Shocking Outcome:
Bullet Shot Through Town Councillor’s Window

I think that we can agree that Covid-19 has brought out the worst in people. Exactly inline with the globalist’s Agenda. Divide and conquer. Pit Canadians against one and other. Use mass psychosis, emotional manipulation and fear. The result has been alarming to say the least.

Grant Abbott’s story is just one of many. But one that must be heard. Shocking fact: the window in the above image is an actual photo of Mr. Abbott’s front room window in his home!


Mr. Abbott is a good man who wanted to serve his community and was fairly elected. The mayor and town council have unlawfully attempted to remove Mr. Abbott time and time again, but he is unrelenting in standing his ground regardless of the discriminatory attacks against his character and threats on his life.

Mr. Abbott is courageously moving forward with legal action to hold those fuelling this crime, to account. He is not only doing this for himself but to help represent every other elected official who has endured similar mistreatment.

Please help fund Mr. Abbott’s legal costs … Donate HERE.

Tanya Gaw

Workers Re-instated With Back Pay



  1. With respect, Covid did nothing. Government enforced it all. Pharma enforced it all. State-controlled media drummed the hate, division and agenda into the minds of the compliant and manipulative. Covid did not put guns to people’s head during protests. Covid did not issue ridiculous fines for complying with non-scientific (or political, if you prefer to call it) mandates. Covid didn’t make billions in profits. These are all elements that government, pharma and media were at the centre of. Media was responsible fanning the flames of hate, division and encouraging acts of violence against those who refuse. The increase of violence is at the hands of those who are creating this unnecessary, agenda-pushing hate.

    On another note: I have yet to see proof that this ‘covid’ even exists and this is nothing more that the flu being misinterpreted as something else. Meanwhile, witches continue to get burned. Dark Ages 2.0 is upon us.