by Brian Peckford
November 22,k 2022

The Public Order Emergency Inquiry is a flawed process.

The Government investigating itself. Setting the terms of reference , appointing the Commissioner who appoints everyone else . Determines the witnesses ———

Pretty cozy—right?

And how it is all orchestrated!

Leave the spin to the last days .

The final week!

The Play unfolds!

Who leads off ?

Well none other that our spy chief—-whose skill at elasticity —well he’s a spy chief and they’re good at evasion, manipulation——real slick spy stuff .

So he recommends to the PM /Cabinet that while the definition under his Act act says one thing , conditions not met to invoke the the Act , he goes ahead and recommends that the Emergency Act be invoked because he enlarged the definition !!!!

Got that!

The Epoch Times reporter Noe Chartier reports the spy chief said :

“That opinion was provided, if you want, as a national security advisor, as opposed to the director of CSIS specifically.”

How generous of him!!!

See the picture —beginning really last Friday with the bureaucrats at the Privy Council Office who strained to make the argument of this larger emergency, security definition foreshowing what the spy chief would say today. ,

And are these bureaucrats at the PCO experts in Emergency conditions? Of course not!

So what have you got——

Commissioner of RCMP who has not had a stellar few months what with the Nova Scotia killings tragedy and the force’s performance therein.

Privy Council bureaucrats —-spin masters, policy advisors, and coordinators . Really not emergency experts.

A Spy Chief who decides he must enlarge his job description. And was smart enough to get an opinion from the conflicted Government’s legal advisors , the Department of Justice , that a broader definition was legal.

So the PM/Cabinet have fertile ground to explain their way out of this fiasco——and we have’t even mentioned the Prime Minister’s Office or the scores of other Departmental people and aides , consultants , pollsters, scurrying around to enhance the notion of this fake ‘ occupation ‘ as Mayor Watson of Ottawa deceitfully wanted to describe citizens defending their constitutional rights and freedoms.

And the Commissioner , a Government appointment , can easily conclude that while the reasons varied somewhat, and improvement in reporting and coordination are necessary , the ‘so called experts’ all saw invoking the Emergency Act as necessary and therefore essentially whitewash the Government’s decision.

And that ,fellow Canadians , is likely our fate or some version thereof concerning the constitution breaking, anti science actions of our leaders of the four horsemen—Government, Pharma, Big Tech, and Media/Academia .

And did you notice —The Charter of Rights and Freedoms which must be followed according to the Emergency Act itself is hardly mentioned—you know , things like individual freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of expression , life, liberty and security of the person , equality before the law.

And how about ‘ demonstrably justify’ and ‘ in a free and democratic society ‘ , or ‘the Supremacy of God ‘ and ‘the rule of law ‘, all concepts that are supposed to be considered before a Charter override is possible?

The Honourable A. Brian Peckford




    Summary: Convoy lawyer Miller has been kicked out of the inquiry. JCCF is demanding he return since he’s Tamara Lich’s lawyer and she has been there the whole time. Keith Wilson is raising holy hell about this! Obviously, he was getting was too close to the truth on what was happening, especially given yesterday’s cross-examinations.

    Personal view and prediction: They got rid of Miller to lay the ground out for an nice, cozy question period for Trudeau with nothing of consequence. Miller already cut the CSIS director to rat droppings and he’s peanuts compared to everything able to wreck Trudeau with. If he is re-admitted, Trudeau will suddenly catch covid and skip out on it and being an inquiry, not a court appearance, I don’t know if anything can be done to charge it with skipping out.

  2. Ok, so it ‘looks’ like Miller was kicked out for speaking over the commissioner (and a heated argument), not for what he was asking for. Still, you have to admit the optics in this looked pretty damn bad. However, I still stand my belief that the whole thing is looking increasingly rigged. He was treated like absolute crap during yesterday’s testimony (a lot of attempted coverups) so I get why he would be a bit tense with what was going on.