History proves that bad things happen to innocent civilians post-public weapons seizures.

“The December decree of the Councils of People’s Commissars (CPC) of 1918, ‘On The Surrender Of Weapons’, ordered people to surrender any firearms, swords, bayonets and bombs, regardless of the degree of serviceability.”

“The penalty for not doing so was ten years’ imprisonment. Members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union were allowed to have a single weapon.”

What came next typifies authoritarian government behaviour subsequent to government seizing guns from the general public:

“Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the archival revelations, some historians estimated that the numbers killed by Stalin’s regime were 20 million or higher.”

We turn to the African nation of Uganda:

“In 1970, Uganda’s Firearms Act imposed national firearm registration and gun-owner licensing under exceedingly stringent requirements. In practice, the law was used to make it illegal for anyone to have a firearm, except persons deemed politically correct by the dictatorship of Milton Obote.”

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