Due to media obfuscation, the future of Canada remains locked in a woke media closet.

by Brad Salzberg


October 23, 2022

“Canada admits about 600,000 foreign students each year. That’s more than the roughly 400,000 immigrants admitted in the same time frame. Together, they have a significant impact on a thinly populated nation of just 38 million.”

“significant impact” is putting it mildly. We speak of language used by CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest of mainstream media in Canada.

The truth is altogether different. The impact is not significant–it is “nation-changing.” 600 thousand foreign students each year added to 400,000 equals one million migrants per year.

Keep this up for 40 years, and the population of our country doubles. Keep it rolling for just 30 years, and witness as white Canadians transition to a minority community. Number of times legacy media in our country reference this inevitability? Begin at never, and don’t stop till you get enough.

Have you heard the news? Under the iron-clad control of PM Justin Trudeau, our nation is being fundamentally transformed into a 3rd world dominated society.

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  1. They need the immigrants to replace all the non-immigrants (aka white people) in Canada dropping dead to these kill shots. They are still managing to hide the shear number of them, but that curve is becoming increasingly parabolic as time goes on as they continue to push these shots to fatten their pockets.