by The Honourable A.Brian Peckford


October 23, 2022

It is clear now!!

Danielle Smith means what she says. 

And minus a few unfortunate apologies for defending the rights of the unvaccinated  she has been right on message. And the unvaccinated have been discriminated against for over two years now. Witness the pastors in Smith’s own Alberta and the doctors across the  land : Dr. Charles Hoffe of BC and Dr. Byram Bridle of Ontario. And in my own personal case of the shoddy treatment I and my fellow Canadians have endured before the Courts of this nation . There are many other such examples. 

Premier Smith :

A. She calls out discrimination where she sees it, even to trying to right the wrongs inflicted on her citizens by the Previous administration in its injurious mandates and lockdowns.

B. She is following through on implementing the crucial idea of protecting Provincial Rights under the Constitution from deliberate Federal intrusion.

C. Contrary to so called press commentators’ predictions she is uniting her Party and being fair to her leadership opponents.

D. She is ridding the Province of the Globalist Elite most clearly manifested in her identification of of The World Economic Forum being  involved with her Province’s Health Ministry

E. She favours choice, real freedom of speech and the adherence to The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

F. While other leaders spin with excessive use of mumbo jumbo and double speak she articulates clearly where she stands on the important issues of the day .

G. She advances economic freedom and an individual’s honest pursuit of their hopes and dreams unshackled by Government overreach.


We complain when there is weak and dishonest leadership .

We must celebrate and support when we see such strong and honest leadership.




  1. Well said Sir. Perhaps some male “leaders” will grow some backbone and stand up for The People of Canada? Won’t hold my breath and I’d sure like to know how much their bank balances have grown in the past couple of years! I truly hope Premier Smith will be able (allowed) to bring things around in Alberta. And then other’s have the fortitude to follow.


    And right on cue the ‘media protection team’ all paid for by our government swoops right in to attack the messenger rather than the message. Colour me unsurprised by this one, but it’s all the proof I need they can’t argue this and she is a credible enough threat.

    No matter how anyone looks at this, Danielle Smith has her work cut out for her. If she is serious about what she says, she will have to work a good three times harder than most of her predecessors put together to try and do something with this mess Alberta is in right now, because she inherited one heck of a whopper; bought-and-paid-for career politicians, bribes being handed out, scandal after scandal, leading in arrest of pastors, the list really goes on and it’s… it’s ugly.

    It not enough for her to just say it. Nice start and all, but actions need to be taken to fix this, laws need to be in place to destroy EVERYTHING resembling a 2-tier society that has been allowed to be created, established precedent that medical discrimination cannot be permitted or tolerated (Although I have my own views on why the jabbed are a danger to society, but I’ll leave it alone for the time being).

    • Please elaborate on why the jabbed are a danger to society.
      I’m guessing most or all of the “disposable” presstitutes are jabbed.
      Time to wake the presstitutes up!
      They are a danger to society in more ways than one.

      • Spike protein shedding. That is what I refer to. The phenomenon where those that have taken the jab are continually producing and releasing this 100% toxic substance into the area surrounding them with their regular bodily activities, including sneezing, coughing and breathing. It was labeled ‘conspiracy theory’ back at early as March 2021 when I first saw people with signs on their lawn saying “If you’re injected, you’re infected. Stay away.” and the evidence of the shedding has only be increasing since. Dr. Charles Hoffe gave an interview as late as Sept. 2022 saying that unjabbed children in households with family members that are jabbed may as well be considered jab because of the spike protein and surprisingly the amount of graphene oxide concentrations can be found in their bodies. Couple months before that I remember hearing podcasts about family pets going through their own version of SADS following everyone in the household being jabbed.

        I don’t care about labels anymore, I have to call a problem when I see it and I see this as a huge problem; a legacy that will last with us for years on end. The sick fill-in-the-blanks that perpetrate this are not only blind with greed and subservience to those pushing the agendas, but are ignorant of the dangers to themselves. Until these jabs stop, the production of this 100% toxic substance eventually ceases and (tragically) the contaminated eventually die off, I think it’s better to just stay from any and everyone else. Even those who are not jabbed can end up being a vector for this garbage depending on their exposure to those that have been. Whether or not it is paranoia, I don’t think this is a situation where I can actually say I am 100% wrong about this.