or cabbage for a long long time. Many of us are now being ‘tagged’ with new ‘fantastica’ digital tech just like a cattle farmer would brand and tag his cows for the last 200 years. That is all we are to the elite and they don’t need us poor wretches anymore. The robots will do just fine and with little further outlay down the road. We are now totally expendable and a worthless nuisance that must be eliminated. These diabolical masters of the world are partying like it’s 1999 and trying to kill most of us on the side one way or the other. So far, so good. We’ve been lulled into ‘balless’ and brainless la-la land. ……………..I had three teachers in high school back in the early 60s that went to Spain to fight Franco in the mid to late 1930s on their own dime! (no support from any western country) On their own convictions to fight against fascism. I used to wonder if I would have had the guts to do the same if I had been born around 1915 like they were. I’m almost 75 now. I’m in incredible shape for a person of that age. I’d rather be shot dead by these pieces of shit taking over the world than cow tow to their wet dreams. That just might happen. I’ve friggin’ had it! …………….btw I grew up a few doors away from the Sinclairs in North Van……one of Margaret’s (yes….Justins’ mother) older sisters’ had a big crush on me….just think….if I had married her I’d be Canadian royalty to-day lol…….. If I had known what young Margaret would spawn maybe I’d have dispatched her. …………..According to Dr. David Martin, Justin was/is a big investor in that pharma company in BC that illegally colluded with UBC to develop the ‘lipids’ to deliver the MRNA operating system. I wonder how much doe ray mi Bonnie Bonnie Henry invested. ……………Happy New Year everyone

    • Check out the Georgia Guidestones, erected in 1980. That’ll tell you where they want things to be headed.
      Eliminate 15/16ths of world population and you’ve got your 500M!

  114. I am quite often at odds with the law, but I have nothing but respect for you and all your views. You are a hero to the public and should be rewarded for your bravery. SHAME on our government and all the powers that be!!!!!!! Truely your friend Thomas P Nicholls PS I will not comply!!!!!

  115. Dam shame my norther friend I thank you for your service too your country brother I am a vet of the US army my self. And my view points on the Covid- virous and the vaccines are equal too your sir. This is nothing but a weponized political tool and a way for your government to try and have control over you and your life and your family’s lives. Everyone has too stand up speak up and say no power in numbers together we stand devided we fall unity is the key and the answer. Our governments are elected representatives they works for us we pay their salarys we tell them what to do they do not tell we the people what to do.

  116. Corporal Richard Mehner’s article could inspire hundreds and soon thousands of Canadians to pick him up and help him to surge into the office of Prime Minister of Canada!!!!!! He is clearly brilliant… .and one of the most courageous of all thirty seven point six million Canadians!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE HAS AN AWESOME SENSE OF HUMOUR!!!!!!

  117. biggest hoax since copernicus. if they used ivermectin on the sick then 100% cure. covid 19 symptoms are the same as the flu or radiation sickness. nuremberg tribunals coming. roll out the guillotines. it’s a planet wide conspiracy to exterminate 7 billion of us. and genetically modify the rest

    • 100% cure? Most of the deaths of Covid 19 were old people with comorbidities. How can we have a 100% cure? Many were on their death bed. Death might have been delayed, but cure?

  118. Thank you! I have been standing up against unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns since day one. I have been preaching that people just STOP following the socialist elites power grabbing rules. It is truly inspiring to hear you speak out and stand up!

  119. It’s not about our health. It’s all about creating a fear pandemic for control of the masses worldwide.
    Dr Henry in BC totally invalidates anyone who makes the ‘wrong’ choice. In other words. There is no choice available. All the doctors and nurses who opted out, are in the wrong profession according to her they should find something else to do in their life. Sad for all of us. Keep your attention on ‘what you can do in Life’. Create a new world for yourself. You must have noticed the vaxed are living in a state of fear while the unvaxed are not.

    • You should read the comments on Henry’s book on Amazon and on her vineyard web page. She is not well liked and very much a hypocrite to boot. She told small businesses to close but kept her vineyard open, apparently. Then wrote a book about what she did about Covid (tyranny). I understand she has at least 3 lawsuits against her and will stand trial. She will be a good example to bring the rest of these provincial doctors down. They are all of the same cloth. No T-shirt for me. I wrote West Coast Seeds to say that using her as their seed packet mascot was not a good move. She is deplorable.

  120. Like a great book, I couldn’t stop reading. Thank you so much for your bravery, story and knowledge. I am hopeful that your story will wake up more folks. To you and your team I wish you all the best in 2022.

  121. I’m so proud of you and your officers that are standing up to this evil. God bless you and your family for taking a stand.

  122. It’s appropriate that he identifies as the Minotaur because he’s now trapped in a labyrinth of tyrannical decrees.

  123. Wow just wow❤️❤️❤️Thank you for your service and thank you for standing up for your beliefs🙏What the government is doing is just horrific! People need to stop living in fear and do their own research! My husband got vaccinated and believe me not because I agreed but because he wanted to play hockey and do things like travel! Well the hockey thing I got, but not sure what he was
    Thinking of when he mentioned travel…All I replied was have a nice trip..what they are doing is controlling people and dividing people and it is really sad! I’d love a copy of your letter to send to a friend who is not on Facebook…I tried copy but could not seem to copy it. It that’s okay with you! Stay strong🙏❤️🙏

  124. I salute you Corporal Mehner.

    I work for a federally regulated organization, and I too have lost my job for refusing to comply. I completely agree with your comment that Trudeau is looking psychotic and unhinged. His latest comments on a French talk show prove that. According to our PM, the unvaccinated are racists, misogynistic extremists, and are taking up space. This from a ‘leader’ who wants to bring about legislation to ban hate speech. The insane hypocrisy is overwhelming.

