October 17, 2022

Thirty-five years ago, in 1987, I graduated from the University of Alberta, Honors Political Science Program.  Rachel Notley was my classmate in an Honors Class of 12 students.

Preparing me to understand COVID Rachel, I took a number ofcourses in Soviet Government, Soviet Foreign Policy, Soviet Medical and Psychiatric Abuse and Soviet History.

Thirty-five years ago, Rachel Notley would have been outraged at the thought of Union members, including police, fire service personnel, nurses and teachers, being told that if they did not take part in an experimental injection program that had no bona fide occupational purpose that they would have been laid off without pay or lose their jobs.

Peer-reviewed “SCIENCE” confirms that the so-called vaccines do not keep the “vaccinated” from spreading COVID at lower rates than the unvaccinated.  This has been clear since July 2021 (UC Davis, PHAC, to name a few sources of this scientific FACT).

Current Alberta data confirms that over 90% of current COVID mortality is among those vaccinated with three or more shots.  In fact, the correlation between poor health outcomes and vaccines leading to worse outcomes than COVID itself in younger populations has led Denmark to banning shots for those under 50, Florida banning shots to those under 40, the United Kingdom and a number of other jurisdictions now banning the shot to those under 18.  Notwithstanding these facts, Rachel Notley and her appointee, Deena Hinshaw, remain as vaccine cheerleaders, yelling JAB THE KIDS, JAB THE KIDS !Pfizer’s own data indicates worse health outcomes from its own shot to children under 18 than COVID. The fact that children are still being vaccinated with the support of Hinshaw and Notley notwithstanding the leadership of jurisdictions of Denmark, Florida and the UK, continuing to vaccinate Alberta children without so advising their parents is rising to the level of criminal negligence.

On a related note, Modern Rachel sees no issue in kicking Union members in the teeth by allowing them to be laid off without pay or fired from their jobs because they have read up-to-date peer-reviewed studies and are unwilling to take part in the grand socialist “mRNA vaccine experiment”.  Modern Rachel also has the nerve to suggest that anyone who actually reads current scientific journals or supports civil liberties is part of a “small group of extremists”.

I am proud to be counted in that group.

Far from the progressive socialist of her youth, Rachel Notley is now a reactionary, big pharma supporting, fascist in skirts who hypocritically cries crocodile tears over Danielle Smith suggesting that the discrimination against the unvaccinated was the worst discrimination she has seen in her lifetime.

I am 58 years old.  In my lifetime, I have NEVER heard a Prime Minister of Canada say that he would not want his children sitting next to an Indigenous person or a non-binary person on an airplane.  I have never seen the Toronto Star run a banner headline saying that Indigenous persons or non-binary people should DIE.  The Star said that of the unvaccinated and was not charged with promoting hatred against an identifiable group.  Trudeau routinely attacks the unvaccinated as racists, misogynists and publicly muses about whether the unvaccinated should be “tolerated”.

Danielle Smith owes none of these hypocrites an apology.  Rachel Notley supported Deena Hinshaw and her Campaign of Terror aimed at Albertans.  Hinshaw clearly drove suicides, opioid deaths, countless vaccine-related coronary events, strokes, auto-immune disorders and a surge of excess mortality in Alberta.  It is the incompetent Notley, Hinshaw, and the complicit Trudeau subsidized legacy media that owe Albertans an apology.

Premier Smith needs to stop reacting to Rachel Notley and the band of braying hyenas that support her agenda.  As much as Jason Kenney deserved to go, everyone needs to remember that if Rachel Notley had been Premier when the pandemic broke out, she would have likely followed the path of her Chinese socialist role models and turned Alberta into Shanghai with citizens being fitted with ankle monitors and the front doors of houses and apartments being nailed shut.

Premier Smith simply needs to right the ship and set a new course with respect for the human rights of all Albertans.  Amendments to the Alberta Human Rights Act prohibiting employers from discriminating against anyone on the basis ofvaccine status cannot come soon enough.  Fellow Albertans remain unemployed and unable to collect Employment Insurance as a result of the despicable discriminatory policies promoted and lauded by Commissar Notley.

As a fellow citizen said recently in Three Hills in a thick Russian accent :  “I come to Canada from former Soviet Union. I now find Soviet Union has followed me here.”

Danielle Smith needs to remember that none of Notley’s howling mob of socialist sycophants in the media have anyintention of supporting her, endorsing her, or voting for her in any event.

A Royal Commission needs to be empaneled sooner rather than later to examine all of the conduct of every member of the medical establishment within AHS and the CPSA that were complicit in the deaths of thousands of Albertans through their misguided avoidance of every known medical ethic and safeguard.

Premier Smith, we are with you.  HOLD FAST.

Jeffrey R.W. Rath B.A.(Hons.), LL.B.(Hons.), is a London School of Economics educated BarristerSolicitor and constitutional lawyer, engaged in representing Doctors and fellow Albertans in ongoing litigation against the CPSA, AHS and the Administrative State.



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