O Canada–you have been thoroughly and entirely seduced.

by Brad Salzberg


December 1, 2022

Recent developments within Canadian society should result in citizens asking themselves a critical question:

What is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doing to our country? Our nation is going through social and political transformations unprecedented in Canadian history.

That Canadian media continuously fail to articulate as much should concern all of us. Not that CBC and corporate media do not present facts as they develop. The problem is in how Globe & Mail and other leading media refrain from “tying together the loose ends.” Additionally, the press continuously fail to project into the future.

Where is it all leading? Does a larger, “big picture” agenda exist which government and media are refusing to disclose to the public?

We speak of issues such as gun confiscation, euthanasia, transgender and transvestite promotion, LGBT advancement, and internet censorship.

Call CAP paranoid, but upon observation, what we see is a pre-ordained morphing of Canada into a quasi-dictatorship. The effort seems calculated, as if it were planned out in advance, covering off all fundamentals of society.

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  1. Well, when you look at all these different points.

    The constant, never-ending push to land immigrants into Canada, likely to replace everyone they’re killing with these poison shots.

    The push to get pregnant moms jabbed so their unborn babies can die.

    The latest commercial for MAIDS featured exclusively 100% white people. The whole multicultural movement is completely absent from that commercial. Why is that? There are supposed laws to emphasize and enforce multiculturalism in TV ads, but this one gets the exception? Total red flag.

    Say what you will about Patrick King, but he’s probably right on this issue: They want to exterminate the existing people in Canada and replace us all with more compliant immigrants that all vote liberal.

  2. The liberal/leftists’ mind is one of moral degeneracy and a compulsion to lie and cheat. It’s all about emotions mostly rabid irrational emotions and virtue signalling, even if the liberal/leftist can’t see it on themselves at the time.

    How do I know this? I know this because for over 20 years of my adult life I was a lefty leaning virtue signaller. I was thankfully not rabid on most liberal/leftist points, but I was far enough to now be able to see and know what everyone of todays liberal/leftists, call for, champion, claim, and talk about. Everything they stand for I have seen and on much of it, I at one time in my past supported most of. I know what a liberal, progressive, socialist leftist all say and believe even as they say it. I too was one in many ways.

    For me I finally asked myself this question concerning my support for most liberal/ leftist ideals. “All my support, all my efforts carry this social/political water what has it done for me?” “What has it done for my family, friends and even greater society?” The answer I got was nothing positive, only more social and economic weight on my shoulders, the shoulders of family, friends and others I see. I got more government interference in my life, my family’s life and my friends’ lives etc. I see only bloat and misspending of too much tax dollars and borrowing all of that will conspire against me, my family, my friends and ultimately my nation.