    • Yes, I saw that too and sent several letters to all of the political parties. It would be great if many did this. Of note, why are the other political parties not speaking out against this absolutely evil hate speech by Trudeau? How he is allowed to discriminate against anyone like this? He should immediately step down. We need to write all of these parties and tell them this will NOT be tolerated. And I’d also like to see them test T’s blood to see if he has the spike proteins in it, on TV, by a doctor WITHOUT a conflict-of-interest. Then, if he’s lacking, he can have all 3 at once to catch up.

    • How about the 10 premiers and the 11+ oppositions so called leaders. The only one I have heard not towing the line is Maxime Bernier

  125. I couldn’t get past the bigoted remark regarding there being an “other” box for gender on the census form. I have absolutely zero respect for those who are willfully ignorant/hateful towards the LGBTQ+ community.

    • I don’t think that is what he meant at all. The point was, truly, there are only 2 sexes/genders. You either have a penis or a vagina when you come out of the womb. If you know of a third gender upon womb exit, which is not a congenital defect, please enlighten. (Obviously, I’m not talking about what you believe or think you are later in life, or what you do to your genitals by surgery, etc., but the actual anatomy part, from the womb) – that is what I think he was referring to.

    • No one is being willfully ignorant to the LGBTQ community. A human being is either male or female. Anything else is a construct. Sorry Danielle.

  126. Thank you for your service and standing up for honesty AND SHARING.

    I truly pity the people still working,
    and dealing with all the BS and who are unsupported.

    I also pity the people who are brainwashed,
    as they have lost the ability to think rationally at this point
    and goodness knows how much more they will self harm, or how much more they will
    harm their friends and or families, “for the greater good”.

    You articulated your process, in recognizing what was going on, very well.

    I followed a similar path of seeing what was really going on.
    I viewed the empty hospitals in Brantford, London and Toronto,
    I spoke with front line workers (former co-workers), as I retired in 2019.
    Reality was NOT being reflected on the media.

    I wish more people were critical thinkers, as we would not be here, on the brink of
    totalitarian rule.

    Again thank you for sharing, and standing up for what is right.

  127. Do you know how they calculate the 95% efficacy rate. The vaccine gives you a .88 effectiveness. Natural immunity has a .04 %. Therefore the .88 is 95% better chance of not contracting the virus.

  128. Corporal Richard Mehner, THANK YOU! Thank you for your service and for your bravery of standing up for your rights. I come from a large family of 11 people, 2 have already passed long before all this B.S. started, now with 9 of us left behind I am the only one who has not had the killer jab.

    I’ve been living with AIH (Autoimmune Hepatitis) since 2007. During the last 15 years I’ve been taking immunosuppressants and was always told by my specialist to “not” take any flu shots, H1N1, Avian Influenza, etc. In the 2020 mid year my immunosuppressants stopped working and I chose to go into a research for my condition with another specialist who was heading up the research. Each month I go into the UofA Hospital to receive 2 injections, do a series of blood work, etc., following the required protocol of the research company out of the USA. When this so called death jab came available my specialist kept asking me if I had taken it, he even called the research company to ensure that the death jab wouldn’t interfere with the research injections I’m getting. Each month I went in the hospital in 2021 my research specialist would encourage me to get the death jab, each time I replied “No” I will not. Finally after 6 months of being asked I told him, PLEASE don’t ask me again as each time you do my answer will always be the same “NO”. I have a very damaged lung due to TB as a child and numerous bouts of pneumonia and viral infections that I have to take 2 different kinds of inhalers every day. I am diabetic and take medication for that as well, and you want me to take this death jab, ah no! How can one specialist in the same field of medicine had always told me “not” to take any shots and yet my current research specialist is encouraging me. Apparently he was told that he has to ask me it’s part of his protocol for this research.
    The majority of my siblings are not happy with me not taking the death jab, one sibling has even told me that I’m not welcome to his house if I don’t have the death jab. We barely talk anymore, prior to this we were talking, texting or facetiming at least once a week. I am a very spiritual person and have always said prayers every single morning, always before my feet touch my bedroom floor. I continue to pray more than ever for my kids, grandkids, siblings, relations and the world that the 2022 year will be a year of healing, faith, hope and love and support….may God Bless and keep everyone safe and to all of you that read my post.

    • Bless you for holding out on the jab. Keep pressing on faithful warrior. You have completely done the right thing. Sadly, it weans out who our true friends are. It seems that one of your doctors was good and cared about you and the other was not good. Do what the good doctor said. I too am vaccine-injured from a 3 part hepatitis vaccine I took while working at a Police Department, as it was suggested, when I was 27, which caused a lifetime of Crohn’s disease, being on immunosuppressants, biological agents (which hurt my heart), chemo drugs, and the like. I take nothing now. What most people don’t know is that many other vaccines are dangerous and are never tested. To learn about this watch the movies Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2. The guys who made this went through a lot of $hit to get this info out and while making it had tons of parents coming up to them and telling them what happened to their kids and thanking them for what they were doing to reveal this tragic truth. This kind of cover-up and discrediting docs who speak out has been going on for decades. This Covid jab is not technically a “vaccine” at all. They had to change the definition of vaccine to fit their agenda. Such evil. Keep looking up!!

  129. Excellent!! Thank you for standing your ground. I am right there with you. I believe its just the tip of the iceberg, much more disgustingness to come. There is truly an evil agenda with the higher ups. I do hope and pray more people will wake up and stand their ground also.

