Third tragic marathon this year; media blame weather

by Yudi Sherman

Frontline News

November 24, 2022

Three participants suffered heart attacks during last week’s Behobia-San Sebastián half-marathon while 33 others required hospitalization, reports El Español. 125 other runners required medical attention.

30,000 participants overall joined the annual 20-kilometer race from Behobia to San Sebastián this year, which had its first race in 1919. Since then, six runners have lost their lives, including one in last year’s marathon who died of a sudden heart attack. The last fatality prior to that was in 2015.

While Spanish media are calling the number of casualties “unprecedented,” they are chalking it up to the day’s temperature which reached 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Media outlets have also blamed the heat for other marathons this year marred by tragedy.

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