by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


December 4, 2022

A reader of this blog has informed me of a recent survey being conducted by the Conservative Party of Canada among its members . They provide a list of issues to the members and ask them rate them according to their impact on their lives.

Here are the issues the Party covered :

‘Out of this list of issues affecting the country, please select three that are most impacting your life.

Rising cost of groceries

Children’s pain medication shortage

Unaffordable housing market

The lack of free speech on university campuses

Increasing rent prices

Rural crime

Gang violence

Liberal government’s fertilizer reduction plan

Carbon tax increase on home heating’

No mention of the covid vaccine impact on a person’s health , or the lockdowns and mandates impact on peoples’ health , job, business. Completely oblivious to all this. The doctors who are being harassed, other people  being harassed and the forced wearing of scientifically unhealthy masks —-the un necessary and dangerous covid vaccines being imposed on children and pregnant women . The many unexplained deaths . The heart problems , the blood clots.

How about the millions of ‘ pandemic’ dollars that were indiscriminately given to people and organizations that did not qualify?

Now don’t get me wrong , there are a lot of important issues , but after almost three years of relentless coercion, using unscientific data to guide public health , the delayed surgeries, and deaths etc , one would think in doing surveys one of our major political parties , especially given the unconstitutional use of emergency act and the ongoing attacks on the legitimate Truckers Convoy,  some common sense would finally set in.

One wonders just where our leaders reside and socialize.

When you have the Liberal/Socialist Federal governing team  pursuing such a dangerous narrative, the mainstream media , big tech , and the Provinces ‘sheep like following’ , I ‘m sure there were a lot of people( I met and heard from them) who pinned their hopes on a real change in the Conservative movement with a ‘new’ Team at the top.

The more things change —-

As one of Canada’s most important writers , David Solway, said in a recent article that I carried on my blog:

‘Canada is now an immigrant-ridden and fissiparous country, the majority of its people wallowing in obliviousness and proud, it would seem, of their deference to authoritarian dictate. ‘

That system change is needed——-my refrain these days,  can hardly be overstated.



  1. I got that email and I sent the Conservative party exactly what I thought of the survey. Not one question to stop the vaccines that have murdered 92 doctors and counting. The so called long Covid, and the adult death syndrome, are you kidding me, vaccine injury and dead people from vaccines, I called them out on being nothing but a pretend opposition party. Asked them to look in the mirror and the children and grand children and tell them they are responsible for their friends death for all the death from these vaccines. The premeditated murder from these bio weapons needs to stop, now. And all of those pushing it still are accessories to premeditated murder. Thank you Mr. Peckford for continually speaking out. Now how do we stop these murdering elite group of evil.

  2. When you don’t connect the dots between Mulroney and Harper signing us on to these UN Agendas and just how global this thing is being promulgated by Secret Societies like the Bilderburg Group/Davos/WEF/Council on Foreign Relations, etc…. which Harper attended then there is no way you can even begin to understand what’s going on. Unless you are willing to accept that there are lots of lies and control gong back centuries starting with groups like the Rothschilds Bankers, Jesuits, Free Masons, Knights Templar, etc… all the way up to todays Federal Banking Cartel and Davos Elite then you are not going to be able to see what’s happening. Good and evil, Christ and Satan and Christian apostasy before a Living Creator God are all in this. When we deny a Creator God and believe the lie of Darwins Evolution then take prayer out of schools on our way to redesigning humanity through sex changes and DNA crisper editing we are in Sodom/Gomorah territory.

  3. Add to that the really huge lie of Climate Change. There is a good documentary/website on Bit Chute called the Fall of the Cabal by two Dutch ladies. They do a lot of research to show these things. But even they espouse man made climate change as its real. They can’t see its all a scam.