A rapid mass vaccination campaign that utilizes a sub-optimal antigen-specific non-neutralizing vaccine (such as the COVID vaccines) and with vaccination across all age groups, and into the pandemic

by Dr. Paul Alexander


October 22, 2022

That is, in the midst of an active pandemic of a highly mutable and highly infectious respiratory virus with high infectious pressure, can only generate a continued series of dominating new variants that are increasingly infectious, increasingly vaccine-resistant (due to “immune escape”), and inevitably more virulent (potentially lethal).  In short, the mass vaccination campaign that has been implemented during the COVID pandemic can potentially keep the pandemic going for many years with a potential more virulent sub-variant emerging.

These variants are emerging because of the vaccine and its sub-optimal vaccinal pressure on the infectiousness (and virulence) of the virus; the vaccine is giving the virus infectious properties it did not formerly have.

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