by Frank Bergman


October 24, 2022

Medical professionals in Canada are demanding a full investigation as the death toll continues to soar among the country’s healthy young doctors.

Since last year, 80 young Canadian doctors have died, with the number of deaths soaring way beyond expected rates this year.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is now coming under mounting pressure to investigate the issue but is so far refusing.

On Saturday, Dr. William Makis MD, a physician and cancer researcher wrote a letter to the CMA requesting that they look into the sudden rise in mortality among Canadian medical professionals.

Makis wants the CMA to investigate any possible links between the deaths and the implementation of mandated vaccinations for medical personnel.

Dr. Makis, who has authored over 100 peer-reviewed medical publications, also called on the government health body to put an end to all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canadian healthcare.


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  1. What about the thousands of people across Canada who have died , SADS they have named it… they won’t even do an autopsy because they know what they will find… SADS started just after the jab…..they won’t investigate… they cover one crime with another..

  2. It’s why there are standing orders to never conduct any autopsies. Those have been in effect since this jab garbage got out there. There is already a ton of evidence regarding the mile-long clots that are being pulled out of people that don’t look anything like normal clotting and more resembling sickly gummi worms. Because you are right, they damn well know what this garbage does to people and we are seeing the most unprecedented of cover-ups going on in Canada (And given a number of them in the last 100 years, this is probably the biggest doozy, which says plenty).

    The system is completely broken. It cannot be saved and can only be swept away.