CSIS delivered a report to Trudeau’s office regarding China’s election interference in January 2022.

by Brad Salzberg


November 22, 2022

According to reports, CSIS told the Liberal government in January, 2022  about [the interference] in a series of briefings delivered to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“The intelligence agency reportedly added that Beijing’s campaign also involved planting [Chinese] agents in MPs’ offices and punishing politicians it sees as hostile to China’s interests.”

As exposed by China-watcher and Canadian journalist Sam Cooper, Justin Trudeau stated that “he hasn’t received any information on federal election candidates who allegedly received funds from China in the 2019 federal election.”

“I do not have any information, nor have I been briefed on any federal candidates receiving any money from China,” Trudeau told a Global News reporter.

How can it be both things at once? Is CSIS lying when they say they informed Trudeau of the circumstances? The truth is, it barely matters. Seven years in office has proven that this Trudeau character can survive scandal after scandal, and still qualify as a contender for re-election.