Canada’s public education system works to indoctrinate Anglophone Canadian youth with self-hating propaganda campaign.

by Brad Salzberg


November 4, 2022

Has the once-proud country of Canada degenerated to a point at which “selective racism” is a standard within our society? Judging by the curriculum at the Toronto District School Board, Canada’s largest, it certainly appears this way.

A 40-page package drafted by Aakriti Kapoor, Stefanie De Jesus and Amie Presley– employed as full-time research coordinators, shovels the dirt on to our nation’s Anglophone community:

“Research will work to create decolonial futures to reverse the harms created by ongoing realities of colonialism and systemic racism,” say the anti-Anglo academics.

How “progressive” these educators are. Don’t they know? Colonialism is an antiquated historical event. Not to say certain ramifications cannot linger. Yet, in truth, TDSB’s vengeful, hate-filled rhetoric is part-and-parcel with Liberal government political philosophy.

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