1. From dropping out of faith as I became an adult, to a long many years of agnostics and simping for liberalism/progressivism, I have over the last 7 or so years begun a journey back to God, our Saviour Jesus Christ an the tenets of the Holy Bible. I did so seeing how these modern liberal/progressive ways only hurt or compromised my life and did not benefit others in my life and as such saw me cry out to GOD to help me better see the way!

    What this story talks about here in Vancouver and mirrored in many other global cities are problems of the sin of man. THEY WILL NOT BE SOLVED BY MAN’S WORDS ALONE! Why? Because mankind is a flawed kind and without a trust and faith in our higher power God and the Saviour Jesus Christ, all while trying to live to the tenet and morals of the Holy Bible, nothing done in the flawed ideals of mankind will work.

    The people in this story (and life in general) will not solve their own issues and troubles alone or by leaning only on the shoulders of other flawed and failed persons. To begin ones’ FIRST step to redemption, and personal problems solving must and only will work if one first takes on the desire to KNOW Jesus Christ as their Saviour and trust with faith in God to help them put a better first foot forward. IT’S THAT SIMPLE OF A PROCESS TO START! But for many of us including those troubled by sins of the flesh and abuse of their bodies, that first step is the HARDEST! Drug and booze addiction for one is a known, all be it perverted comfort, same goes with sexual perversions, relationship perversions, gambling perversions and a host of others. The false comfort in these are based on the beliefs of freedoms, “I DON’T WANT NO GOD TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!” is a statement told often by these flawed people. But what they don’t see is that Satan himself and his demons including using enablers in humanity to deceive these troubled people and in many ways all of us to think it’s PERSONAL FREEDOMS! but it’s as typical Satanic lies.

    YES! one may choose to go down any one or all of these troubled paths, Satan can’t make you take that first drink, shoot that first drug, steal that first item or service, fornicate with that first prostitute, cheat that first time on your spouse, have that first abortion, have that first pull of one armed bandit etc. He and his will egg you on though and maybe many of us may not fall into said troubles the first time or so. But each time we fall into the vices above and many other vices/sins not noted by me here, it’s harder to stop or correct.

    Those who are fallen to troubles of these vices noted here by me, will NOT succeed in correcting themselves on their own nor will any government/bureaucracy solve it for them as long as they are without God and knowing Jesus Christ.

    This statement coming from a man who walked away from faith in my late teens/early twenties and lived much of the modern “I don’t need no God” ways and ideals only to see how they of YES! my willing choices at those times 🙁 robbed me of surely many better things and ways in my adult life. Luckily for me none of my vices were critically harmful, but those I did follow I see that they stunted me in many ways and
    corrupted my ideals through many of my adult life years.

    The best chances of correcting ones’ sins, vices and troubles will begin with accepting Jesus Christ and living more to the ways of the Bible.

  2. The Liberal government and this permissive lifestyle…especially the attitude towards drugs where law abiding citizens are paying the cost via taxes, the welfare system, and a rise in crime. Giving druggies drugs just makes the problem worse.

    If you have no job or money you steal, to support your habit and to feed yourself.

    Trudeau needs to use his euthanasia laws for these losers who won’t seek help. Trudeau and the BC government are following the US script to destabilize Canada.