  130. Such an excellent letter that lays out this whole sham. Thanks so much for putting your heart into it. Sorry to hear of your recent layoff but, as many have said here, you will hopefully be back, stronger than ever. The truth just cannot be foiled. It’s like gravity, a natural law. It will rise to the top. God Bless.

  131. Why do all you people thinks it Canada and our prime minister? I’m in Thailand and the entire country is shut down for 18 months. People are on the street out of work. Stores abandoned. Boo hoo. I know friends and family who have died from covid not with covid. And I know zero people who died or got sick from as you put it the kill shot. The fact you would walk away from a career in the rcmp must mean you aren’t really that good anyway. If you think it’s saline than who gives a shit. You are lucky enough to live in a society that you can choose to walk away. Other countries people are dying without a job. And you stats you used the death rate was the same but the global population was on lockdown. If the globe was fully open for 2020 the stats would be far different. I have friends working in hospitals over run with sick covid infected people. Tell them it’s fake. We are lucky to live in a country so large with so little people. Thailand is may be the size of bc and has almost 3 times the population. Just imagine how something could spread. Western people think they are the only ones being disenfranchised its first a joke. Living in bc of 2020 I hardly noticed other than restaurants and tourism life of was the same. Oh I had ad to be wear a mask boohoo. Other countries you couldn’t leave your house. Self-entitled spoiled whinners

    • In CANADA we live via our enshrined Charter of Rights & Freedoms guaranteed under the charter, and via Parliamentary participatory democracy. In Tertairy Medicine Acute Care our rights paradigm is still applicable.

      To assert that we are spoiled is to miss the point of peer-reviewed Science & guaranteed rights under the Charter of Rights & Freedoms in a democracy of a G-7 OECD sovereign nation.

      Informed Consent Legislation on the books is not being adhered to via this Experimental Epidemiological Clinical Trials testing scientific milieu.

      If you want to follow totalitarian third world dictators fill your hat, and your boots.

      P.S. Did you know that it takes a whole village to raise just one Village Idiot to adulthood?


  132. You have bravely spoken for many millions who refuse to accept this fake pandemic and the fake vaccines. All the best going forward.

  133. If you make a FOIA Request for “Covid- 19,” Covid- 19 File” and “Corona Virus” “Corona Virus File,” “Covid-19 Corona Virus file” and my name with these Titles- to the RCMP and The Ontario Provincial Police- you can share a goldmine of information about this covid- 19 origins- the funding, the mapping out and the ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) …along with the Pathogenic Priming result of these mRNA and Adenovirus medical devices.

    I suggest consulting Dr. Ryan Cole; MD, FRCP, CP/AP/DP and Dr. Lee Merritt (US Navy, Ret.) and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich in Germany: he can provide much information on this topic.
    37077 Göttingen

    Phone: +49 551 209120
    Fax: +49 551 20912144
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Mon – Thu 08:30 to 12:30
    Mon – Thu 13:30 to 16:30
    Fri 08:30 to 12:30

    Personal appointments
    End Letter,
    Michele Baillie

  134. Well said as you did I will be one like you too have to leave there job behind do to I’m unvaccinated the Niagara Falls City is forcing everyone to get vaccinated if it taking losing my job then let it I’m not going to put that in me no way no how I’d like to thank you again.Dave

  135. Excellent. It’s scary to say “no” to government thugs, when they have so much power behind their edicts, but each person who does say no can inspire several more, which in turn inspire more, until the thugs will have no choice but to back off or be overrun with angry citizens.

  136. As a signatory & charter member of the 2014 Cambridge Working Group Call-to-Action on American manufactured deadly Gain-of-Function Biosecurity Level Four produced pandemic pathogens I, for one, can assure all here that Sars-2-nCoV-19 is an American manufactured Fort Detrick BSL-4 GOF bioweapon that leaked at Fort Detrick U.S. Army BSL-4 in August of 2019 whereby the CDC ordered that bioterrorism laboratory shut down on a National Security Threat Assessment due to the fact that the bioweapon went airborne via aerosolized Chimeric pathogenesis which is documented all over the Internet & peer-reviewed science journals.

    As a signatory & charter member of the 2014 CWG Call-to-Action on American GOF manufacturing and one with Enhanced Reliability Status security clearance under the Royal Canadian Mounted Police I, for one, can assure all that this Fourth Generation Biowarfare assault on the world populations is by criminal intention to genocide as many human beings as is posssible with this current GOF bioweapon.

    The departing RCMP Officer is remiss in his view that the dis*ease caused by the bioweapon is relatively benign as it is a GOF bioweapon engineered to disable working infrastructure for tertiary medicine, and government employment via making the workplace toxically exposed to deadly pandemic pathogens newly produced to genocide elderly and those with comorbidity vis-a-vis aging.

    My name is Robert Gordon White and I signed the 2014 CWG for Carleton University way back in 2014 when the Obama administration adhered to our Call-to-Action once it was presented formally to the White House and U.S. Government Epidemiologists working Medical Signals Intelligence in the U.S. Deep State.


    The outgoing officer of the RCMP is presumptuous to assert that Sars-2-nCoV-19 concomitant mutations are benign given Fourth Generation Biowarfare deadly Gain-of-Function Biosecurity Level Four American manufactured pandemic pathogens purposed for Offensive Biowarfare.

    Sincerely, Robert G. White [email protected]

    Note: I was formally educated in Behavioural Medicine at Carleton University by CANADA’s current Chair of Neuroscience H. Anisman who is the top Neuroscientist in Canada today bar none.

  137. Just reading the book The real Dr. Fauci. My god, what an absolute, evil, corrupt piece of shit he is. Why the he’ll has he not been hanged? And more importantly, why has he not been fired?

