Justin Trudeau should forever be known as the PM who betrayed Anglo-European Canada and gave birth to the death of Canadian democracy.

Toronto, Ontario (CTV Network) — “Shortly after the federal government unveiled plans for its ambitious goal of seeing 500,000 immigrants arrive each year by 2025, The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) published its strategic objectives for Asia and the Americas.”

CAP hope readers will concur when we state that our Liberal government’s priorities for immigration continue to maintain a common theme. Asia, Middle East–yes. “The Americas”– not so much.

China: “The IRCC engages in talks with China on an as-needed basis to handle mutual irritants such as long wait times for visas.”

Witness the attitude. While Canadian media eschew the topic, a report from the federal government reveals that little has changed in terms of PM Justin Trudeau’s sign-off on immigration policy.

In terms of immigration, Asia, Middle East, communist nations and Islamic theocracies remain number one on the charts. It is bound to stay this way for a long, long time. As it has been since the day Mr. Trudeau gained control over Canadian society.

“Mutual irritants?” My, my– our government speaks as if Canada exists to minimize irritants experienced by Chinese migrants to our country. In post-modern Canada, this is a given. Nowhere within the rhetoric do we read that migration to our nation constitutes “privilege.”

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