Not once has the Liberal Government of Canada issued any form of caveat regarding the dangers of gender therapy and sexual transition.

by Brad Salzberg


October 17, 2022

Marci Bowers, MD, president-elect of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, is sounding an important alarm.

Dr. Bowers is concerned that “children are, on the basis of little or no clinically-proven evidence, being subjected to immediately harmful, complicated, and often irreversible medical and surgical interventions.”

Erica Anderson, President of the U.S. Professional Association for Transgender Health, is clear that “for youth, the unavoidable short-term harms outweigh the theoretical long-term benefits.”

Canada disagrees. Of course, when referring to “Canada,” we do not mean the general population of our country. Rather, the detractors are found in what Cultural Action Party refer to as “institutional” Canada— our Liberal government, media, academia, health and legal industries.

The difference is vast. Since Justin Trudeau became Canadian prime minister in 2015, a wall has been drawn between the people and the government. In basic terms, Trudeau and the Liberals maintain policy diametrically opposed to the will of the public.

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  1. NKJV, Bible verse:

    “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    The depravity and evil of especially medical professionals and such (ie:politicians who allow this) to commit such acts against children is repulsive. It’s one thing for and adult (18 y.o.+) to make a conscious choice to do these things to themselves and such, it’s another to have any of this done to minor aged youth, who cannot with due consciousness make the right decisions.

    Things minor aged youth cannot legally do in Canada and most western nations.

    1: Cannot drink alcohol.
    2: Cannot smoke tobacco.
    3: Cannot join the military.
    4: Cannot drive a motor vehicle.
    5: Cannot have under aged sex.
    6: Cannot vote.
    7: Cannot use pot.
    8: Cannot have prescription meds filled for them.
    9: Cannot take out a mortgage or car loan.
    10: Cannot get a credit card.
    11: Cannot gamble in a casino.

    I’m sure there are more things.

    BUT! today and through wrank perversions through government, its bureaucracy and the medical profession, minor age youths can and growingly without any parental inclusion, make LIFE ALTERING, PERMANENT CHOICES (transsexualism/transgenderism) TO THEIR BODIES AND MINDS!!!


    It’s one thing for say (minor age) lil Johnny to want to play dress up with his sister(s), cousin(s), grandma or even mommy and such. That is likely not to be a life altering choice or choices, but probably just youthful play and fantasy. It’s another thing to have lil Johnny or lil Jennifer, say they are the opposite gender and have Mom and Dad HAVE to let them go down this DARK and a life altering path of transsexualism/ transgenderism.


    Any doctor or other medical professionals who advocate/pushes this stuff on to minors is a sick POS and needs to suffer through justice for such depravity and perversions.