Robert “Rob” Roos is a Dutch politician and a current Member of the European Parliament (MEP). In COVID hearing, Pfizer director admits the vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission. “Get vaccinated for others” was always a lie and the only purpose of the COVID passport was to force people to get vaccinated. This opens up Pfizer to all kinds of lawsuits, as well as governments and their criminal agencies like the FDA. Wait until Rob Roos makes the rest of the connections regarding VAIDS, mortality surges and that this was always a slow, depopulation kill bioweapon…

Major News (the beginning of the end for Pfizer?) You probably should dump Pfizer stock now if you have any. Pfizer admits they had NO DATA at time of rollout on whether shot would stop transmission. Plus, FL Surgeon General tells young men NOT to get the shot because of 84% increased risk of cardiac death.


Article: Pfizer never tested covid vaccine to stop transmission of virus – people around the world were lied to!


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FYI WARNING : The latest flu vaccine / booster scheduled for release in Autumn 2022 contains mRNA for producing three variants of spike protein + the flu vaccine combined into one shot. FDA and CDC have exempted these shots from ALL safety testing. The spike protein causes extensive damage to internal organs, and effects fetal development. Please exercise parental oversight and extreme caution.
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  1. I can tell you what the jab did to me bone cancer polycythemia a form of blood cancer blood clots congestive heart failure etc, I’m convinced its poison in my opinion and not a dam thing can be done about it sick all the time