I’m not sure when this basic reality became so controversial,’ wrote Maxime Bernier.

by Kennedy Hall


November 8, 2022

(LifeSiteNews) – People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier has contradicted the claims of “radical gender activists” that there are “52” genders .

“Male and female,” he began in a November 2 PPC newsletter. “That’s it.”

Bernier wondered where the push for gender ideology came from and when it became controversial to state that there are only two genders.

“I’m not sure when this basic reality became so controversial,” he wrote.

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  1. Wait, it’s not 53 genders? My goodness, I am so sorry. It’s so hard to keep up with this agenda-pushing garbage when it changes every 30 minutes…

    My favourite one is ‘they’: These supposed people identify as plural. That implies there is more than one person in their head, much like Multiple Personality Syndrome… and isn’t that classified as mental illness? Hmm… Non-GMO Corn Flakes for thought, huh?

    As I see it, Bernier’s comment is going to resonate with anyone who still value traditional identity that has existed for countless years based on real biology and science, not political science and foreign NGO agendas.