  138. This is what it looks like when your chickens come home to roost.
    When you cheered for drugs screenings for employees, how could you know that you’d be fired for not passing a drug screening?
    “…forced to leave simply because he didn’t tell the government whether he had a drug in his body or not…”

  139. Corporal Mehner is my vote for man of the year. I am double vaccinated because I fell for all the hype that hospitals would be over loaded with sick individuals. My first Pfizer shot put me in hospital for 12 days with CHF, congestive heart failure, I have had this before and have a pacemaker so I dismissed the thought that the vaccine was to blame. After my second shot my BP dropped to 85/50 and stayed low for about 2 1/2 months. My BP is back now to 140/80. I will NOT be getting any booster shots. I trust that this vaccine madness will end this year.

  140. That’s another thing the media lies about…..the large number of us who have their number and haven’t believed a thing they’ve said from the onset. Thank God our “conspiracy theories” are now becoming fact with hhe large numbers of vaccinated now being covid positive. They pushed the 3rd jab to combat the delta variant and are pushing the 4th for omicron as if the ineffective drug morphs with their variants. Follow the money and the story is quite clear. Glad some more people are beginning to question the insanity of it all.

  141. May Gd bless you always and keep you safe .. you are standing up against demonic politicians but you are the blessing to show people across the globe how sick this vaccine is .. Lord help the little children .. Thank you for your courage .. a grandmother of 9 who will never allow anyone to vax them !!!

  142. Great letter… and Welcome to the world outside the “system” It’s just as crazy but without the “bumper pads”

  143. I read all comments above ( a very long read ). One commenter wondered why there were no links in the RCMP’s letter to provide ‘facts’.
    ON mRNA Vaccine:
    1- Dr. Bridle’s (University of Guelph),
    Celeste McGovern, Lifesite News, Mon, 31 May 2021
    2-IMPORTAT study on SPIKE PROTEINS – May 2021 – New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Doomsday Cult
    Mike Whitney, Unz Review, Mon, 03 May 2021
    3- Spike protein is very dangerous, it’s cytotoxic (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein) – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2wm5nhTXY

  144. Because someone in the comment section does not believe in the science of mRNA as stated by “Corporal Richard Mehner, your “vaccine” free Minotaur”, here’s a wonderful intelligent discussion on a possible reason why:
    Why People WILLINGLY Give Up Their Freedoms W/ Prof. Mattias Desmet | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

    All the best,

  145. I dont like most cops because they willingly violate the rights of innocent people, but cops like you have my deepest respect, and I would have your back any day of the week

  146. Enjoyed reading your article and am grateful for people that have intact integrity. Am wondering why we go along with a just-us system designed by those that have manipulated our experience of life for eons.

    Back in 2000 while working as a Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist ie-I experienced an awakening that came in the form of a life review. This esoteric event awakened some innate human potentials one of which is the art of telepathy.

    One day while taking blood from a lady in a coma she told me that it was her drugs that were killing her. Taking a step back and looking at the job ie-I was doing ie-I realized that ie-I was indoctrinated into a “Satanic Cult”. This realization was extremely hard on my already fragile psyche and the autonomic nervous system crashed. To this day ie-I still have no answers as to what actually happened. Over the last 21 years ie-I have been researching my inner world and my our reality and wondering how we came to what we are experiencing.

    We can only win once we see the forest for the trees. It is our registration into the Satanic Cult and the administration of the “Legal Person” given to us a “Birth” that allows them to treat us like “test subjects” and is why ie-I have sent a letter to the man acting as the Registrar General.

    We have all been living a lie for eons. It is up to us to come clean and stop our participation.

    A year ago ie-I came by the Friends in Law group on Facebook created by the founder malika, she created an on-line Lawful Living Community. With each class that ie-I took on this website ie-I came to more and more realization as to how the “law enforcers” have been duped by the “Lawyers” that educate them. The first three classes ie-I took were the “Private Ministerial Action” class, the “BC & SSN”, and then the “Money Talks” class. Everyone should have this knowledge and have another look at how they are dealing with the situations they find themselves.

    When will the clinically insane be rounded up so that we can end the assault upon our psyche and end how we are experiencing life?

    malika is assisting real people to go mortgage free, rent free, utilities free, etc., once you see you can not un-see….

    Go to http://www.lawfulliving.com

    We must come together on mass and end this insane system….

    wishing you much success in your quest for truth.

  147. Well researched and well said. I too am losing a job I love because I will not comply, even with the testing (sooo toxic… every week!! really!) Looks like you have covered everything I can think of. So sorry you are losing a good job, but you (and I) would not be able to look at ourselves in the mirror if we sold out. Thank you for your honest and most accurate and informative letter. Here’s hoping someone will get their heads out of the sand and wake up after reading it!

  148. My husband felt that the virus was being blown out of proportion. Because he was very healthy….he felt he did not need the vaccine. In Sept /21 he got covid..4 days in he was admitted to hosp and put on a ventilator when his oxygen level fell to 47%. After 37 days he was unable to fight anymore and passed away. My 2 sons who were vaccinated are absolutely fine. They got covid the same time as my husband…but they did not get sick. Covid seems pretty real to me as I look over to the velvet bag full of ashes.

  149. My phone will not let me talk text this message you know there lisaning to us know how long will it take for the unvasinated to be incarcerated as undesirable or public health risks or Jewish remember awer history it is against the law to force enny persin too pout something in thair bodies that go’s against their needs and wishes .this was decided at the end of werould wor 2.

  150. What a letter!!! Thank you for standing for truth and ethics. Your style of writing will also reach a new dozing crowd!!!

