by Rhonda Wilson

The Expose

December 1, 2022

In September, the UN held a Consultative Meeting between the State Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention (“BTWC”), under Article V. This is the first time in history that Article V has been used and only the second time a Formal Consultative Meeting has been convened.

The Meeting was invoked through Russia triggering Article V in June 2022 due to the activities of biological laboratories (“biolabs”) in Ukraine. The final determination was that “no consensus was reached” during the Meeting.

Last week, dated 18 but published on 19 October, several countries issued a joint statement on the results of the Meeting:

“We have to conclude that the questions as to the military biological activities conducted by the United States in the context of the functioning of biological laboratories on the Ukrainian territory still remain unresolved … The Consultative Meeting has confirmed the need to resume the negotiations on a legally binding protocol … during the Ninth Review Conference of the BTWC.”

The Ninth Review Conference is due to be held towards the end of this year.

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  1. The UN is increasingly proven it’s impotence, especially since a rogue state of mind declared themselves a country by stealing land from the indigenous population some almost 80 years and have been allowed to skirt, dodge and flat-out ignore everything resembling international law. It’s now being used as a tool (mainly but that rogue state of mind and all it’s employed colonies) to exclusively punish and crush Russia and China for things they never did. When they withdraw, and it’s matter of when, not if, it’s going to be dissolved due to how pointless it is, much like that one european body did after Germany withdrew from it around the time WWII started (And I can never remember the name of it).