Christine Anderson, The cat is out of the bag




  1. Well-spoken. It truly is sad that no one besides a handful of truly awake (not woke) people will actually listen to you, but this is one of the consequences of establishing a system that pushes the idea that the state is more important than the people it rules over. By the time the mass population truly wakes up, it will be way too little and way too late. I am down 2 family members since these jabs started and I am expecting to lose 3 more before the year is up. They were all warned. They would not listen. They have to learn this the hard way, sadly.

  2. I know what you feel! I am frustrated with so many people who still do not see them as criminals and that they are trying to kill us all of. Christine Anderson,you have been a very true person from the very beginning and I am so proud to have been a part of this,even if it’s on this site or wherever it is! Wish we could all get together and really fight for our children’s lives and future. Justin Trudeau is taking and have already took more than enough away from us. It’s time to stand up and fight back.