Record Number of Deaths:
The CDC Reports that 15,000 Americans have died within 4 days of being vaccinated. It is estimated that the deaths are under-reported 30X

We Estimate that 450,000 Americans Died After taking COVID Vaccines

– Dr. Peter McCullough

On June 11, 2022, the World Council for Health (WCH), representing around 70 organisations internationally, sent out a press release calling for the recall of all COVID-19 vaccines stating “Adverse Reactions for Novel Covid-19 Vaccines More Numerous Than for Similar Products by Factor of Between 10 and 169”

Analysis of Thromboembolic and Thrombocytopenic Events After the AZD1222, BNT162b2, and MRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccines in 3 Nordic Countries

Natural Immunity (Prior Infection) and Early Treatment are the 2 biggest factors in severity of COVID.