3rd World demography and religion are the key to the Great Woke Revolution of Justin Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


October 28, 2022

Will the country of Canada eventually transition to North America’s first Islamic-dominated nation?

There was a time when a question such as this would be branded an absurdity. We speak of any point previous to PM Justin Trudeau’s takeover of Canadian society.

Statistics Canada has released demographic information which speaks to the future of our nation. CAP will summarize: on a demographic basis, immigration policy will transition white Canadians into a minority population within three decades.

According to New Canadian Media, Islam is now the second most popular religion in Canada. Keep immigration quotas at their current levels, and Islam it certain to become number one on Canada’s religious totem pole.

Speaking of religion, it’s fair to say Christianity in Canada is dying a thousand deaths. More Canadians than ever claim to have no religious affiliation, opening the door for “racialized’“ religious communities to rise to take their place.

According to StatsCan, followers of Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam have doubled over the past decade.

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