by Brian Peckford


October 21, 2022

My lawyer just called .

‘I have bad news .

The Judge has ruled against us.

Reasons later. ‘

One would think a Senior Judge could give the reasons now. But as has been true from the beginning of this case , the ‘talking down’ —-has been extraordinary.

No glory , no individual rights or freedom.

In true arrogant fashion Individual Rights and Freedoms Falls On The Sword Of The State knows best!!!

The ordinary citizens’ cynicism in the system that I said will be invalidated by our “Justice “ System has been confirmed.

I had held out hope that the country my place , Newfoundland and Labrador, joined in 1949 when I was seven years old , would uphold the traditions of the Magna Carta  —of Judeao-Christian morality .

Shakespeare’s Play , Hamlet , comes readily to mind ——-

‘Something Rotten In the State of Denmark—- ‘

Marcellus,  the guard to Hamlet,  senses in the mysterious happenings with the Danish Royalty , that things are amiss, foul!!

And Four Centuries later our realty gives new life to the play—-

My lawyer asked , do I appeal?

I said , absolutely yes , if we can!

Because in Hamlet there is also this:

Polonius , King Claudius ‘s chief minister giving advice to his son , Laertes , on his departure to France :

‘—————This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.————-‘.

The Honourable A. Brian Peckfordf



  1. (Sorry, been a while, had a system crash, trying to reconstruct stuff, etc.)

    So, from how it looks from here, the judge strikes it down and refuses to provide an immediate reason why. Curious that. Does he have so much contempt for non-left wing extremists that push mental illness across the country he can’t be bothered to follow due process for sane and perfectly reasonable people like the Honourable Mr. Peckford? Does he have no reason because it has yet to be phoned in by Trudeau’s handlers? Does this have anything to do with Trudeau’s handlers pushing to have this dropped because they claim it’s a moot point since they are all suspended (NOT removed). Has anyone investigated this judge to see if he has been sending contributions to the Lieberal Party, like so many other judges, commissions chairpeople and crown prosecutors have been in recent history? The whole thing seems should be treated as suspect.

    Now that this has been defeated before it had a chance to shine, expect the mandates to come back in the next couple weeks, rinse and repeat. They just can’t keep a good scam down, can they?