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  1. You should have questioned it from the very beginning or at least within a few weeks into the horrible and criminal crimes that the government has put on the people around the world, especially when the government were acting as doctors and had no medical background whatsoever. It’s disgusting how most of you health professionals played along with these crimes for so long and especially for those of you that are still doing it. I will never trust public health ever again and they will never get a chance to put another poison shot off any kind into my grandchildren ever again, they never got this poison covid kill shot and they will never get it.I questioned a lot about the government criminals and health care for years so it didn’t take long to realize what was going on with this plandemic of theirs and I find it very hard to believe that health care workers didn’t see it as will but anyway it is horribly disturbing and sickening how they are still pushing it and especially in Canada were we have very few people that are trying to help us, thank you to the ones that are helping and GOD BLESS YOU 🙏