“While Canadians deal with inflation and skyrocketing personal debt Justin Trudeau is concerned with illegal fishing in Cambodia.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 13, 2022

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a slew of funding announcements in Cambodia on Saturday, Nov.12, 2022 aimed at deepening economic and academic ties with Southeast Asia, after decades of sporadic engagement with the region.”

Interesting it is to note how Canadian media position “deeper ties” with foreign governments. In the real world, this tax-payer funded quarter-billion dollars constitutes more of a gift than anything else.

“The largest chunk, $133 million, will involve feminist-focused development aid in ASEAN countries, a quarter of which will be earmarked for Canadian civil-society groups.”

“Ottawa will also spend $84.3 million for a new Shared Ocean Fund aimed at cracking down on illicit fishing in the region.”

Well, would you looky here. At a time when Canadians hold the highest level of personal debt in modern history, Justin Trudeau is concerned with illegal fishing in Cambodia.

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