    • “Information Basic In Out System”? That makes no sense whatsoever in this context, but nice try. What we have here from this brave corporal is called “critical thinking,” which you have demonstrated is not your forte. I think what you tried to parrot but failed miserably was “confirmation bias.” Thanks for coming out.

  151. BRAVO.
    Thank you for your service at the RCMP. Your letter is accurate and well written.
    Before deciding to be or not to ge vaxed, I did a lot of research, the pro and the con. Any arguments the pro vaccine has attempted to make hasn’t convinced me, if anything has reaffirmed my position to not get vaccinated.
    Yesterday, I watched a video recording of a woman, not a man, A WOMAN with the determination and courage unseen before, and seriously lacking in others today, confronting Trudeau regarding covid and the vaccine mandate. She told him that he has betrayed Canadians and the country. “What you are doing is called TREASON” she told him
    “and do you know how they dealt with TRAITORS? They hung them”
    Little Justin was speechless, couldn’t get one word out.. We need to pray for that woman that she doesn’t end up dead someplace, like a number of other people who spoke against the Clintons and were found dead due to an “apparent” suicide.

  152. Good on you sir for listening to the true science. We all know this is a scamdemic to scare the people. So many have bought into this utter bs. I for one have know this was all bs from the start. Especially when you got Fauci saying before Trump was elected that he would face a future Pandemic, say what? So since when did he pull out is crystal glass and give us the future. Clearly Fauci knew and he was caught sending funds and doing Gain of function. Justin Trudeau is just a puppet for this globalist Cabal Cult who want to murder millions get get to that objective goal of 500.000.000 people in total. Cleary you just have to read the Guild Stones they put it out plain in site to show you their Evil Agenda. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab they are all in this together and many others who are as they say following orders. Well Guess what that is the same excuse the Nazi’s made before the Nuremburg trials, sorry following orders is just not good enough. What the hell happen to people’s Morals and Values? Our own PM said himself they know they are violating our constitutional rights but they don’t care and are going to do it anyway, that alone to me speaks treason and he should be dealt with accordingly to our laws. I will now bow to this Authority because we are all free people and have been from day one. Nobody gives me something I already have which is freedom, remember we are all free we just got to fight for it and push back.

  153. Excellent letter by officer Mehner. He’ll be vindicated in court eventually but it’s a painful journey given the costly system. I’m a seasoned lad like the fellow that dated Maggie’s sis. I’ve been jabbed because of the border blackmail i.e.I live in N Ont near the Mi border and I derive much of my pleasure in life in the US taking in various events but if not for that I wouldn’t have succumbed as that allowed me to drive to Montana in Nov for my traditional mule deer hunt that I missed in 2020 due to the closure; however if they add the so-called booster to the border rules I’ll be forestalling my US sojourns and seeking Canadian alternatives as the more I research MRNA technology the more I realize how dangerous it is.
    Mehner’s letter vividly underscores the risk fallacy of Covid via the global mortality data from all causes and if data is further examined one learns that the Covid mortality rate is but 1.5% and that makes no allowance for neither innate nor acquired immunity which are not sampled and it of course includes the horrendous mortality in LTC homes that skewers the data. Most noteworthy is Mehner’s reference to the Israeli study re natural immunity that has proven the most important fact of all in this medical and government boondoggle. Firing people under vaccine mandates is not only illegal (i.e. contrary to Charter rights, not supported by any specific legislation and contrary to collective agreements), but worse, flagrantly ignores science in as much as vaccinated people can still get and pass on Covid and yet those with acquired natural immunity have much stronger protection; thus vigorous testing regimens for all employees are all that’s needed in any workplace along with PPE as needed in certain jobs such as nursing.
    Thank you Michael for operating this forum.

  154. This article is a concise summary of my sentiments and extensive research performed. Most folks are too lazy and apathetic to do the necessary investigation. This gene therapy mislabeled as a vaccine is a injection which is designed to cause harm. Those behind it need to be brought to justice… here on Earth. Regardless, every man and woman will one day stand in front of our Holy God to give an account of their lives. They should be very fearful!

    “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.” The Bible tells us the motivation behind this evil plan for humanity.

    In the meantime, “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants!” – Thomas Jefferson

  155. I am so grateful to read this letter, saddened for everyone who is loosing jobs because of this insanity.
    Thank you for speaking out.

    • Thankyou, Rob. I did get vaxinated. I do no what RNA is but MRNA they have tried in the past to treat amongst others malaties rabies for one but were unsuccessful. It matters no that I’m a guinea pig. Could not ever worry about sending my seed or anything not of a natural imunity to my children as it was taken away from me by one of your colleagues and my former teacher at a Jr. School his name is Semrock. My hope and prayers will be with you always. Am with you and all who h still have the right to let their own immune systems pass on immunity to are lineages.

    • there’s not a vakk seen on the planet that’s done what the $$$$ hungry murderers claimed…all toxic poisons that will make you sick, dependent on synthetic drugs for life or kill you. Need some proof??? research J rocky fella and see what he did along with his side kick B Gaytes senior…you’ll be shocked

  156. RCMP Member, Thank you for this letter. You are write 100 %. It’s all a lie. I have been in business for 9 years, cutting toe nails for mostly, elderly people and diabetic. I’ ve got ONLY 470 CLIENTS. Am only small in Canada. I keep record every month of how many new customer comes and how many I loose, (dies) only to keep tract on the business. For 9 years, every month, I loose 1 or 2 customer, sometimes 3 and often, none at all. Since the needle started, I loose an average of 8 to10 per month. I still get the new comers, but the proof is very clear to me. People seems to be dying more since the needle came. ??? Am only small. Just imagine this on a large scale across the country.

