Now is the time for you to speak with your doctors and know whether they are willing to protect your medical files or will they hand over your most private and confidential details to the state.


by Amy Mek

Originally Published: October 6, 29=022

Canadian doctor Mary O’Conner has been threatened with prison for refusing to violate her patient’s medical privacy and safety. Yet, despite the government’s intimidation tactics and harassment, the brave doctor of 50 years continues her selfless fight to protect her patient’s rights and those of every Canadian citizen.

In September 2022, Dr. O’Conner delivered a powerful speech detailing her fight for her patient’s safety who are under attack. But, as she explained, her battle is “now a battle to fight for every patient, for their Rights:

1. Right to access medical treatment

2. Right to adequate medical treatment

3. Right to privacy of their medical records

Dr. O’Conner, who has been practicing medicine in her office for 44 years, went to Parliament Hill to explain her situation and warn others that the attacks happening to her and her patients could soon happen to everyone.

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