Tucker Carlson says Trudeau’s MAID euthanasia program “is about to become a lot more common in Canada as a way of cutting down on healthcare costs” as a new law will allow children to be killed by doctors without the approval of their parents.




  1. Someone needs to euthanize Trudeau…that SOB is an Islamic, WEF puppet who is destroying Canada and all the sheep follow him to slaughter.

  2. I hate it when my mind makes connection between different events but to me, this suddenly makes sense. They want to euthanize babies as a coverup for all the jab-related injuries babies are developing by sticking these kill shots in expecting mothers.

    Alberta has already been caught doctoring medical records. They are shoving in as many immigrants (to vote Lieberal) as they can to replace everyone dropping dead from these jabs (especially the white population that Trudeau is on record for saying it despises). This is the next step and there will be more steps to come.. This level of ‘sweep it under the rug’ desperation is entirely consistent with a black-faced, mass-murdering pedo that profits from the premeditated slaughter of babies. What a disgusting thing that crime minister is.