From 2016 to 2021, the Indigenous population grew by 9.4%– almost TWICE the pace of growth of the non-Indigenous population.

by Brad Salzberg

December 5, 2022

What can one say about a western democracy in which the most successful politicians are those who display the most hatred for our national heritage?

Two of them are run-away winners: PM Justin Trudeau, and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh. Mr. Trudeau has, of course, trashed Canadian identity on myriad occasions.

In 2019, the PM said that he accepts the conclusion of the 2019 inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women that “what happened amounts to genocide.”

Even more vehement is the leader of the NDP Party. As reported by Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando, “according to his own words, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh believes a genocide is taking place in Canada.”

Meaning right now– at this very moment

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  1. It’s worth noting that not one MP, including those of the alleged Opposition, expressed any dissent to the recent resolution in the House of Commons that used the word “genocide” to describe the historical treatment of Indians, even as the narrative is increasingly crumbling.

  2. Long before the white man, aboriginal tribes were enslaving, beating, killing each other as they stole each others’ lands. There was no evidence of harmony among the various North American Indian tribes. This went on for thousands of years.

    It was the ‘colonization’ and development of North America that ended these generational aboriginal genocides. Life for honest productive aboriginals was improved greatly by North American development from its one time European base. Was it perfect? HELL NO! North America was more perfect though than most of the rest of the world in building better societies and working to reduce social, economic and yes abusive ways.

    Troubles for our aboriginals today begin with the liberal mindset welfare state on these communities and their own kinds’ leadership acting against their better interests.

    Jughead Singh is an agent provocateur and a perverted Communist who is a liar and a vile man who should be nowhere near leadership of any political party here. Even NDP’ers like Tommy Douglas and Ed Broadbent would be spitting bullets if alive today at seeing this disgusting man as NDP leader.