As buried by media, demographic signs point to the demise of Anglophone-Christian Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


October 26, 2022

Throughout the first century of our country’s existence, the majority of new immigrants came to our shores from European nations. Over the past 50 years, immigration policy shifted to where it stands today– 90% of migrants to Canada now come from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

New reports from Statistics Canada inform us that Anglophone-Canadians are being silently set-up for minority community status.

“Some 62% of the recent immigrant arrivals were born in Asia, with 18.6% coming from India alone. This is the first time India took the top spot of Canada’s newcomers.

“In 2021, 92.2% of Canada’s recent immigrants lived in one of Canada’s census metropolitan areas. This is higher than 67.7% for the Canadian-born population.”

In terms of major urban centres, Vancouver had the second-largest proportion of immigrants, at 41.8%, with migrants making up over 50% of nearby Richmond and Burnaby.

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