So Why Is It Only Bernier and Peckford Of The Hundreds Of Federal and Provincial Former Or Existing Legislators That Have Actually Taken One of the Governments to Court Over Their Cruel Mandates and Lockdowns ?

by Brian Peckford


October 25, 2022

I encounter every day people who are apologists for former or existing legislators . They don’t understand like you. They were not at the conferences leading up to the Charter and Rights and Freedoms.


I wasn’t at the 1867 BNA Act talks either!!!!!Nor was Bernier . Bernier was not at the 1981 conference either.

We can read , we have experienced —-and we all have been around for the last two years!!! A lot of it is common sense!!!

It’s a good question and needs to be asked.

Another is what about the Law Societies of Canada ?

Any of them come forward?

What about the political parties themselves?  Federal and Provincial!! The Unions , the Business Associations, The Think Tanks!! I won’t even mention with any gusto The Media and Academia.

And if not take action themselves then support those who have taken action !!

How about that?

The Provincial Government of the Province of which I was once Premier threatened to take me to court if I disclosed why they would not answer my question as to why they would not refer their mandate , lockdown measures to their highest court  for a Constitutional ruling as they had the power to do?

This is what a lot of supporters of the Federal Liberal Party, Federal Conservative Party , Federal New Democratic Party , Federal Green Party , Provincial Liberal Parties, Provincial Progressive Conservative Parties , Provincial New Democratic Parties , and the Provincial  Green Parties should be asking themselves and their Parties and their Parties’ leadership!!!!!

I did not see any existing Political Leaders on the platform with me In Ottawa during the truckers convoy —-except courageous,  principled Mr. Bernier. Not even the budding Conservative Leadership Candidates. Where were they?

Have any of the local political party riding associations Federal or Provincial pass resolutions calling on their Party to take such actions or support such actions?

Ah, Yes—-talk is cheap——-

I wrote all the First Ministers on referring their covid measures to their highest courts —-I was largely ignored . And when an answer a generic electronic one !!And wrote them on supporting a Citizens’ Led Inquiry . Same kind of responses.

The machine answers !!!

We have become a nation of followers ———watching as hero statues are removed and  Christian churches burned.

As science and reason are turned upside down or blatantly ignored.

Yet , arrest Bernier on the open Prairie for exercising his civil disobedience rights , his rights and freedoms under the Charter of Rights  and Freedoms, shackle Tamara , have a Country wide alert for her like a serial killer or rapist, arrest and jail Christian Pastors for exercising their Charter  freedoms of religion , and rights of free speech, freedom of association and assembly , force Ezra Levant to court so that his press organization could attend a press conference or political rally ———

Few voices , fewer actions ——by leaders and those who follow them !

A state of acquiescence  and servitude unworthy of our history and judaeo christian foundations.



  1. We need a leader in every province and we have maybe one… we need 9 more and a someone that likes Canada as Prime Minister. The people of Canada have no intention to stop what is happening… they are out of gear and asleep. don’t bother them… they don’t want to have to think about what is happening.. they will wake up when it’s tooooo late.