  157. Good on you. Thank-you for your courage and witty sentiment. Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis on the door. Start of the PROTEST- ant (Revolution) Reformation. Awesome.
    Regards.R.M.Ross and Family.

  158. Excellent article, “vaccine” free Minotaur.

    I only wish there had been more hyperlinks for some reports (such as “Data from the UK is showing that vaccinated adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of the unvaccinated”), since the Left is always trying to diss everything we say and every point we make…

    Here are some posts on the subject from the No Pasaràn blog:

    • Here Is the Key Question Regarding the Coronavirus

    • And here are the other 7 Basic Points about Covid-19 that You Need to Know

    • Given that natural immunity has been found to be up to 13 times better than vaccine immunity, it could be argued that the most selfless thing for a person to do is to contract the virus naturally and recover

  159. Just like RCMP Corporal Mehner, I am still a “Jab Free Pure Blood” and on the down low under anyone’s radar, and will continue that way as long as I can. If it comes down to jab or job, I will first warn them that they are breaking The Nuremberg Codes and will be held to account. If they insist, then I force them to fire me and join as many class action lawsuits as I can.

    I am 99.9% positive I had the Chi-Com Xi Flu in early March 2020, well before it was supposed to be here in the U.S. I caught it from my wife, whom I believe caught it from clients at her work. Many of those clients are world travelers and at the time were still coming and going internationally with no restrictions. After 19 months, I caught my first minor head cold 2 weeks ago that only lasted 3 days. I did not get tested or stay out of work. Was it the dreaded moronic variant? Who knows and who cares.

    • I too got… SOMETHING… in early FEB20. It was highly contagious. It literally marched down the hallway where I worked; a company with people traveling the world every day of the week. It felt like the flu, but only lasted two days. I missed one day of work. My boss, on the other hand, was out for almost two weeks. My wife was laid out for about that long as well. My son, on the other hand, got it pretty much the way I did; in and out in a couple of days. Mind you, this was well before the cool kids on CNN were pouring gasoline on the fire, and the government started locking things down and destroying peoples’ lives. Like I said, I was sick as hell Sunday and Monday. I went back to work Tuesday. It took me a month to get my stamina back. Since then I haven’t even had a sniffle! I have refused to be “vaccinated.” So far I’m OK, having garnered a religious exemption. I wish Dudley Doright up north luck in his battles…

  160. You must listen to dr john campbell! it’s very interesting how this virus mutates 52 times, likely because it jumped to a mouse ( which happens to have an ace receptor much like ours) and jumped back to humans and will save us all….. see the strain mutation diagram from dr campbell (omicron from mice) on youtube and the last 6 minutes of his subsequent video the next day. very interesting.

  161. US resident here. 21 years of government employment. Working from home for 600 days + as essential worker.
    Put on leave because they now they tell me they cannot operate without knowing what drugs I have or do not have in my body. Filing papers this week, See you in court bitches!

  162. I am being very polite so let’s just agree to disagree. I disagree with every one of you who have joined Alice down her rabbit hole,
    but respect your right to have your own opinion. Nothing is going to change how you feel so I won’t even try.
    I feel you have bought into an alternate universe just as you accuse those of us who believe in the Covid virus and the vaccines provided to help protect us, as history has already proven.
    I pray that none of you ever get truly sick from Covid no matter which variant, or that you have to watch a relative die before your very eyes because he didn’t get vaccinated
    and the hospital was too full to care for him.

    Please have the courtesy to respect my opinion too!
    Take care and don’t get sick!

    • You claim history has proven the “vaccines” have protected you and you’re saying others are in an alternate universe? There have never been more cases or hospitalizations all over the world. The jabs (which are not vaccines, but untested experimental gene threrapy) have driven the variants because they’re non-sterilizing. Geert van den Bossche predicted this would happen back in 2020 and he was exactly right. The jabs destroy your immune system and cause auto-immune disorder and blood clots, while providing little fleeting protection from symptoms of Covid. Go to the site “theysayitsrare.com” and you just might realize that your relative dying before your very eyes is because he DID get “vaccinated.” Steve Kirsch has proven that the jabs kill more than they save. It’s a giant deception that has made the pharmaceutical companies rich beyond their wildest imagination and governments are all in on it.

  163. I have but one question … Why? Assuming this is all accurate and true, what is the end game here? (sorry if it’s been answered in all the other responses).

    Ed Note: Control and Depopulation is the end goal. It’s called The New World Order!

  164. I’m glad to see real data and facts they want to split the population in to 2 groups lets see who’s really free lol the unjabbed will live on uncontrolled while the fully jabbed well be told by the government when to do

  165. thank you for your service,i did not put that poison in my body either,everything you wrote is so true,i am with you 100 percent…


  167. Thank you my brother, God bless you for sharing, and for standing, not allowing this fear factor to infest your sound judgment, the Bible say even the very elect will be deceived and that’s what’s happening no one wants to research these they prefer the lies they are being told, my story is a bit different, just before this was unleash on the nations I heard the voice of God speaking to me , He told me that evil men had planned what was coming to the nations, He gave me scriptures to read as He spoke, with tears in my eyes I was very emotional, at which point He said to me do not take the so called vaccines, I didn’t understand at first and was a bit confused, it wasn’t until everything that He told me was about to happen occurred, then came the vaccine, He then proceeded by telling me that He would protect me, He told me not to fear only to put my total trust in Him. May God truly bless you, hopefully others will read your letter and get a better understanding of what’s really happening.

