1. Most of his trolls attack him regarding past drug habits (which I have no idea is true, and frankly couldn’t care) as though that is the way to discredit him. The fact they can’t argue with his words and resorts to the tried and tested method of character assassination (the same thing our NGOs, government handlers, WEF, etc. ALL do) is all the proof I need that he’s right.

    Also, I said that a while back: There IS a campaign to murder us all as Trudeau financially profits from every jab forcefully administered, every miscarriage that happens when a pregnant mother takes a jab, every dead baby through the euthanasia program. Trudeau revels in killing people, like the Shermans, like the old man in the convoy protest, like what happened in Nova Scotia. IT wants to get more of us killed with pointless aggression against Russia. This effin obscenity won’t stop. It’s either IT or US. I dunno about you, but I like Theo, Easton, everyone that posts here and myself a hell of a lot more than that obscenity, so I vote US!