Alberta is the most conservative province of Canada. A few weeks ago, they got a new premier, which is Canada’s version of a state governor, Danielle Smith.

Smith got rid of all of Alberta’s Covid rules, and now she’s taking another step to thumb her nose at globalism.

Earlier this week, Smith canceled Alberta’s health consulting agreement with the World Economic Forum, saying that from now on, Alberta’s health care issues will be solved by Albertans.

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  1. Finally, a woman with brains. Trudeau is an AH globalist…Manitoba, is NDP another lost cause. Saskatchewan, BC need to follow suite like Alberta. Ford in Ontario is bought off.
    Quebec is a lost cause only interested in their monopolizing of the Federal government. The Maritimes keep voting Liberal.

  2. I hate to be a downer about this, but this is not going to go over well with the WEF cronies. They are obsessed to the point of complete mental illness and insanity over their plans to kill us all and rule whatever is left over and nothing and no one will be allowed to stop this. If she is allowed to set the example that resistance CAN happen, it’ll spread through the entire country, real fast. She better have some good untouchable security in place or else she will be found dead in the coming months. It’ll be the usual lie, the ‘lone nutjob they were able to identify within 45 minutes’ that the thing’s CBCTVlobal paid for establishment will lie about it as.