A message from our friend Dwight of Briden Solutions

Our Black Friday sale is in full swing, and we appreciate all of the amazing support. Know that our team is hustling to get everyone’s orders out the door as quickly as possible! I also wanted to take a quick moment and let you in on a little secret…

There are actually extra hidden discounts in this sale!

The backstory is that while we were trying to set up the website technology to run the sale, we discovered a tech limitation. The plan was to offer 8% off store-wide but our Meat kits and Time-based kits already offer a built in 5% discount. Our website wouldn’t let us assign an additional 3% discount to those items and 8% to the rest, so we made a decision to just let it work in your favour.

The bottom line is that although the sale tag on our website for the following kits says that they are 8% off – in reality for the whole sale they are actually 13% off once you include the already built-in bulk discount. That is basically the BEST deal that you will ever see these kits at! Want to know which kits have the hidden savings in them? Here they are:

We also decided to throw in a little bit of extra fun and every 100th order placed wins some free Briden Swag!

Congratulations to all of our winners so far and good luck to everyone who is still ordering.

If your order is one of the winning ones, our customer service team will reach out to you to confirm your preferred T-shirt size and will send you one of our new Briden T-shirts.


PRO TIP: Remember the best time to prepare is before the storm arrives,

Talk soon,


Briden Solutions


ps. Reminder – the sale runs until next Wednesday November 2nd at 10pm Mountain time

Peace Of Mind