  168. Hi, my name is John. My wife and I share Facebook because I seldom use it. I read your letter and than re-read it as I have to so that I can understand it. This is a very powerful letter and you have my respect. I also refuse to take the jab. I am not an educated man as I have a grad 3 education. I will be 57 on Sunday. But if did all the research I could on this and I said no to any needles. I would rather be homeless and live with nothing to my name than follow the herd into the depth of he’ll that our government is planning for us. We are heading for trouble in the coming years, I only hope that people open their eyes and start doing their research. Thank you again for a very good letter, I truly am a black sheep.

  169. My name is Deborah and I walked away from my job at Canada Post after 29 years of service. Thank you for writing this amazing truthful letter. I will never comply to this dangerous drug.
    Respect and honoured to read this.

  170. Totally agree with this gentleman’s point of view except one and it’s the one where he still believes in the old vaccines weather it’s the MMR or small pox or any other. Vaccines were invented to depopulate and create diseases and no other reasons. Remember they create the problem and they come up with the solutions… Please do your researches I cannot explain here because it’s too long.

  171. It takes a lot of courage to have spoken out against the big machine that is our corrupt government and big pharma. God Bless you for doing so and may He protects you in your endeavour to inform the sheeples. I wish everyone had your courage.

  172. In order for me to continue going to my church, I was forced to get the shot twice. In all my 82 years, I have had my childhood vacs because law said so. I do not go to doctors anymore because they have ruined my body through surgery’s they said I needed only to suffer from wrongs done. My feet, my knees, my hernia ( they took off my navel) my gall bladder, each surgery left me with an injury causing me to now be disabled. Anytime you need to renew anything such as parking disability, you need a doctors say so instead of actually looking at the person applying. I now walk with a can, have a walker, and a chair lift in order to keep enjoying my home, along with a bunch of those bars for safety. I was normally very active and am still active even though riddled with pain, I used to enjoy my flower beds and gardens, now they are my weed beds as I can’t bend or kneel. I fill my time with my skills indoors and my daughter helps with the outdoors. All this because of doctors mistakes!

  173. Hello
    I’m in much the same boat. As a fosteparent I was asked if I was vaccinated, – No reply. Then when the vexinations rolled ot for children, I refused.
    I thought for sure I’d be out of a job. Instead I got a questionair which included the question asking if I was aware that caseworkers etc could not take the children to be vexed. (Yes I know it’s not the right word but better fitting. Don’t you think?)
    Turns out, the department of child welfare doesn’t want to take responsibility, so they pass the buck.
    I told them that I have to live with myself and I would not be part of doing anything the government will appologize for in the future.
    They left me alone, but searched as they would for reasons to remove the children in my care, they found none. So they trumped some up. Oh well, It’s all for the good of the children, right???

    On another note, am I the only one that noted the global response to covid was more like the response to war than to a deadly outbreak?
    I noticed this right away and wondered where the enimy would be coming from?
    At the time, I didn’t realize the enemy came from within. Our own government.
    Like in WWII, Hitler had infiltrated the countries around him peaceable. Netherland was one of them and they fell within a day.

    Please beware, this isn’t over yet. Those that caused this aren’t done milking and culling.

  174. Thank you for your service …. we aren’t jabbed either, and learned of some of your concerns too…So glad some truths are coming out and some politicians and stepping out too….however government is hindering media releasing this information… not following mandate as they been paid. Praying friends and family who took part will be OK…

  175. Thanks to the Nazi spellcheckers who are always there for a good laugh. It’s funny, right?
    To the point. Another Canadian telling it like it is. Remember all, the letter is his own personal perspective. You can disagree with the man but you cannot cancel him out. Just like Trudeau did with the protestors, remember?
    The RCMP brass and the media has been told how to handle these files. Solidarity behind the government dictate. That’s it. No more discussion. If you do not tow the narrative line, you get cancelled. That’s how politics work these days, as we all know.
    Mark his final words – This isn’t over yet.

  176. Very long letter! Just a few things, the Spanish flu killed upwards of 50 million people. Why? Because there was no vaccine back in the early nineteen hundreds. None discovered till the 30’s or 40’s. There was a coup and an insurrection on January 6th 2021. I am over 80 and had all the necessary vaccine shots. I got Covid but only for a week or so, no injuries or hospitalizations. The vaccines were responsible for that. Thank you.

  177. Cpl Mehner, you have not gone far enough. You state how you have always been an independent thinker, doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions. However, I do not see those qualities in your acceptance of the germ THEORY of disease (or at least its misapplication). I invite you to do more of your own research, especially on the history of virology, bacteriology and their handmaidens, vaccine theory. These are the fakest science out there. They are nothing more than a license to print money. In plain English – standard issue vaccines are also dangerous. Just because your children don’t keel over the moment they get their standard shots does not mean they are not harmed. Yes, they are. 70-72 doses by the time they’ve finished Grade 12. There are plenty of well written books out there explaining why vaccines, all of them, are pure poison.

    In the distant past, acute syndromes were attributed to the appearance of malign constellations, demons, angry spirits and gods, and so on. But not much has really changed: 99.9% of the population still wants to blame their acute type illnesses on something “out there” – in the case of the silly corona flu, “viruses” and, of course, those endless “variants”. Never our own way of life, what we eat, how we behave. Always the fault of something else. Time to dig even deeper, Cpl. But the rest of your goodbye letter is well written. Congrats. You are brave indeed.

  178. Thank you for your candid comments on this most ridiculous government sponsored pandemic!! We must stay strong and continue to spread our researched information!
    Take care and keep up
    Your good work.

