Doctor Joseph Ladapo came to this country at age 5 from Nigeria. Dr. Ladapo’s office put out a new guidance on the Covid-19 vaccines. This guidance recommended that men aged 18-39 not receive Covid-19 vaccines. This is based on an analysis by the Florida Department of Health, which found that in the month after getting vaccinated, for young men there was an eighty-four percent increase in the risk of sudden death from heart failure.

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  1. I keep hearing the argument, “Well, you could die tomorrow, so why not take it?” and I have to think myself, “Are you serious? Just because I ‘could’ die tomorrow doesn’t mean I want to accelerate the process or do something to guarantee it happens.” I could say it, but most of time, talking to a jabbee about their decisions is worse than talking to a brick wall; I get a more useful response out of a brick wall. There are times it seems like they are being reprogrammed to all behave and think a certain way. The compounds and spike proteins can penetrate the blood brain barrier, which means this garbage can easily infect the minds of anyone that has touched it.

    Anyway, a real health emergency wouldn’t require threats, coercion, bribes, or all the other various nonsense they have been pushing to get these jabs shot up into people (so the stooges of the usual country handlers can get their kickbacks). If people actually ‘knew’ it was true, they would be doing it themselves, not having their jobs threatened over it or be offered free ice cream or lottery tickets. This tells me, subconsciously, there was a lot of doubt behind all this nonsense (before they were all knocked up with this crap and started all behaving and thinking the same way), and with more truth coming out about the lack of testing, the admission this is a weapon, etc.), those who have not touched it are all the more vindicated and more committed to staying jab-free. Have you heard anyone regretting not taking this garbage?

    Monty Python ‘Bring out the dead’ parody is going to look like nothing in comparison once the real damage from this weapon piles up. It is accelerating and will only continue to do so.