Dr. William Makis talks with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson



  1. According to what was reported on the Ferryman’s, a facebook post was made about an incident at an Alberta hospital (Since our Trudeau-controlled globalcbctv are under orders not to touch this). A man took the poison jab, developed a serious heart condition, went to the hospital, diagnosed with myocarditis. He was in a follow-up appointment the next year, even had the same doctor and the doctor asked him why he was there. Turns out there was nothing in his medical records about this, even though the patient had the discharge papers. Doctor told him to keep those papers and never lose them, made a report about it to his superiors was told to cease and desist or lose his job over it.

    Assuming this is true (and given globalcbctv would never touch something like this), I would say it stands a good chance of being so. They are doctoring patient records to cover up the side effects, now. So yeah, medical ethics? What the f-bomb are those?