Plus, What is the Scientific Method?; and, Mixed-race actor in hiding; and, Should I tell the CDC Director why she keeps “getting COVID,” or should I just let her stew in her own juices?

Four articles today. Boom. And, before I get to the “Black widow spider stirs riots at University” story, a question…

ARTICLE ONE: What is the Scientific Method?

The debate about the existence of SARS-CoV-2, and indeed many other facets of “COVID SCIENCE”, have unearthed much ignorance about the way science operates.

The scientific method starts with the notion of a hypothesis.

A hypothesis is an assertion for which no direct confirmation is possible.

For example, the existence of an abundance of dark matter in the universe. This is matter that “does not absorb, reflect, or emit electromagnetic radiation.”

You can’t see it. But it’s there. So goes the claim.

If you could observe it, there would be no hypothesis. There would be empirical fact.

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  1. Science IS NOT A DESTINATION! Science is a process, one that is to be continually checked and rechecked to see if new knowledge and understanding changes any science.

    Convid 19 for one example in the bigger picture has shown us that ‘the science’ is the new godless religion. Where 500+ years ago the Church was the law and all ‘evidence’ went through it in terms of reasoning, it was pushback from the scientific process and very courageous men who caused the Church to acquiesce to the scientific process when and where prevalent. Today ‘the science’ is where the church was 500+ years ago.

    Where science can no longer explain biology of gender.

    Where it remains blind to known facts such as the uselessness of face masks and even social distancing on viral infections. BTW, less lives would have been lost and less lives, businesses and such hurt or destroyed had our proving to be either sick, stupid or evil governments done nothing over Covid 19 as the 2+ years of their bull crap did in hurting and killing people!

    Where ‘the science’ changed the century plus long understanding of what a vaccine was too now the mish mash lies over the Convid jabs we saw the last 2 years now.

    To where ‘the science’ calls a NECCESSARY TO ALL LIFE atmospheric element Co2 (0.04% of the atmosphere that it is) now a POLLUTANT that will destroy the earth if not stopped. BTW the earth has never in recent human times been greener in terms of natural biological growth. God made Earth a proper negative feedback loop.

    ‘The science’ in recent times says homosexuality is a born trait but gender in all its logical reality is a social construct.

    THIS IS YOUR DAMNED ‘THE SCIENCE’ FOLKS! and huge swath of koolaid drinking people are falling prey to it and lapping it up. 🙁