Everyone but Anglophones, everything other than English Canada is the true Trudeau agenda.

by Brad Salzberg


November 20, 2022

What a festival it was as PM Justin Trudeau concludes his recent trip to Asia. While it’s a tad early for Santa Claus, the Canadian prime minister just concluded a giant pre-Christmas giveaway in Asia.

‘Holiday In Cambodia: Trudeau Abandons Canada On Remembrance Day’

Attending the ASEAN summit in Cambodia this month, Mr. Trudeau’s gift-giving is a sight to behold. That none of it benefits Canadians is something mainstream media chose to overlook– for good reason.

Trudeau is treating CBC and corporate media in the same way he approaches so-called “developing nations.” If media spoke the truth, they would inform taxpayers that developing nations includes some of the world’s most powerful countries:

“Chinese authorities remind visiting delegations that China is still a developing country. Indeed, the country ranks a mere 86th on the Human Development Index(HDI).”

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