(Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault, Justin Trudeau’s selection for LGBT czar of Canada).


Why on earth did our Liberal government elevate this issue to a top political priority?

by Brad Salzberg


November 17, 2022

Coinciding with Pride Month in 2016, Justin Trudeau told a homosexual news agency his government would be lowering the age of consent from 18 to 16 years of age.

Bill C-75 repeals a section of Section 159 of the Criminal Code. The legislation removes “a longstanding point of discrimination against gay men by eliminating the unequal age of consent for anal sex in Canada.”

In 2008, Canada’s Conservative government raised the age of consent from 14 to 16 for heterosexual relations, while leaving it at 18 for anal sex. The decision arrived in response to the case of Dale Beckham, an American who had groomed a 14-year-old Canadian boy via the Internet, then flew to Canada to engage in sex in a hotel room.

Parliament approved the Liberal’s anal sex reformation in June, 2019. Such are the priorities for Canada’s federal government. One would think that with all the consternation in Canadian society, Justin Trudeau would have more pressing issues to deal with.

He didn’t. For what reason would our federal government create a bill for this purpose?

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  1. When one places moral authority in only mankind, one will be open to deceit, corruption, depravity and a host of other moral ills.

    If morality is based on a humanist construct and not on the powers of a higher authority as in God of the Holy Bible, I ask those then who and what morals do you claim to wish to follow and govern yourselves and society on? Your’s, Hitler’s, Mao’s, Stalin’s, Castro’s, Pol Pot’s, Cesar’s, Bill Clinton’s, Hillary Clinton’s, Joe Biden’s, Pierre Trudeau’s, Gacies’s, Dahmer’s, BinLaden’s, Who’s? And why any of the ones (of men) you may choose?


    You all see and I’m especially asking atheists and agnostics (whom I at one time in my adult life was one) who choose not to believe in the higher moral power of God Almighty and your Saviour Jesus Christ, who’s morals do you want to live by and why? If you examine no belief in the absolute powers of God and his Biblical teachings then any one person’s morals is as good as any others. You cannot claim say, Hitler’s morals especially about the Jews and his prescription for dealing with such was wrong or immoral. THINK ABOUT THAT! If all our morals and such laws are to be governed by mans’ morals, you can’t claim any of the evil men I noted above were absolutely immoral.

    This is why age of consent laws on human sex notably the immoral act of sodomy are what they are in nations like Canada…. STEW ON THAT FOR A WHILE AS YOU CONFLICT IT WITH YOUR MORALS OR LACK THERE OF!