Plus, Meth is the new fuel; and, The magic switch: Peacenik lefties are now the Party of War; and, Cultural investigative reporting: What is it and why does it need to explode on the page?

Five articles today. Just warming up the old pen. I write these longhand on parchment, you know. Quill pen, inkwell. Then I send them to my assistant in Alaska by pony express, and he handles the tech details…

ARTICLE ONE: Alex Jones and David Icke ban Twitter and the European Union

In a move the NY Times called “outrageous fascism launched by two power players at the top of the political food chain,” Alex Jones and David Icke have provisionally banned Twitter and the European Union.

Nancy Pelosi told the Times, “We’re under siege. We, the little people, are unable to stop Jones and Icke, who have accumulated unprecedented control…”

Flanked by heavily armed security teams, members of their global military force numbering in the millions, which backs up their news outlets and courts and judges, Jones and Icke held a joint press conference in Davos yesterday. Jones said, “We’re not done yet. Free speech is not a given. Everyone knows that. Regulation is absolutely necessary.”

Henry Kissinger, who happened to be in Davos on business, explained to reporters, “Icke and Jones, from their perch of power—they run governments from behind the scenes, make no mistake about that—these two elite kingpins can make their directives stick. They can censor Twitter and stop EU statements from being made public. The cherished right of free speech is under attack.”

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