Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news out of the White House of Biden energy adviser Amos Hochstein saying he supports the idea of ending drilling and eventually completely phasing out oil. Will that involve a blanket ban?

In this video, we talk about the problems shocking the energy grid currently as countries around the world spiral out of control into an energy crisis and supply chain crisis teamed with the collapse of the dollar.

As false flag attacks are used against the Nord Stream pipeline essentially starving Europe out, the US has very little diesel to its name right now and on top of that, crazy climate policies, inflation and a housing crisis are simply exacerbating the crisis. It cannot be accidental. This is the controlled collapse of multiple world empires in order to move into the new Great Reset system with a cashless society, carbon credits and social credits. As Klaus Schwab recently acknowledged, the Great Reset is based on Chinese technocracy as a role model.

In this video we explain how these issues all correlate and where it’s going.

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