‘Our government remains committed to no longer provide charity status to anti-abortion organizations that provide dishonest counselling to women about their rights and about the options available to them at all stages of a pregnancy,’ said Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

by Sheila Gunn Reid

Rebel News

December 5, 2022

Crisis pregnancy centres, which provide counselling, supplies and financial support to pregnant women and their newborns, are being stripped of their charitable status by the federal government.

Conservative MP Leah Gazan used an inquiry of ministry to compel the federal government to describe what criteria were being used in determining if an organization was “anti-abortion” and what organizations and advice were used as experts in determining the new guidelines for federalĀ charitable status:

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  1. I have never felt such shame and angst for Canada and this sick, perverted and anti-life, anti traditional values government that is in Ottawa.

    I feel as if Canada is a modern day Canaanite society or Sodom and Gomorra society. I worry as a person of re-engaged faith in Christ and God Almighty that God is watching us and as per the scriptures will pass judgment on us in a very poor way.

    From this evil of Ottawa over abortion, which is pure murder of our unborn, right up to the moment of birth, to this sickness of MAID and now state sanctioned killing of our citizens due to medical issues, including doing so to still minor aged youth, to the pushing of permanent sexual and mental health damage of minor aged youth through transgender ‘affirmation’ (btw the only affirmation is WHAT YOU ARE BORN AS BY GOD HIMSELF) nonsense. THIS NATION IS SO DEMENTED AND SO READY FOR IT’S FALL, IT SCARES ME!

    Canada is one of only a few nations, most all horrible Marxist dictatorships that allow abortion up to 9 months of pregnancy and BTW with adopted changes to MAID will allow infanticide if a parent or parents will be able to snuff the life of a new born child with health defects.

    MAID being extended to those who are not terminally ill which we can make a discussion for to ease the pain and suffering of those in said terminal condition’s last days, to that now of offering government paid killing of any person who complains of mere mental health issues, who should be given help and not see them being offed by KILL DOCTORS!

    And yes the who overhyped nonsense of transgenderism being pushed at minor age youth who KNOW NO BETTER! and to punish parents who LOGICALLY refuse to affirm their silly kids claims of being transgender by having government TAKE the kids away from their parents, is disgusting!

    Look if an 18 y.o. and up wants to play change my gender and take the hormones and get the operations is ONE THING! Doing this to kids is a moral crime.

    Transgenderism today is the new FAD with lifelong health and devastation issues for most who play the game. It use to be for 99% of this who claim transgenderism simple transvestism (crossdressing) which in of itself is a small percentage of the population (3-6%) but with no permanent body/health issues. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IF YOU ARE A DUDE WHO WANTS TO PUT ON A DRESS, HEELS, WIG AND MAKEP UP TO EXPRESS YOUR FEMININE SIDE THEN DO SO! Once the urge passes you take the female clothes off and go back to being a DUDE! This was very much the way it was for 99% of those who express some sort of a feminine and female dressing desires until oh the last 5-6 years when transgender crap was pushed everywhere. Females being butch where just TOMBOYS growing up and not FTM having their perfectly healthy breasts being cut off by EVIL doctors.

    This stuff above is a direct result of the abandonment of our once strong traditional Christian based values and has been pushed by (Satanic driven) Marxists and their sick allies.

    25 years ago we rushed to charge Jack Kevorkian who was euthanizing people in his mobil van. TODAY CANADA’S CURRENT GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR EUTHANIZING PEOPLE, JUST LIKE THE DAMNED NAZIS DID DURING WWII.

    20+ years ago we accepted tolerating the sexual choices or if you wish abnormality (IT IS AN ABNORMALITY) of homosexuality, as it was consenting adults doing so, to today it’s not just PRIDE DAY, not just PRIDE WEEK, not just PRIDE MONTH but PRIDE 24/7/365 and now pervertedly pushed on our kids.


    A vote for the Liberals or NDP in Canada means you accept and maybe advocate to all this sickness and perversion noted above here.