Mao Tse Tung encouraged his Red Guards to attack all traditional values during the Communist Revolution in China.

‘No Downtown Christmas Tree? Shameful’ reads a recent letter to the editor in the Edmonton Journal.

“I have never in my 80 years been so disappointed as I was today, hearing that there will be no decorated Christmas tree by City Hall. Instead, the council without any input from Edmonton residents, has decided to decorate with a buffalo on skates, et cetera.” 

“This letter is to remind them, that tree out there is a symbol of the Christmas season we have all grown up with, as well as our children and grandchildren.”

And that’s why these cancellations occur. No one could ever accuse CAP of seeing Canada through rainbow-coloured glasses. Yes, we leap to the “conspiratorial,” often with lighting speed.

And yet, the thematic nature of Christmas-oriented cancellations sticks in our craw. Here’s another:

“No Halifax Christmas lights switch-on again this year – but other free festive family events planned.”

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  1. No matter what these sick, hateful, bigoted, vile, liberal/progressive/socialist type politicians say and do in Canada and abroad, that Christmas is truly about the birth of the Messiah. The gift that Jesus wound up giving us was eternal salvation for anyone who asks for it and then lives to repent of their sins in the greater glory of such salvation.

    Yes many of us seem to take Christ out of Christmas today but never forget that it’s all about Christ.

    Please understand that I’m coming once growing up as a believer in God and Jesus in the eyes and mind of a kid, to once being an adult falling out of from over 20 years of adult life of not really looking for Jesus and his salvation and I was living in my own way as an agnostic. God if or not being true did not matter to me… I WAS WRONG! I began my journey in my testimony back to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of about 8 years ago now. It was a baby steps back and I’m still learning the value of Salvation, repentance and Love of my Lord and Saviour Jesus and God Almighty

  2. They may as well not bother in Edmonton; who goes downtown anymore, anyway? It’s full of bums, druggies, and empty, boarded-up buildings (the economic revitalization that Rogers Place produced), while the Communist City Council obsesses over banning single-use plastic bags.