Justice Centre

November 25, 2022

Victoria, BC: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms today issued the following statement expressing its concern about the proposed Bill 36, which is about to go through 3rd reading in the Provincial Legislature:

Bill 36 contains provisions, which if enacted, will permit the Health Minister to appoint College Boards who must unilaterally establish vaccination requirements on all health practitioners for any illness the government deems requires vaccination, and to impose proof of up-to-date vaccination status as a condition of licensing. College registrars would be empowered to dismiss any application for licensing or renewal of license that does not contain proof of vaccination without notice or without a regulatory hearing. The legislation contains provisions that would allow the College to discipline any dissenters; those who speak out against the College policies or who fail to comply, with loss of license. It further enables the College to make “without notice” applications to the court to obtain orders of compliance, orders for entry into premises to search, seize or copy property, orders to secure premises and prevent an owner from entry, to order fines for non-compliance of up to $200,000, as well as to order jail time for up to six months if a healthcare worker is deemed to have made a false or misleading statement.

The passage of Bill 36 would enable the Health Minister to impose a Covid vaccine as a condition of licensing on all health practitioners in the province.

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