by Jon Rappoport

October 20, 2022

(This article is Part-3 in a series. For Part-2, click here.)

As you know, plaintiffs recently won a lawsuit against Alex Jones to the tune of $965 million, based on statements Jones made about the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Two points. Apparently the standard in these cases is: false and defamatory statements which cause a person emotional distress.

And the amount of the $$ award is, as far as I can tell, meant to be punitive. It is supposed to inflict pain, on the defendant, at a level where he can truly feel it. That means the award is based on how much money the defendant has.

So I spoke with my attorney. I was contemplating a defamation suit against a journalist for statements he made about me a year ago.

I asked how much money we could hope for at trial.

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