The “Blitz” is a Big Pharma Disinformation tactic defined as “harassing scientists who speak out with results or views inconvenient for industry.”

by Pierre Kory

Pierre Kory’s Medical Musings

November 7, 2022

In the Disinformation playbook article written in 2017, the Industry they used to illustrate the Disinformation tactic called “The Blitz” was the National Football League (NFL). How oddly appropriate. The NFL attacked the scientist who first began to describe the disease that was killing retired NFL players, often in the prime of their lives. As you will learn about below, the NFL’s actions were eerily similar to those of Big Pharma and Bill Gates against the FLCCC after our “discovery” of ivermectin’s efficacy in Covid (it was less a discovery and more that we were the first group to make the knowledge widely public… across the world).

“Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)” is a disease defined by myriad micro-hemorrhages found in the brains of dead former NFL players after a lifetime of high-speed collisions, tackles and blocks while playing. The diagnosis could only be made at autopsy, often after the players killed themselves or were killed during violent episodes in the setting of early dementia and/or severe depression. The NFL freaked out about this discovery given the implications would be devastating to their entire business – fewer kids might want to play, fewer people might want to watch, and a ton of retired players falling ill with the disease might want to seek compensation. Does this remind you of the consequences of vaccine hesitancy? It should. One thing I want to point out is that the NFL is a puny $9 Billion dollar industry compared to the $1.4 trillion (yes trillion) dollar Pharmaceutical industry.



  1. Trump was the perfect poster boy for that agenda, given the kabuki theatre hate for him. They did everything they could in 4 years to demonize he said and did (while ignoring their own faults *COUGH*). He stated publicly that this stuff was useful in treating this (supposed) illness and suddenly everyone is on the “IT’S EVIL! IT’S EVIL!” drum, because Trump said it. Was this a setup? Was this a scripted event? Was Trump getting paid or was in on it? Who can say… Like with everything else in the US, there is the kabuki theatre and there is what is really going on and we rarely ever get to see what happened behind the scenes.