  179. Sir: you have described this atrocity pretty well. I got to study it fairley thoroughly because my wife was put into a care home with Ahlziemers. I used to visit her quite often until this Covid bullshit started. Then I was supposed to get my shot or I could not see her. I decided to see what it was all about. we have been married for over fifty years and she wonders why I am not there, and in her state I cannot explain to her (on the phone) if I can get through. I started to study this crap to see if it had any serious side effects that I should be aware of before I took this shot. Much to my surprise I found there were a lot of adverse reactions that I needed to be seriously afraid of. I have a few problems of my own and and a few years of self abuse that requirs that I must now pay attention if I intend to be around for a while. To explain it all I would have to write a letter longer than the one you wrote. All I can say to sum up is that any one who takes this shot or several of them is looking for serious trouble down the road if not right now. You have to pardon any spelling or grammatcal errors as they are not that important to me.

  180. Interesting how many RCMP members across the country supported my brother, a retired member through his nightmare of enduring a 4-month stay in hospital due to COVID including a month on life-support, overcoming numerous life-threatening complications, and being completely paralyzed and having to learn how to walk again. Corporal Richard Mehner, you pledged to “serve and protect”. Since you refused to do the latter, you need to find a new career!

    • No actually Ellen you should find out why your brother was put on a ventilator with a concoction of bad drugs with a death rate of over 80 percent closing in on 98 percent death rate with remdesivir added to the ventilators and maybe the rcmp would do well to research this fact of ventilators as being a bad approach. It was known for Sars 1 and H1N1 it was a bad health protocol. Then you can ask why hcq which is a milder derivative of quinnine was banned yet it was known to inhibit Sars 1 in a study linked to Montreal Canada and Anthony Fauco of USA and why doctors took HCQ even though they went along with the ban in Ontario. So the RCMP pledge to serve and protect that means you uphold the Charter and medical acts and Supreme Court of Canada Ruling that medical treatments are personal choice and no doctor can force it regardless of what they feel and no consequences or criminal bullying allowed as consequences such as job loss is rendered criminal body assault so the RCMP engaged in criminal bullying and body assault through vaccine mandates all based on a Dr Joseph mengele approach of ventilators with an over 80 percent death rate that killed people not the virus. I expect the police forces to research thoroughly before they commit criminal acts of bullying terrorizing their employees and others and to uphold the Charter the medical acts and ethics code and Supreme Court of Canada rulings before allowing FEAR to dictate policy. Also media was crooked and lying so before making g policy based on tge fake media reports that actually caused people’s deaths might be good to do your own research. In fact a 13 yr old girl in Brampgon didn’t die from covid as such she died as her father was scared to bring her to a doctor because tge media said the hospital in her area was overflowing. Yet shere was public health to help this family. Or a 19 year old supposedly died from covid but was going to jail for armed robbery and OD on drugs maybe RCMP would like to investigate fraud of media and doctors and use of bad health protocols such as ventilators and why our refugees have guns used in crime sprees. Drugs and guns kill more than covid has and more people were injured seriously by the covid vaccines in the USA then supposedly died with not from covid in over 2 yrs of covid within a few short months of vaccine rollout. Ask the rcmp to check that freedom of information obtained and ordered by a judge in the USA and the lawsuit against Pfizer for 2 billion dollars for fraud in the vaccine study trials. Then ask again why would you put people on ventilators with an average death rate of 88% instead of different approaches that actually work. Sorry for your husband but sounds more like malpractice and I know this because I saw 2 people die unnecessarily by the bad covid approach and they would probably still be alive if they were my family members.

    • Did he take the vaccines Ellen? Did you know myocarditis has some of the same symptoms as covid. Perhaps you can research how now Pfizer and Moderna are undertaking studies of myocarditis as a vaccine injury which is rather bad since well after the fact and billions injected. Yes covid after getting vaccines could be myocarditis and going undetected as all focus is on covid. Not sure when your brother got covid. Before or after the vaccines. Ventilators for a month not good. Thats what good doctors state. Ventilators can cause pneumonia and damage lungs so really not a great idea as a respiratory virus solution. But do your research as proper research saves lives not what media or big pharma says especially one’s with 2 billion dollar criminal fines. Don’t just take my word. Research yourself. But don’t push your view on this RCMP agent who does serve and protect as he protects the Charter of Rights of citizens and leads by example. He isn’t telling you to take the vaccine or not he is showing his research and personal decision. One the RCMP and government and corporations were required to give to employees but failed on that.

  181. I’m in the same boat as the Corporal, only difference was I worked out of HQ but permanently from home. Had to retire or be suspended.
    Can’t wait for the lawyers to figure out how unjust the mandates the tyrants imposed.

    • Yes can’t wait till the coward class action lawyers review up and remember some of the class action lawyers represent unions. Quite interesting on their silence. They sit on the fence to watch the wind blow of popular opinion not based on law as Trudeau in speaking of settlement with Omar Kadhr the child terrorist who was given millions of dollars Trudeau said the government always pays for human rights violations and firing for refusal of an experimental shot with adverse events including death is one of the greatest human rights abuses you get.

  182. And why is anyone who even mentions Ivermectin immediately silenced? Is that because this drug is both cheap and effective, having been used with tremendous success in Africa, India and even in North America by doctors brave enough (imagine!) to prescribe it?

  183. Hi, In February 2020 I’ve been called “PUBLIC ENEMY” by same age/peers of Senior Centre Bridge Club.

    And this was ONLY because I doubt of integrity and necessity vaccination against Covid.

    And now,-because children have their own natural immunity, they still vaccinate small kids to get rid of them.

    (poor experimental humans). There should be big sign: No tested on children!!! Use right now.

    This is like Nazi experimental drugs use on children .Does these people in Pharmaceutical have a feeling towards fellow humans?????????

    Corporal- you are my hero!!!

  184. This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the citizens of planet earth. The day of the rope cannot get here fast enough.